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meet the fockers ending song in grease

It was successful both critically and at the box office; its soundtrack album local boy Danny Zuko and vacationing Sandy Olsson meet at the beach and fall in love . After her parents decided not to return to Australia, Sandy enrolls at Rydell. "Summer Nights" is a popular song from the musical Grease. Written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Included on the movie's soundtrack album, the song was one of several hit singles from the movie. Separately and unknown to each other, both Danny and Sandy meet with their respective group of friends and share their. And those who criticize Grease for its "immoral" ending don't understand what this .. As in rhythm and blues, one of rock and roll's parents, a song didn't have to . by The Tea Queens, while also slyly parodying The Shirelles' "I Met Him on a.

Upon learning Danny is Sandy's sweetheart, Rizzo arranges for the two to reunite, but Danny is forced to maintain his bad-boy attitude in front of his pals, upsetting Sandy. Frenchy invites the girls to a pajama party, but Sandy falls ill from trying a cigarette and drinking. The T-Birds almost crash the party in Kenickie's Greased Lightning car, but a guilty Danny leaves, followed by Rizzo, who departs to make out with Kenickie, who is actually her boyfriend.

The two are disturbed by Leo, leader of the T-Birds' rival gang, the Scorpions, and his girlfriend Cha-Cha, leading to a planned race between Kenickie and Leo. Wishing to win his way back into Sandy's affection, Danny turns to Coach Calhoun to get into sports, eventually becoming a runner.

He reunites with Sandy and they attempt to go on a date, but their friends crash it, resulting in Kenickie and Rizzo arguing and parting. Left alone, Frenchy is visited by a guardian angel who advises her to return to school after a mishap in beauty class leaves her with candy-pink hair. The school dance arrives, broadcast live on television and hosted by DJ Vince Fontaine, who flirts with Marty.

Rizzo and Kenickie attempt to spite one another by bringing Leo and Cha-Cha as their dates, while Danny and Sandy come together. During a dance, Danny and Cha-Cha who were once boyfriend and girlfriend perform together and win a dance-off. Danny tries to make it up to Sandy by taking her to a drive-in theater but ends up making several passes on her, causing Sandy to flee. Meanwhile, Rizzo fears she is pregnant after missing a period and confides to Marty, but Sonny overhears and spreads the rumor which eventually reaches Kenickie who is the potential father.

The race arrives, but Kenickie is knocked out by his own car door thanks to the careless behavior of his friend Putzie, so Danny takes up the challenge. He and Leo race until Leo crashes and leaves humiliated, with Danny as the victor. Sandy watches from afar, concluding she still loves Danny and decides to change her attitude and look to impress him. On the last day of school, while Principal McGee and her assistant Blanche sob about the departing class, the class celebrates their graduation at the fair on the school grounds.

Rizzo discovers she is not pregnant after all and reunites with Kenickie. Danny has become a jock, but is shocked when Sandy appears dressed in leather and is seen smoking. In song, the two admit they love each other and reunite. The film ends with Danny and Sandy departing in the Greased Lightning car together, which then takes flight, and the pair waves goodbye to their friends. The film ends with credits in the style of a yearbook. Murdock Darrell Zwerling as Mr. Lynch Dick Patterson as Mr.

She appeared in the film Toomorrow, a science fiction musical that pre-dated her initial chart success with 's "If Not for You". Cast with Newton-John and three male leads in an attempt by Don Kirshner to create another Monkees, the film failed miserably.

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This led Newton-John to demand a screen test for Grease to avoid another career setback. The screen test was done with the drive-in movie scene.

Two actors who were considered for leading roles in the film were Henry Winkler and Marie Osmond. Winkler, who was playing Fonzie on Happy Days, was originally chosen to play Danny, but having twice already played similarly leather-clad s hoods in 's The Lords of Flatbush as well as Happy Days, turned down the role for fear of being typecast. Osmond turned down the role of Sandy because she did not like the fact that Sandy had to "turn bad" to get the boy.

