Meet the danes berlin 2015 tour

Meet the Danes #2 ~ The Free Jazz Collective

meet the danes berlin 2015 tour

Charlie Watts meets the Danish Radio Big Band was instigated in at the then newly opened Danish Radio Concert Hall in Copenhagen. Promising perspectives for Danish cycling tourism. Around 5, cyclists venture the Copenhagen-Berlin Route in its entirety every year. The. Berlin Global Speaks with Danish Ambassador to Germany, Friis Arne Petersen Roth Meets Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja in Helsinki» · Mr. Friis Arne Petersen has been the Danish Ambassador in Berlin since . Prime Minister is assuming office, the first trip abroad will be to Berlin.

Himmerland to visit Gooitkoort Int Volksmuziekfestival! On their official website, the Goiikoort Int Volksmuziekfestival writes: We hope to meet you there. You can get more info at: Gooikoort Int Volksmuziekfestival December 27th Eskil Romme to visit Showcase Scotland in Glasgow! Himmerland's saxophone player, Eskil Romme, will be visiting Glasgow for a few days, starting on Wednesday January the 22nd.

He will join the Celtic Connection festival to participate in Showcase Scotland who will be focusing on Scotland, India and Australia this year. If you are going to be at Showcase Scotland and would like to get in touch, just call or text Eskil on this cell phone number: Please stay in touch here or at our Facebook page.

See you all sooner than you think ; November 12th Himmerland's first album nominated for a Danish "Grammy"!! We are up against some very talented colleagues, so please cross your fingers and send some good wishes our way. Himmerland is back from Europe's largest world music expo!

Eskil Romme just returned from Cardiff in Wales, where he spend a lot of time at the world music expo Womex, speaking with organizers of music venues and festivals from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, France, England, Hungary, Senegal and more. Hopefully this will lead to even more international festivals and tours for Himmerland during the coming years.

meet the danes berlin 2015 tour

To stay informed, keep an eye on our calendar! Womex in cardiff, Wales. Musicport Festival, a world of wonderful music! Himmerland just returned from our little English tour. We really enjoyed to play at The Rivelin Folk Club in Sheffield, and we wish to thank the organizers, the lovely audience and the people housing us.

What a beautiful and adventurous town, full of old history and wonderful people. We had great food and lots of cups of teamet some very nice people and we visited the local museums, restaurants, cafe's and galleries. Hope that Himmerland can some day visit Whitby during the summertime. Does anybody have a contact to the organizers at Whitby Folk Festival? Watch some of the very new videos from these and other festivals on this page. Se you soon at Womex in Cardiff, Wales.

Meet Himmerland at Womex in Cardiff! This years international roots and world music expo, Womex, will be held in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, featuring a lot of music and business from around the world.

Eskil is happy to meet with you at Womex to exchanges ideas, information and music, and to tell you all about our new compositions and the new album that we are recording in May To get in touch with Eskil, just write him at eskilromme at hotmail. Himmerland to perform at UK's biggest indoor world music festival! The Musicport Festival is the biggest indoor world music festival in UK, and we are very much looking forward to perform there, as well as in the clubs.

On board the schooner all the sailors was gone, left behind was only the dead captain, tied to the wheel of the ship, and a big black dog Read: Wolf that ran of the boat never to be found again. Bram Stoker wrote this great novel about Dracula's arrival in England, and he made Whitby an important town in this book.

Note the ocean behind the old cloister. Sunny days in Sicily! We had a wonderful time in Sicily, performing for a lot of happy people, eating fantastic food, drinking some delicious wines and enjoying the sun before returning to rainy Denmark. Ditte brought her husband, Sigurd, and their son Falke, and we all loved Sicily, and hope to go there again. But back in Denmark we are preparing for a few local concerts during the next three weeks, before going to England to perform at Musicport Festival in Whitby amongst others.

We are also planning and composing for the new album that we are recording in May, and releasing in the fall Himmerland returning to Sicily! During the weekend 12th - 14th of September, Himmerland will perform a few concerts in Sicily, Italy. Bot the audience and the band had a great time during the concert, and we'll never forget that night.

