Meet the equinox ponies

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meet the equinox ponies

Jun 12, Equinox TableTurn. By: DahBlox I DO NOT OWN HASBRO OR MY LITTLE PONY. With that said, there Nice to meet you." She said with a. I get to meet a new friend! Are you excited? Cuz I am! Woo! ” –Eris Equinox Eris Equinox Kind Draconequus/Pony hybrid Sex Female Occupation Party planner. Mar 28, Observing her, he could see this was a pony, but frightening in .. sun and moon, each day was a chance to meet new ponies and friends.

This seemed ominous, it was too quiet; Not a good sign. Growling in frustration, she agrees, "Fine!

Eris Equinox

You can have your little lab rat, Dimmed Star. But remember, you owe me! The door opened and Dimmed Star came out, but before she closed the door she replied, "Of course I will, no need to get in a tizzy over it, Sloth. Be grateful and do as you're told," said Dimmed Star as she walked away.

Tamuro was grateful but terrified at the same time.

meet the equinox ponies

Who was this Sloth she was talking to? He shook his head of the thought and continued down to the main lobby. The banners were tattered and ripped, but a picture of a familiar black hole was on them. Another set must have been here because they seemed scorched beyond recognition. A thought came into mind as he looked at the scorched banner, maybe there was something more to this than Dimmed Star was telling him.

A familiar voice seemed to come from behind him, "Curiosity killed the cat you know. I'd be careful if I were you. Her expression turned from neutral to a smirk as she warned him, "Some secrets are best kept buried. You'd do well to remember that. No questions meant fewer problems down the line for them.

Dimmed Star gestured for Tamuro to follow her, but hesitated as he remembered the attacker earlier. Curious, he asked, "Dimmed Star, who was that red pony who attacked me? Dimmed Star stopped in her tracks and seemed upset, but spoke to the boy, "Yes, very much so. Her name is Zalgy, a very close friend of mine as are the others. Inside the throne room, the queen watched their approach and kept a watchful eye on Tamuro as Dimmed Star lead him to the foot of her throne. Dimmed Star bowed before her queen, and introduced him, "This Is the human that came into our world by unknown means, your majesty.

I have yet to determine how it was done" Tamuro could see the queen clearly in the light of the moon. She appeared to be a gray color, a mane and tail that moved like a cloud of smoke, and crimson eyes that almost seemed to peer deep into his soul.

Queen Black Hole raised a brow, interested in those events, "This is interesting Tell me, boy, what's your name? Tamuro swallowed hard, feeling the aura around the queens, it felt sick and twisted, almost the same as Dimmed Star's.

The queen was getting impatient, but kept herself calm, and then Tamuro spoke, "M-My name is Tamuro Uchida, your majesty. Queen Black Hole could see this was the boy's first transgression, and waved it off since he was a guest. A black orb levitated in front of the queen and seemed to glow with a pulsing dark aura. Do please hold still, and Dimmed Star, make sure he does. Before they could leave, Queen Black Hole has some final words of warning, "Oh, and Tamuro, don't go anywhere you're not allowed to venture.

If you do, you'll die on the spot", said Queen Black Hole as they both left the throne room together. Outside the throne room, Sloth awaited them, her coat seemed to be yellow, eyes black with glowing red irises, an orange and yellow mane and tail, her cutie mark resembled a familiar Egyptian symbol called a Udjat.

As they passed by, Sloth spoke to them, "I told you once and I'll say it again, Dimmer Star, what you're doing is pointless. Just let me kill him and be done with it. Dimmed Star seemed annoyed but calm in her demeanor.

Her eyes glanced over to Sloth and she replied, "Her majesty's orders are law, Dull Sloth, touch him and I'll end you myself. The way these two acted would suggest they were friends, but now at odds with each other.

Moving along, Dimmed Star made sure to watch Sloth as they went around the next corner. Out of her reach, Dimmed star seemed agitated, almost angry. Tamuro felt afraid to even speak to her at that moment, fearing she may lash out. Having heard this, Tamuro could only wonder what she meant by that. He kept quiet as they approached a door, opening it revealed it to be sleeping quarters. But It seemed to have one occupant, "And who might you be?

Never seen you before. It reminded Tamuro of a zombie-like appearance, her midsection looked like it had been sewn back together, her mane and tail white with a hint of gray.

Dimmed Star stood to the side as the mare approached Tamuro, getting a good look at him. But anyway, you can call me Rotten Bunch, I have no intention of harming you. I'm not gonna lose my head again disobeying an order. Seeing as everything was fine, Dimmed Star left, but not before giving Rotten Bunch a task she could handle, "Rotten, I leave this human to you, make sure nopony touches him.

Now alone with this pony, Tamuro couldn't help but feel uneasy.

meet the equinox ponies

Tamuro kept his eyes on her and hoped she wouldn't bother him. Having seen that, Rotten Bunch just glared at him and said, "Boy, you either say something or look away. It's rude to stare. Seeing Tamuro over on the bed as he looked away was making her feel she needed to say something, make him feel at ease, "Tamuro, you have to remember that we are not all happy and friendly.

