Meet the cast of bobs burgers imdb

"Bob's Burgers" They Serve Horses, Don't They? (TV Episode ) - IMDb

meet the cast of bobs burgers imdb

investigation when Bob secures a new meat provider who claims to save money on every order. Bob's Burgers (–) Episode complete credited cast. Bob's Burgers (–) Cast. Episode complete credited cast: Bob Belcher / Jimmy Jr. (voice) Hilarious quest voices by Jim Gaffigan and Rhys Darby. Bob's Burgers (–) Episode cast overview: At around 4 minutes in, Bob, Linda, Gene and Louise are in the parent's bedroom discussing how bad Tina.

He also made an appearance as a writer in Radioland Murders. He also appeared as a relative of Peggy Bundy on the Married As a guest on one of the last episodes of The Arsenio Hall Show in AprilGoldthwait became demonstrably upset that the program was being cancelled. He stood on the set's couch, spray-painted "Paramount Sucks" on a glass wall, and threw video equipment around the studio.

As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps

Hall was forced to try to restrain Goldthwait and security was called to the set. One of the most recognizable features of Goldthwait's performances is his voice. Goldthwait has also appeared as himself hosting the comedy quiz show Bobcat's Big Ass Show Goldthwait was also a semi-regular guest in the later seasons of the Tom Bergeron -version of Hollywood Squares in And on August 26,he returned to guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Goldthwait appeared in September on an episode of LA Inkwhere shop owner Kat Von D gave him a tattoo of a potato, impaled on a fork, on his upper right arm. Goldthwait chose the design to remind himself of where he came from and to tell close friends and family that he hasn't lost his sense of humor.

He also displayed his older tattoo of a cymbal with a moustache on his buttocks.

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He voices Ed in the episode "Web Weirdos". Inhe voiced a character known as Pop Fizz, an overexcited gremlin chemist with the ability to drink his potion and become a rampaging monster, for the hit video game series Skylandersstarting with Skylanders: Directing[ edit ] Goldthwait began directing Jimmy Kimmel Live!

meet the cast of bobs burgers imdb

Goldthwait maintains contact with Kimmel and still directs for television and film. He returned to directing segments for Jimmy Kimmel Live! Sleeping Dogs Lie is about a youthful, impulsive instance of oral sex performed on a dog which opens the door to a black comedy about the complexities of honesty.

Show ran on HBO for four seasons.

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The series featured a number of comedians in the early stages of their careers, including Sarah SilvermanPaul F. While nominated for multiple Emmy awards in writing and generally well liked by critics, it never broke out of a "cult" audience into larger mainstream acceptance due to being a premium cable show.

The film was an extension of a sketch from the first season of the show. However, the studio took production control away from Cross and Odenkirk during the editing stages, and the pair disowned the final product. Inspired by their unique voice, he connected with them and helped them develop a semi-animated show for Adult Swim called Tom Goes to the Mayor.

Bye Bye Boo Boo

He appeared as a guest star in three episodes of the second season, and eventually became a series regular for the seasons after and remained on the show until its final season. InOdenkirk wrote and developed Let's Do This!

meet the cast of bobs burgers imdb

The pilot can be seen on Adult Swim's website. Odenkirk also appeared in and directed a number of the sketches on the show as well. In fall ofOdenkirk played Dr. Primarily set insix years before the character's debut in Breaking Bad, the series follows lawyer Saul Goodman 's journey from court-appointed defense attorney origins to his eventual status as a successful, though unscrupulous, criminal defense lawyer.

The first season consists of 10, 47 minute-long episodes, with a second and third season of 10 episodes following in early and respectively.