Soon we'll be back in Sicily, and we just can't wait. The little but exclusive Bath Folk Festival in Bath, not too far from Bristol in the south of England, is happening from the 10th of August until the 18th of August.

Bath Folk Fetival is a grass roots festival run by and for musicians and dancers who are passionate about folk music. It will also be possible to join a workshop - f. Himmerland is enjoying a wonderful festival summer Himmerland is having a busy summer performing at festivals around Europe. Festival FOall great festivals with a happy, listening and open minded audience.

Festival in Faroe Islands. After a little while I had to lay down my reviewer block when I was involved in a frantic chain dance that moved around in a large part of the audience area.

Himmerland played also both reggae and Balkan Music and emphasized their great talent and joy of playing, and here ended the festival on my part - in high spirits". Himmerland enjoying a family hike in the Faroese mountains. Ditte, her son Falke and Solomon. We hope to see you there. More info, click here Photo: Himmerland to perform at the 46th Kaustinen Folk Festival!

The Finnish Kaustinen Folk Festival is one of the oldest and most established folk festivals in Northern Europe, with more than 80 professional bands, and amateur bands performing during one week of celebrating traditional and contemporary roots and folk music. The theme of this years festival is "Out of Bounds", and the more than This includes the five of us in Himmerland, and we will perform at the festival on the 13th and the 14th of July.

Kids performing on the main stage in Kaustinen during the festival in June 10th Solomon's drums nearly fell apart, Kirstine and Ditte introduced the band to some serious fiddling, and the audience loved the show. Himmerland is planning to offer to bring both fiddlers to certain festivals next year, but more about that later. Hope to see you there: Read the true story about Himmerland.

How did it all start? Are you interested in knowing about how our little band got started? Do you want to hear what Andrzej think about the "band soul"? Or where Eskil gets his inspiration when he composes music? This article include interviews with all the band members, and more.

It was released in the international web portal, Folkworld. Here is a link May 20th Himmerland to perform at "World Scene" during Copenhagen Jazz festiva! For more info, check out: Our percussionist, Ayi Solomon, is producing the World Scene Festival, supported by all the participating musicians May 13th Himmerland is planning the next album! We just met at Ditte's place to exchange ideas and music for our next album. We all have a lot of good ideas for new songs and tunes to record, some of those composed and tried out on our tour to Australia and New Zealand during March and April.

Himmerland visiting Eskil's organic farm ealier this year. New videos showing Himmerland in action!

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The tune features Solomon as he takes a great percussion solo, and a very entertaining chase with Andrzej who is playing the bass. People would dance in a long chain, running thru the house telling everybody good bye, and then they would part and go home.

This tune was recorded in the back yard at some good friend's place in Maipu, Santiago, Chile. Kirstine Sand is playing the fiddle, substituting for Ditte on both occasions. Now for the first time, the band is going to play a full set of music at the festival, featuring not only Ditte Fromseier on the fiddle, but also Kirstine Sand, who has been substituting for Ditte, while she has been busy giving birth to - and taking care of - her son, Falke.

Other bands at the version of the festival are: Thank you for a wonderful tour in Australia and New Zealand! Himmerland is now back in Denmark where the spring has finally arrived. We have had a blast on our tour, even though we didn't have much time to do sightseeing. About 20 wonderful concerts in Australia and New Zealand, amazing venues, nice radio stations, beautiful audiences, great people organizing, really sweet folks letting us stay in their homes, and a whole lot of driving in two of the most fantastic countries in the world.

Thank you so much everybody, thanks for receiving us so well, we hope to see you all soon again. Himmerland is waiting in the airport, after early flight was cancelled!

For the first timer ever, Himmerland had to cancel a concert on a tour.

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Here we were told that the company had cancelled our flight months ago, warning us in an email that they had send to the wrong email address. Virgin Australia chose to take no responsibility what so ever, and after a long time of negotiation, we had to cancel our first concert ever.

