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meet the engineer reaction pictures

Urine, sweat, and lotions all react with treated pool water to form chemical engineer at Purdue University who studies water treatment and DBPs. The water in swimming pools is recirculated through a treatment system in .. The Beach swim team, which hosted meets at the 25 meter 8 lanes pool at. picture. Online. Open Access. book. Engineering: issues, challenges and World Federation of Engineering Organizations [12], International Council of. Meeting the Global Food Demand of the Future by Engineering Crop .. The light reactions concern the capture of light energy by chlorophyll and associated.

Health is an unambiguously positive social good that gives the medical profession a strong moral purpose. The same can be said of justice for practitioners of the law.

Lawyers and doctors are expected to act in a particular way and, sometimes, to become the custodians of the social good their respective professions embody. Whether they do or not is a different matter.

meet the engineer reaction pictures

Technology as a means of social progress is arguably the common good that engineers pursue. Engineers were to "[direct] the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man", in the exultant words of the UK Institution of Engineerswritten in The two World Wars, the gas chambers, the atomic bombs and agent Orange — the awfully destructive scope of technology — were yet to come.

Today, our profession seems to have preserved the sense that technology is almost by necessity a force for good. We are focused on the technical and managerial sides of technology — how to design algorithms; how to build machines — but not so much on the context of its deployment or its unintended consequences. We are not very interested in the politics and social dynamics.

Engineers need the resources of government and industry to do their work, far more than doctors do. Sometimes we are hired for a specific project, but more often, we sell our services wholesale as paid employees.

We do not make weapons for a specific war or algorithms for a specific surveillance activity. As a result, engineers who build these devices usually operate at one remove from the consequences of their actions.

In the US, freelance consultant engineers — who appear to have controlled the American Society of Civil Engineers in the late 19th century, and created a strong and autonomous professional identity — were swept away by a corporate model in which most engineers became paid employees of industry. Today, engineering in the English-speaking world largely sees itself as a tool of industry.

There are many advantages to this of course, including more resources at our disposal to do our work. But one major drawback is that engineers, as a result, have far less intellectual and practical autonomy than they should.

Our ethics have become mostly technical: We work hard to prevent failure of the systems we build, but only in relation to what these systems are meant to do, rather than the way they might actually be utilised, or whether they should have been built at all. We are not amoral, far from it; it's just that we have steered ourselves into a place where our morality has a smaller scope.

meet the engineer reaction pictures

There have been encouraging attempts in the engineering profession aiming for a bigger, less reductionist vision of engineering: However, we are still essentially producing what industry requires: In fact, we need both. Most likely the best use of the line ever.

What are you, president of his fan club? The Medic adjusts his glasses before turning on his Quick-Fix. And I Must Scream: The Spy happens to be still alive, and capable of talking.

meet the engineer reaction pictures

Vhen ze patient woke up, his skeleton vas missing, and ze doctor vas never heard from again! Anyvay, zat's how I lost my medical license. It's not technically in the final version of Meet the Medic, but rather in an older version that was abandoned.

meet the engineer reaction pictures

Atop a Mountain of Corpses: Early in the video, the Medic scolds Archimedes for playing in the intestines of the Heavy. At the end of the video: Oh man, you would not believe The RED Scout is especially abused this time around. Subverted, it looks like the Scout smashes into the camera itself before it's revealed that he just crashed into the RED base's window.

meet the engineer reaction pictures

Set up with the Heavy, but the punchline is the Scout. This series is already all about this trope, but this video plays suffering for comedy moreso than previous ones. The magazine the Pyro is reading in the last scene is the Jarate Comic from the Sniper vs. Along with Sound-Effect Bleep. Justified in that he most likely hasn't given himself a heart implant yet.

On the other side of the battlefield, none of the Soldiers are firing at said vulnerable Medic. Cutscene Power to the Max: Mostly averted, but the Medic is keeping a severed head alive indefinitely, and a RED Demoman is on the battlefield in a wheelchair. The Medigun also seems to have a low setting, as he's keeping the Heavy alive, conscious, and mostly out of pain without his heart and with his chest cut open, but without healing him.

The Soldiers' rockets also curve in mid-air to hit the Scout during the opening sequence. This actually makes sense when one notes that the Medic is using the Quick-Fix instead of the vanilla Medigun. It doesn't make the patient invulnerable, but the description of the Quick-Fix notes that this is because the invulnerability function of the Quick-Fix shorted out after that first test, forcing the Medic to focus on one benefit or the other.

The first part of the soundtrack, which plays when the RED Scout is fleeing from a barrage of rockets, is a slowed down version of "Faster than a Speeding Bullet".

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Apparentlythe disembodied Spy head is a remnant from an earlier version of the short. While the Medic's anecdote about losing his medical license see below is a little bit disturbing, it's still kind of jarring to hear him and Heavy laughing and chatting casually while a battle rages outside and the Medic is currently performing surgery on the Heavy while the latter is awake.

The Medic has a fair flock of doves, apparently as pets. When he leaves his operating room and takes the field with the Heavy, a bunch of them fly out of the garage to mark his entrance. They also fly by when he and the Heavy are standing atop a pile of Soldiers.

As engineers, we must consider the ethical implications of our work

Hoo boy, the Medic. He's enjoying himself when he really shouldn't be. Right before the title card the BLU rockets appear to send the Scout smashing into the camera only for it to turn out to just be a window. It's hard to tell what map this takes place in, but according to Valve, it's a modified version of Badwater Basin. It takes a bit of time to see that the entire contents of the refrigerator are a Sandvich, three hearts "Mega Baboon", "Loch Ness Hamster", and one label too small to readthree bottles of Red Shed beer, the BLU Spy's head, a battery for the head, and an ashtray.

From the placement of the Spy's head, it's implied that Meet the Sandvich was done in the same fridge from his point of view, but the Sandvich is on the wrong shelf. Miss Pauling is watching the med-bay through an observation window.