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Make your own Heart Crayons that kids will love. via The Nerd's Wife Make your own Valentine's Day Gumball Machine. via Meet the Dubiens How awesome is this Melting Heart Slime? via Growing a Jeweled Rose Grab some microwave popcorn for these cute cards. via See Vanessa Craft. See what Angela George (obscenename) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Cutest melted crayon ornaments by Jill Dubien! . Personalized Glitter Ornaments . Salt dough keepsakes: 1 cup salt 1 cup flour cup warm water bake 3 hours @ degrees or microwave for 3 minutes . fiber necklace from that recycled sweater yarn I have met many artists who collect materials for their work and end up.

I spend many happy days within its intricately decorated walls and wandering through the lush gardens of the Generalife. Inside the Alhambra Views of Granada from the Alhambra Granada also has a very modern side, as we discovered when we visited its science park. Where to go Back in I chose to spend my gap year in Granada because a fifth of its population were university students.

Granada is a beautiful city, but for my long trip with the children I want to go somewhere smaller, ideally on the coast.

Granada is situated high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains — which makes for chilly winters. C 10 has been learning Spanish with me for several months. Homeschooling The children will be learning heaps simply by being immersed in another culture for five weeks.

But with our computers, whiteboards and Ed Zaccaro maths books we should also be able to continue learning in Spain as we do at home. Financially, it would probably work out the same to fly.

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But when I balanced the cost and hassle of flying us all including dogs plus hiring a car for the month, against the convenience of taking our own car filled to the roof rack, no doubt, with essential stuff, despite my best minimalist intentionsthe road trip won. Then The year I spent in Spain was one of the best of my life. I become fluent in Spanish, learned to dance Sevillanas badly and made friends from over a dozen different countries.

They loved scooping up the circles and pouring them out again! The tongs were a little more challenging.

Melted Crayon Ornaments

Some of the toddlers used them as stirrers, but others were determined to pick things up with them after I showed them how to use them! In the end, success was achieved by using two hands, since the tongs were so big. But some persisted and even mastered the one-handed tong approach!

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We talked about the noises the pool noodles made when they were clapped together, and there was definitely some laughter involved. Credit for this idea goes to the toddlers. Some of them even tried placing the pool noodles in the muffin tins using the tongs instead of their hands! And they loved dumping them out and filling the holes again.

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These muffin tins also came from — where else? You can also have them practice their body parts by asking them to place them on their stomach, legs, hands, shoulders, nose, etc.! So much laughter during this stage! I found these pool noodles on the stove, in the microwave, mixed with forks and spoons… toddlers love to pretend everything is food, and they are so happy to share their culinary creations with you!

Toddlers love to play peek-a-boo! They are easy to grasp and fun to stamp with. Click here for the full story of how we painted with them.