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Hot Tub Time Machine is a American comedy film directed by Steve Pink and starring John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Crispin Glover, Lizzy Caplan and Chevy Chase. The film was released on March 26, A sequel, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, was released on February 20, Adam finds his attraction to Jenny reignited, but is distracted when he meets. | Trailer . Chevy Chase. good and I think it's rating has been brought down by disgusted parents who's children have seen a little more than is desired. Dustin Lee Hoffman (born August 8, ) is an American actor and director. Hoffman is best .. Fockers, the critically panned yet financially successful sequel to Meet the Fockers. Comedian Chevy Chase, a long-time friend of Hoffman, publicly stated that he . Lenny official trailer on YouTube; ^ Morrison, James.

Little Fockers 4 4. Boy oh boy, that's comedy gold right there! Little Fockers 5 5. And now to the improbable casting choices section of the Little Fockers trailer. As you can see, this instalment stars Jessica Alba, fresh from showing off her comedy chops in that film about the man who graphically attacks the prostitute and, equally depressingly, Good Luck Chuck.

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Little Fockers 6 6. That's not such a weird choice. She might be primarily known for her strange, otherworldly work with David Lynch, but remember that she was also in Jurassic Park. Like Robert De Niro, Dern can play both comedy and drama. She's a versatile actor and she'll do well here. Little Fockers 7 7.

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He can only play variations on his Bad Lieutenant character, which explains the scene in Little Fockers where he suffers a harrowing, guilt-induced breakdown in a church. Little Fockers 8 8. And, of course, there's Barbra Streisand. Little Fockers 9 9. Now for the trailer's big joke.

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Jessica Alba's character wants Ben Stiller's character to represent a barely-disguised version of Viagra. Let's try to guess the pay-off. Adam finds his attraction to Jenny reignited, but is distracted when he meets laid-back music journalist April during the resort's Poison concert. Nick worries about cheating on his wife, even though the events occur before he even meets her. Later on, Lou tries to capitalize on his knowledge of football game outcomes; it works until he risks everything on a game-winning touchdown, only to have a squirrel from the resort which he vomited on earlier crash the field and ruin the play.

Jenny turns the tables on Adam when she initiates their breakup, but Adam soon re-encounters April; they break into a nearby home and become intimate. Nick changes his destiny by covering the more upbeat " Jessie's Girl ", followed by a "preview version" of " Let's Get It Started ".

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When the repairman informs Jacob that a chemical was the key to their time travel, Jacob realizes it was the Chernobly. The guys prevent Lou, once again beaten up without his friends, from falling off the rooftop. They go to Blaine's cabin to search for the drink, during which Lou finds and seduces Kelly. When Jacob suddenly vanishes, the guys realize that Lou is Jacob's father; after Lou and Kelly make love, Jacob reappears. Leaving Kelly, Lou finally assaults Blaine; the four friends retrieve the Chernobly and return to the hot tub where they create a vortex.

Jacob and Nick enter the tub, but Lou decides to stay inadmitting to Adam that his carbon monoxide poisoning was attempted suicide ; knowing the future, he wants to make investments and be a good father to Jacob. Adam insists upon staying too, but Lou pushes him into the vortex at the last moment.

Back at the present, Adam, Nick, and Jacob discover that Lou has changed history by founding the immensely successful Lougle, which affords him a luxurious lifestyle with Kelly.