We never wanted to be this way. It was about one hundred years ago Everypony was living their daily lives, under the bright sun and moon, each day was a chance to meet new ponies and friends. But not everypony was happy, especially not Princess Celestia, even though her sister, Luna, tried to make her happy, nothing ever worked. But one day Princess Luna found Celestia down in the crystal cave, where she had always gone to think.

But Princess Luna didn't find what she was expecting, she found her sister had hidden away a secret for so many years. Princess Celestia had sealed away a part of herself that she felt would be harmful to all who lived in Equestria. Shocked that Celestia had kept this from her, Luna got angry and tried to destroy it. But she only helped it escape, it possessed Celestia, turning her into a dark pony called Black Hole.

And as for Luna, she never stood a chance, she fought back as best she could but was defeated and changed forever. Black Hole had changed Luna into a monster like herself, to which she was then called Eclipse.

meet the equinox ponies

But Eclipse tried to defy Queen Black Hole, but was killed before she got the chance, it was tragic. Queen Black Hole then proclaimed herself queen and eternal ruler of Equestria, no of Equinox. Everypony was changed by what Queen Black Hole used what was called the divine smoke, which Dimmed Star had invented as a harmless experiment, and turned everypony exposed to it into twisted versions of themselves.

I and my friends tried to fight back, but we were no better off than Eclipse was. We were turned as well, and not for the better, each of us, at first, hated our appearance, not speaking for periods at a time. But eventually, we accepted our fate and had no choice but to serve our queen. We were turned as well, and not for the better, each of us, at first, hated our appearance, not speaking for periods at a time; but eventually, we accepted our fate.

But Dimmed Star seems to have grown distant, that blood magic she has is affecting her mind. I fear she may be lost to the rest of us, heck, she threatened Sloth several times and said she'd kill her if she ever spoke badly of the Queen again," said Rotten Bunch, concerned for her friend.

Tamuro noticed before how she seemed to be alone when he and Dimmed Star entered. So Dimmed Star left her recreation on her dead farm.

Despite her living again, she still fears that everypony had forgotten her and she would be sent to the void for it. Zalgy Cake Pinkie Pie: The spirit of laughter. She is a pony of pranks. She has a great sense of humor and a lot of ponies laugh at her jokes and pranks. But sometimes she takes the joke too far, thus resulting in somepony being very hurt.

Everypony knows to keep Zalgy cake happy for the sake of their lives because if she became sad, she becomes Zalgressa. This is her depressed state and it takes awhile for her to recover from this. She is a relentless killer when in this state of mind. To disturb her in this state The average lifestyle of an Equinoxian citizen. Either become corrupted or die. It describes the alternate dimension known as Equinox. Articus briefly skimmed through a few pages and then closed the book.

He brushed his luminous blue mane back and hopped off his reading nook.

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The sky light from the library window Illuminating his teal fur as he trotted to a nearby bookshelf. Why is this book in the history of Equestria section?

Articus and Twilight fell over in shock and all of the books fell off their shelves. There was a large, thunderous noise which echoed across Ponyville. He dusted off his mane and looked outside to where the bolt had hit.

Maybe it was a meteorite that had just hit ponyville? Twilight was at a loss for an explanation. She really had no idea what it was. The Smartest pony in Ponyville or even Equestria having no idea what that bolt was?!

There goes the world. Lets check it out instead of standing around like morons. Moments passed and the charge became futile as Articus became fatigued very quickly which forced Twilight to slow down so she would not lose him in her haste. I need to exercise more. He was panting slightly from the fatigue as they continued towards his home. This is a very unusual sight indeed" Moments passed and things started to become awkwardly silent.

Think of something to say you moron! Why are you so smart?

Equinox Ponies Monsters!!!

Things just got more awkward. Sure I may not know you that much but your knowledge is just amazing! Stop yammering about it man! Calm the hell down! Twilight was shocked by this question and went crimson for a brief moment before answering.

Maybe something you can work with here. You may have only known this mare from your occasional visits to and from the library but what the hay? He chuckled playfully and signaled Twilight to answer his question "To answer your previous question.

Articus gasped at the thought of Twilight Sparkle failing. Clearly he did not know this mare very well. Twilight rolled her eyes in response then spoke.

Articus magically teleported a cup of tea towards the table and signaled Twilight to take a seat. Articus did not notice the hint and went outside into the rain. The rain has left them completely drenching them in soaking water.

What if something happens to you?! He was clearly not amused by Twilight's presence. They walked for about a minute to find the source of the bolt. They ventured cautiously and curiously into a crater that was presumably made by the strange bolt. Inside the crater were 3 equines, all covered in dirt from the ground. One was a young colt which had a messy, black mane style. He had monochrome grey fur and was wearing black and white Armour. His cutie mark was unidentified due to the massive amount of dirt that covered him.