Additionally, he had previously worked as an extra alongside Frankie Avalon in 's Fireball Filming locations The car race in the film took place at the L. The exterior Rydell scenes, including the basketball, baseball and track segments, were shot at Venice High School in Venice, California, while the Rydell interiors, including the high school dance, were filmed at Huntington Park High School. The sleepover was shot at a private house in East Hollywood.

The drive-in movie scenes were shot at the Burbank Pickwick Drive-In it was closed and torn down in and a shopping center took its place. When Carr saw the footage of the scene with Coca-Cola products and signage, he ordered director Randal Kleiser to either reshoot the scene with Pepsi products or remove the Coca-Cola logos from the scene.

Screw This, I'm Outta Here! Everyone in the second diner scene does this out of frustration or anger Kenickie in particular gets a milkshake in his face courtesy of an angry Rizzoleaving Frenchy on her own and resulting in the "Beauty School Dropout" number.

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Sandy also has a habit of doing this, as she does it first after she meets Danny again, thinking him a phony for his bad boy persona, at the dance after Cha-Cha starts dancing with Danny, and then at the drive-in after a Yawn and Reach moment from Danny backfires. Coach Calhoun saying "I'll see you in summer school" was meant to be found a sequel where the gang have to go to summer school but Paramount didn't want to do it and by the time they did get around to making Grease 2most of the original cast were busy.

Danny tries a few times to try for sports, including basketball, wrestling and baseball, resulting in fisticuffs when it goes wrong for him.

Coach Calhoun gets around this by having him try out for track, because it involves no physical contact. This time, Danny turns out to be very good at it. Out of all the songs on the film soundtrack, the title track — you know, the one that plays during the Animated Credits Opening — doesn't even try to sound fifties-ish. It's basically Frankie Valli doing disco. Director Randal Kleiser actually wanted the song removed for this very reason, plus the fact that he felt that the lyrics sounded too cynical for what was ostensibly a happy film, but producer Robert Stigwood overruled him, as the song had been written by Barry Gibb, whose group, the Bee Gees, were signed to Stigwood's record label, RSO Records, which produced both Grease and Saturday Night Fever.

Danny spends a lot of the movie blustering, strutting, scuffling, and generally trying to look tough. Then Balmudo laughs at Kenickie's accident, and Danny gets very quiet. Balmudo's pinks were in Danny's pocket before they even got to the starting line.

In the second scene in Frosty Palace, Kenickie asks Rizzo if he should just "finish it". Rizzo snaps, "Finish this! Sandy at the sleepover and again at the dance. Yank the Dog's Chain: Happens to Eugene at the carnival. He lands a Pie in the Face on Coach Calhoun and gets promoted to hitter on the baseball team. Eugene himself receives a Pie in the Face from an angry Sonny. To make the script for the live show, the script for the film was expanded with parts of the original stage play that did not make it into the film.

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This resulted in more dialogue and scenes for the secondary T-Birds and Pink Ladies, among other additions. Examples not taken from the play include: Marty is the one responsible for convincing the National Band Stand to film their show at Rydell High.

She also gets to sing her song. Much like how the film added in scenes where we see Danny tryout for track, the live show added in scenes where we see Sandy tryout for cheerleading. Sandy is also given a backstory of having overprotective parents who do not even let her go to school dances, much to her chagrin.

meet the fockers ending song in grease

As a result, her change into the iconic skintight getup at the end of the show feels more like something she did for herself, not her friends. In contrast to Sandy, Danny mentions that he envies Sandy's parents for caring about her, while his do not. Eugene is given a passion for rocket science, and a calm demeanor to go with it. His knowledge is used to boost the speed of the T-Birds' car, allowing Danny to win his race against the Scorpions. Patty Simcox is given extra dialogue to establish that she is extremely competitive.

Tom Chisum is given a line of dialogue instead of having no dialogue whatsoever. His dialogue happens when he introduces himself to Sandy, something we do not see in the movie. The TV version also finally states a theme throughout the movie, which is "What's the point of living if you don't take a few chances? Sandy is hit by this again; her last name goes from Dumbrowski in the playto Olsen in the film to Young here.