We have been looking so much forward to perform for the audience in New Edinburgh Folk Club in Dunedin, New Zealand, and we apologize and sincerely hope to be back as soon as possibly.

The rest of our concerts in New Zealand will happen, just as scheduled. We are looking forward to see you all very soon. Himmerland is getting a new audience and enjoying 'Down Under'! After 9 days on the road, the band has now settled down in 'The Pavillon', a nice little hotel in Canberra, where quite a few of the performing artists at The National Folk Festival lives.

Himmerland – a Danish multi cultural band preforming original music

Last night was quiet, everybody needed to relax after the last days concerts and travel, but to day the band will do the first concert at the festival. For Himmerland's saxophonist, Eskil Romme, this is a special trip. Eskil has been turing with different bands in Australia sinceand this is his 8th time on tour Down Under, so he meets a lot of old buddies every day.

For the rest of the band, this is a fairly new experience, and the adventure has only jut begun. Follow Himmerland on tour in Australia and New Zealand at: We are now on our way to Australia and New Zealand! Thanks to all the many friends and partners who made a huge effort, we are now on our way to Australia and New Zealand. The suitcases are packed, the voyage has started, and we are so much looking forward to meet you all. We will be posting news while traveling, follow the band at: Himmerland is preparing for Australia and New Zealand!

The band is very much looking forward to visit The National Folk Festival in Canberra, and all the many folk clubs and venues in Australia and New Zealand.

We'll be touring Down Under from March 22nd to April 9th Eskil Romme has been working on this tour for quite a while, and he thanks all who has been involved in this big puzzle. The fiddler, Kirstine Sand, is coming instead of Ditte, who has to take care of her 5 month old boy, Falke, back in Denmark.

Kirstine is a great fiddler, and last year we toured with her in Denmark, Scotland and Chile. Check out our tour schedule "Calendar" to see where we are performing, and learn more about Kirstine at: Himmerland on tour in Germany and Denmark! Back in Denmark we will do a concert at the famous Copenhagen Folk Club, amongst other places.

We are happy to welcome back on stage our fiddler and singer, Ditte Fromseier, who will also bring her newly born son, Falke, on the tour. Look in our calender or check out our facebook site on www. Himmerland is wishing all friends and fans a really happy and excitingwith lots of positive challenges and good results. We are so glad that we got to perform live for so many of you during During we will also be composing new tunes adding new material to our repertoire, in order to record our second album in You can buy our debut album from August online mail order at www.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our friends! Now everybody in the band are preparing to celebrate Christmas in different ways. Solomon just arrived in Ghana, Africa, where he is enjoying some quality time with friends and family, Eskil is following the family tradition and is enjoying his Christmas days on the farm together with his wife and a couple of his 4 grown up kids.

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Ditte is enjoying her very first Christmas with her husband and their newly born son, Andrzej is having some nice food and good relations with his family from Denmark and Poland, Kirstine is visiting her family on Funen where she grew up, and Morten Alfred is spending some nice time with family and good friends at Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. We wish you all some lovely Christmas days, and a wonderful new year!

You can follow Himmerland here on our website, or on Facebook: Hot Club Himmerland December 6th: Himmerland is preparing for Down Under. We are applying for visas, buying flight tickets, figuring out which instruments to bring and renewing our repertoire. The trip will take its start at The National Folk Festival in Canberra, and will take us to quite a few venues during more than 20 days of touring.

Fiddler Kirstine Sand will be substituting for Ditte Fromseier, who will stay in Denmark taking care of her newly born son. Himmerland is looking forward to another busy year in We are looking forward to perform in a venue near you. Please follow the news updates on this site to get information about our performance schedule.

You can also find us on Facebook. Greetings from Fair Isle, Shetland. After our concert at Fair Isle, we had trouble getting away from Island due to the huge clouds and the fog, but we managed after a couple take-offs and some waiting and nice tea drinking in good peoples houses.

Thank you all VERY much. Thanks for the kind words, Lise: November News from Denmark. In the beginning of November, while Himmerland had a great time touring in Scotland, Ditte and her husband Sigurd got a little son, 51 cm long weighing 3.

