Meet the colonials 2014 1040

meet the colonials 2014 1040

Reviews: 1, - Favs: - Follows: - Updated: Feb 17, - Published : Apr 30, Date: July 12, . Colonial Fleet Intelligence Service HQ Although secretly, the Colonials hadn't abandoned all their technology, after .. Never before had Earth met someone like the Colonials, and Jackson. Radio: AM | Bulls Unlimited (Darek Sharp) while Neila Luma leads the Colonials on the boards with rebounds per game. for the second time in Washington, D.C. The pair last met in the WNIT quarterfinals. Annual Town Meeting (Adjourned) – May 20, Act. Since Colonial times , Massachusetts has lost nearly one third of its wetlands. The loss of wetlands.

She attempted to resist but the Colonials' dart had already fulfilled its purpose. They were in the service halls of the opera house, equipment, decorations, and spare items were littered everywhere along the hall. But inside were several other Colonial security personnel who were wearing tactical vests and were armed with assault rifles.

The two men who'd been responsible for bringing her into the hall reported the troops who nodded and took over the job of dealing with the Cylon.

But several yards away, Daniel Jackson had watched the whole thing go down, he'd laid the arm that was wrapped in the band that showed that he was from Earth against a pillar as he watched the Cylon be taken by force to a hidden away door. He'd made sure his camera on his lapel had gotten every second of the confrontation, including when one of the Colonials shot a small dart into the Cylon's arm from what appeared to be a cigar.

And before you say anything I told her nothing of importance, but after I left she was nabbed by a pair of Colonial security and taken into a back room. I think we need to be very careful here.

meet the colonials 2014 1040

But he still forced himself to move away, and not look over his shoulder, even though he was escorted by a security agent.

But the largest concentration of security was wherever President Adar was and wherever he was at Senator Jackson was not far away. At the moment the two of them were enjoying a classic ballet from Aerilon's most esteemed dancing group. Senator Jackson and a few other members of his own entourage were really enjoying themselves as they carefully sipped at fine Ambrosia.

It was from Aerilon that Ambrosia was started and refined to the fine beverages you are enjoying now," the Quorum delegate of the planet said pleasantly. There are a few similarities that Earth seems to share that even I am able to see. Such as your clothes, that suit you are wearing Mr.

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President is a fine example of craftsmanship, that would not be out of place in such stylish places on Earth such Washington, Hollywood, or the Riviera. Is it a similar situation to your own people? Perhaps once everything is established Earth's people won't feel very out of place.

meet the colonials 2014 1040

So he had to know more, now. Are you speaking of matters of trade? And we have no plans to assimilate anyone into our culture or be assimilated. The Quorum woman laughed, or rather chuckled at his firm stance. Caprica as well was most independent, but now, after realizing all that the other Colonies had to offer they've assimilated and taken their place among the other Colonies as the center of commerce and science of the Colonies.

The same goes with all the Colonies, and I'm sure that Earth will have a niche to fulfill. And trying to conquer her has been the death of many tyrants.

That is something we must know. If there are hostile alien species out there that are openly hostile then we must know of them to be able to defend ourselves. His assurances did a great deal in calming the Colonials, who, in their own arrogance in the supremacy of their mighty fleets of Battlestars, took his assurance as a compliment to the Colonial Armed Forces.

But in his own mind, Jackson knew that Earth's own forces could wipe away any trace of any hostile entity in the known galaxy. But, he just let the Colonials gloat little, whatever floats your boat, as the old saying goes.

Yet despite this dodged bullet, Senator Jackson knew that dealing with these guys would take all his expertise and diplomatic resources. Never before had Earth met someone like the Colonials, and Jackson desperately needed this end with a resounding diplomatic triumph to secure the supremacy of Civilian Authority over Military Command. In another part of the Opera House, where General O'Neill was having a rather pleasant and informative conversation with some of the Pyramid players of Aerilon.

They were trying to explain the way the game was played, some basic rules and regulations, and other miscellaneous things. And you don't know what Pyramid is? I saw the video we'll be showing on football you'll be shocked at how good and violent that sport is," O'Neill chuckled, getting some odd looks from the Colonials.

O'Neill turned around to see a slightly older woman perhaps in her fifties but with dark red hair and librarian style glasses, in fact she reminded him very much of his old principal in high school. She had a pair of security men behind her, poorly trying to remain hidden in the crowd. So she was obviously a member of the government, yet not a truly powerful person, but she still had this wise and kind persona to her that was strangely calming.

Unfortunately we're not immune from this curse, as we also have a few religious sects, corrupt officials, and criminal king pins that hold us back from our future. Universities, Academies, Colleges and such? I mean, we do speak the same language for the most part.

It was found on Gemenon in a ruined temple that collapsed roughly two thousand years ago. It was completely buried under tons of brick and dirt overflowing with vegetation. It was in that same temple that we found that symbol you have on your arms. But I'm sure that probably means something to you and your people.


I only took interest in it when I had to sign off on its transfer from the Athena Museum. All museums are within my jurisdiction and my department's authority…which reminds me. Your arrival robbed me of the largest museum of all, the Galactica.

