Meet the competition turbo 400

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meet the competition turbo 400

Competition Turbo with reverse manual valve body and transbrake *Race prepped OEM case *Bead blasted, clearanced, deburred and painted black. FB specializes in racing and competition type transmissions for a variety of high TH & Powerglide transmissions and much more, we will build a custom Each unit must pass and meet our highest standards for both performance and. National Sport Committee meeting in odd years subject to the following not limited to competition rules, establishing National Championship m Dash m Dash m Dash m Dash Long Jump Shot Put (4lbs) Turbo Javelin.

To save weight, simplify things, and make use of the nitrous bottles already being used to spool the truck at the starting line, the air shifter is activated via N2O. The gph lift pumps mounted at the rear of the bed rails pull fuel from a bed-mounted 7-gallon polyethylene fuel cell.

During staging, a transmission brake and nitrous spool kit help bring the truck up to where it needs to be for an ideal launch, which Jackson tells us is about 40 psi of boost.

A bump box is used to inch forward with the engine singing and the turbos up on boost. A high-lift camshaft from Hamilton Cams rounds out the exotic hard parts found in the bottom end. The rear axle is a Strange Engineering Pro-Race 9.

meet the competition turbo 400

The worked-over head was cut for fire rings, treated to extensive port work, and fitted with oversize valves 2mm larger than stock. Competition valve springs and extreme duty push tubes from Hamilton Cams reinforce the valvetrain, and 14mm ARP studs anchor the head to the block. Luckily for Jackson, the stock frame rails had already been boxed in when he purchased the truck from its former owner, Zane Koch. But while competing at the Pro Street weight minimum is a plus, Jackson has one more card up his sleeve: The wick is yet to be completely turned up on his engine.

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If this truck hooks with a couple hundred more ponies making it to the ground, it could sail past its 7. A two-stage triple-turbo arrangement begins with a pair of Forced Inductions S units acting as a large atmosphere charger, while an S also from Forced Inductions mounts to a T6 flanged Stainless Diesel exhaust manifold. After all, he already managed an 8. The diesel-prepped TH is fitted with M billet shafts, a Neal Chance lockup torque converter, and a Precision air shifter handles upshifts.

meet the competition turbo 400

The combination of the Turbo3. The infamous flat-black Lightning has always been known for its hard launches and on occasion even pulling the front wheels off the ground. This shot was taken back when the truck was still being propelled by a 7. The switch pitch is not the only THM that utilizes an external 2 prong connector.

How To Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions

Other units to include the 2 prong connectors had an internal pressure switch that was used to control spark timing retard. It can be identified by "THM" cast into the tailhousing. Internally the clutch packs originally had fewer friction plates.

It is a THM Chevrolet bolt pattern case that has a longer 27 spline output shaft and matching extension housing with "TH" cast into the housing. Another variant is the 3L80HD, often referred to as a Turbo The 3L80HD has a straight-cut planetary gear set.

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There is no externally visible way to determine whether the transmission contains the straight-cut planetary gear set. Bythe relatively heavy THM was being phased out of usage in passenger cars in response to demand for improved fuel economy.

meet the competition turbo 400

The civilian Hummer H1 originally had the 3L80s, but the current model has had a 4L80E since the mids. The THM was never produced with a multicase bell housing.

Early Jeep THMs used an adapter between the engine and transmission bell housing while later models had an AMC specific housing - which bolted to its inline six and V8. THM transmissions are very popular in automotive competition due to their great strength.

Old Hustle, New Flow: The Cummins-Powered Ford Lightning

Much of this strength comes from the use of a cast iron center support to suspend the transmission's concentric shafts that join the clutch assemblies to the gear train. The center support, which is splined to the interior of the transmission's case, also provides a robust reaction point for first gear the gear train's reaction carrier is restrained from counter-rotating the engine in first gear by a roller clutch whose inner race is part of the center support.

Since the first gear reactive force is evenly distributed around the periphery of the case, the types of mechanical and some times violent failures that have plagued other competition transmissions[ vague ] are rare.