The little family is very happy, and Ditte is getting ready to play music again. Eskil is booking for a wonderful venue in the northern part of Denmark. Solomon bought his ticket for Africa, just like he does every year around winter time, Andrzej, who is also a good computer programmer is being given even more responsibility at his job, and Morten Alfred was given a Prize of Honor at the Danish Music Awards Folk, just a few days ago.

Kirstine, who is substituting for Ditte in Himmerland, is in Japan right now eating sushi and performing with the band Svestar.

meet the danes berlin 2015 tour

And we are all looking forward to see you in the new year! Himmerland tours on Shetland Islands and Scotland. While we wait for our violinist, Ditte, to give birth - it can be any day now - we are touring with her good friend and substitute, Kirstine Sand, who also went with us to Chile. We just got the message that Solomon's work permit has come, so now we are happy.

Here is a link to a recording of Hiimmerland in Valparaiso in Chile, October Himmerland on Facebook Join Himmerlands group on Facebook, and get news and exchange openions while we travel: Himmerland home from 12 great days in Chile, South America! Himmerland just returned from 12 great days in Chile, South America. The band did 8 very different concerts.

You can learn more at Facebook and youtube. We toured in Rodrique's beautiful old blue Volks Wagon, Elvis, which can go 80 kilometers an hour down hills, 35 up hills, and we experienced it all: Watts is a player you can listen to for his sound alone as he balances the smooth and the jagged with great ease.

Contemporary musicians don't come much more graceful in sound or execution than that. Apart from his long stint as the drummer of one of the most successful and certainly the longest running rock and roll band in the world, it's not a secret Watts's true love has always been jazz and that he has always had a deep appreciation and admiration for this music which hasn't been that much exploited by the press.

During the '50s and '60s, Watts fell in love with jazz music through 78 rpm vinyls and the music of musicians like saxophonists Charlie ParkerSonny RollinsJohn ColtraneGerry Mulligantrumpeter Miles Davisto name but a few as well as the drummers they employed. Since then, he has been a passionate jazz aficionado whose knowledge about this music sits between the reverential and encyclopedic.

During his sojourn with a marketing agency, he even penned an illustrated book about Charlie Parker as a tribute to him and has been collecting old drum sets used by drumming legends. During the day he would work at the agency and during the night he would play local gigs. And as many of his generation, he has learnt his trade both by listening to record and by observing jazz drummers in the London's London's jazz circles.

When he joined the Rolling Stones he used his jazz chops in order to invent his style of playing rock and blues rock that the Stones became known for and is the reason why he is so revered these days.

When the Stones played in New York for the first time during their first American tour, he went to Birdland to see performances by his bassist Charles Mingus and saxophonist Sonny Rollins, and the latter would play years later with the Stones on a song named "Waiting on a Friend.

Since then he has formed a number of jazz, boogie-woogie and big band outfits, including Rocket 88, the Charlie Watts Quintet and the Charlie Watts Tentet. Probably that is best portrayed in the thriller movie "Blue Ice" with actor Michael Caine playing a jazz club owner and Watts' band was the house jazz combo that brilliantly rocked the house. The Band had four days of rehearsals and then had a performance at the then newly opened Danish Radio Concert Hall in Copenhagen.

All but two of the pieces here are rewrites of earlier, previously recorded selections either with the Rolling Stones or a selection of suits from his duet record with another drumming legend Jim Keltner. But to make a big band work has really very little to do with "star power" and has really everything to do with hard work. If it is played too conservative then everything will sound predictable and everyone will get bored. For a start, this record doesn't break any new ground.

The emphasis is more on moods, harmonies and at moments the arrangements do nod at Gil Evans' or Mingus' styled approaches. The date opens with two parts of "Elvin Suites" which as an original tune from the project with Kelter is a single composition.

The original is an African styled piece with African harmonic voices meshed with piano flashes and cymbals. All of that is beautifully arranged here with dry hissing of Watts' brushes that drives the first part.

It is indeed difficult to discern between what's arranged and what is spontaneous.