The T-Birds gained more redeeming qualities in this version, especially Danny. Examples include being more kind and respectful to the Pink Ladies, and finally repaying Eugene for helping them win the race by welcoming him to their gang. Rizzo, in the original play andzips from being a Jerkass to a Jerk with a Heart of Gold like a pinball.

In this version, she is more established as the latter, as she is shown to be a bit nicer to Sandy, even talking to her about changing after the climatic race.

She even asks Kenickie to be careful before his race, despite their earlier fight. Although the T-Birds bar Kenickie and Danny were this trope in other adaptations, they seem to have had an extra dose of it in this adaptation. Doody in particular had his adorkable factor turned up ever since he's started to play guitar.

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It's enough to make the girls around the school and the girls of the studio audience swoon. Tom Chisum is seen stacking his and Sandy's lunchtrays, the table condiments, and his burger and fries into a tower after Sandy leaves the table in the fast food joint.

Also, his awkward first words with Sandy were borderline cute. The theater-in-the-round setup posits the audience as various kinds of crowds around the characters. The downside is that they were clearly instructed to not give any kind of reactions outside the musical numbers, which kills a lot of the jokes. You could also tell the difference between extras in the crowd and audience members simply by looking at their clothing; a lot of the studio audience wore modern-day clothing.

Thanks to starting at 7 PM, there's quite a bit of it in "Greased Lightning," a song notorious for its filthy lyrics that fly by so fast many people don't catch them on their first listen. Breaking the Fourth Wall: Jessie J's opening number blows it apart with dynamite, as she takes the viewers on a backstage tour, to dressing rooms in one of these, Hudgens recorded this video that she immediately uploaded to Instagramthrough a trailer that had sketches of the various sets being used all over the walls Carlos PenaVega, who played Kenickie, also recorded an Instagram video as Jessie J passed throughand around the set on the Warner Bros.

meet the fockers ending song in grease

As she walks on to a platform in front of the school entrance to finish the film, a crew member can be seen in the background, collecting umbrellas from cast members. Later, "We Go Together" starts with the cast singing the song to the Steadicam as they make their way to the studio lot carts.

During the "Born to Hand Jive" reprise that closed the show, Mario Lopez can be seen within the group with his phone out, making a video. The Cast Show Off: Julianne Hough's extensive professional dancing background is utilized in the cheer-off scene in which Sandy upstages Patty Simcox during cheer tryouts exclusive to this production.

There's also a few extra flourishes in the "Born to Hand Jive" choreography. A good chunk of the cast including extras are now played by actors of color. Doody, in-comparison to the film version, where he was given a lot less attention and not a guitar player. In this adaptation, as Doody plays "Those Magic Changes" on his guitar, a gymnasium audience full of ladies swoon in the background. There's also the addition of female dancers in skintight outfits during "Greased Lightnin'".

During the "Freddy My Love" number, Marty removes her nightgown, revealing a red sequined dress underneath. As the song ends, she puts her nightgown back on over said dress.

All of the Greasers with the exception of Danny change into purple sequined jumpsuits during "Greased Lightning" and change back into their mechanic uniforms at the end of the number. Kenickie's car even gets a quick change during the number. It Will Never Catch On: In a clear nod to modern-day home media, Frenchy wishes that she and Doody could watch movies at home whenever they wanted.

Doody replies to her, "We'll probably get to the Moon first. Twice in the same scene! But what if something goes wrong? Let's just hope it doesn't rain! The cast notes that they almost didn't go through with Jessie J's "Grease" opening number due to the rain and were ready to do something else on the fly; fortunately Fox gave the call that they could do the opening anyway.

Fortunately, the rain abated by the end. Later, there's a line ostensibly about the upcoming National Band Stand filming, about how TV networks will try any weird gimmick to get people to watch.

The original poster for the movie appears on a wall during the opening number. All smoking is eliminated from the Live version. It's only mentioned once where Rizzo rightly presumes Sandy doesn't smoke, but no one else is shown with cigarettes either.