It was originally going to be a museum in tribute to the veterans and fallen of the Cylon War, and now, it isn't. Apparently it's been reassigned to some new expedition into deep space. Gemenon, High Orbit As this great celebration took place on Caprica a fleet was gathering over the colony of Gemenon.

Over fifty ships of the Kobol Expedition were massed in formation with a protective screen made up of three Battlestars of the older Columbia class, and at its head was the Battlestar Galactica, the oldest of them all and the last of the original twelve. These old goliaths had been massed together along with an escorting force of four cruisers, ten destroyers, and five support ships. Also along for the ride was one of the fleet's Marinestars, the Ravager, a specialized transport craft not unlike a cruiser except for the lack of heavy armaments, and its unique capability to enter into an atmosphere and land its brigade of Colonial Marines.

The man in overall command was Commander William Adama, who'd been assigned as the Fleet's military commander for the duration of the expedition. Adama hadn't been too happy with this sudden turnaround in his planned retirement, but orders were orders, and he was going to obey them.

In consolation he was given the Galactica and command of the fleet which included two Battlestars he'd fought alongside a long time ago: The Battlestar Cerberus and the Battlestar Helios.

These two ships were identical to the Galactica in every way but one, they were newer by four years, being a part of the second batch of Columbia Class they were carbon copies of the Galactica and her eleven deceased relatives.

Each of the Battlestars was painstakingly armed and refitted for full combat duty, just like they'd been in the old days. The ribbing that had been visible to the naked eye on the Galactica was gone, covered over by shiny new armor plating, her forward batteries had been reinstalled, now both of her flight pods now looked like it did when Adama first set foot on the old girl those many years ago, the elevators and lifts were back in action, new Vipers and Raptors along with their pilots and crews were settled into their revamped quarters, and the ship was stocked to capacity with her standard payload of shells, missiles, fuel, food, and nukes.

meet the colonials 2014 1040

It had taken the Scorpio Fleet Shipyards three weeks to get everything back in action with the other two Battlestars receiving similar attention at other major shipyards to meet the deadline for setting off.

The Cerberus and the Helios didn't need the same attention the Galactica did due to the fact they were still active Battlestars but they'd been neglected and had been properly pampered as all Battlestars deserve. All in all, these old war horses were looking better than ever and were ready. As Commander Adama was standing at the plotting table, speaking with Gaeta he was interrupted by a pair of pilots coming up from behind him. He'd had his original CAG transferred out by the Admiralty so that they could implant his son, Lee Adama onto the Galactica for the voyage.

He thought it was a publicity stunt, nothing looked better than family serving alongside one another. But he wasn't complaining as he now had both of his children on the Galactica, his daughter, Kelsey Adama had been finally cleared to return to active duty service and had refused any other posting except to the Galacica. He was a war veteran like Adama, having served on the Galactica for a short while before being injured in an accident a few weeks before the war ended.

He's like a kid in a candy store with all the new toys his knuckle draggers have to work with now. It's good to be back. We also just took on our new Marine compliment, we're at full strength in all areas," Tigh reported. And the civilian fleet? The civilian fleet hadn't spared any expense with the ships, supplies, equipment it had been outfitted with.

Several massive star liners had been bought or donated to head out on the famous expedition. Some of the brightest archaeologists, scientists, and religious experts had been recruited to join the fleet.

Other mining ships, tankers, botanical cruisers, cargo ships, and exploration vessels were assembled within the nearly impregnable ring of Colonial warships with the Galactica in the lead with the Cerberus on the right, and the Helios on the left with the cruisers and destroyers filling in above, below and behind. More than ten thousand people were eagerly awaiting their time to make history as their FTL's warmed up. T - English - Chapters: The Cylons were their only enemy.

After a confrontation between the Valkyrie BSG and Ha'tak motherships the Colonies are thrown onto the galactic scene, unprepared, for an inevitable confrontation Adama battlestar group 16 by vliegenvanger reviews What if the Cylon Virus was discovered and removed.

Not very high, at least that's what Lt. Yet, here she is, on the brink of history where two supposedly long lost tribes of man are reunited. But when both sides have not seen one another for thousands of years and one has no intention of playing by the rules things get messy Crossover - Stargate: How would the first contact work out?

What is the secret Galactica doesn't know? The best laid plans oft go astray. Discontinued; complete rewrite planned; will be posted separately. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Its a few years later, lets see what happened Battlestar Galactica: The 12 Tribes of Kobol meet another tribe fleeing tyranny and genocide.

Never hunt a wolverine, if you're unlucky you might catch it To protect humanity, the Twelve Tribes must re-establish civilization among the barbarian stars. Despite the threats of the Cylons, the Successor Lords of the Inner Sphere, and the dark alien powers But with the threat of the Wraith hanging over them the Colonials, Cylons and Tau'ri are just going to have to find a way to get along At Kobol, terminators are discovered in the Colonial Fleet.

Together, the terminators and Colonials must face the relentless Cylon armada as it attempts to obliterate the Colonials and find Earth to end the cycle of man versus machine. Crossover - Battlestar Galactica: