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meet the god emperor of mankind

Convince Him to agree to meet with you at some date a few thousand years later, Is the God Emperor of Mankind truly the best hope for our galaxy in 40k?. This is a meeting of the Great High Lords of Mankind! Leave now or I will have the guards kill you!" The Emperor just frowned. He nodded his. My question is how did the Imperial Truth transform into the belief system that is currently in place with the Emperor of Mankind now revered as.

He nodded his head towards one of his guard. The guard stepped forward and grabbed the fat man and forced him to his knees. The rest of the High Lords of Terra eyes narrowed. The Emperor of Mankind is on the golden throne! Guards," a tall man with dark skin said. He wore a simple yellow coat. He had a golden 'I' with a skull on it hanging around his neck. The Emperor released some of his physic energy.

Everyone in the room was filled with a strange calm. The Emperor now had a golden halo around his head. I have of course made mistakes in my life, but allowing you fools to take power is my biggest mistake! From this point on I am disbanding the High Lords of Terra! I have new orders for the Inquisition! A woman was standing at the door way. She had long dark red hair and two pointed ears. She was Caluthien, an elder farseer. She smiled gently when she saw his grim face. If I had not been wounded by Horus, none of this would have happened!

Chaos would have not burn the galaxy; the High Lords of Terra would have not been able to starve people!

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Untold lives would have not been lost," the Emperor yelled with a few tears coming from his eyes. Caluthien walked over and stood in front of him. You did not cause Horus to fall. You did not lead the High Lords of Terra! While many have been lost, the rest have been spared the horrors of Chaos taking over! You did the best you could, and it was more then anyone could expect!

meet the god emperor of mankind

You did something that I and many others thought impossible. I did do my best. Anyways, any word from the Tau fleet? Did they reach Tau? It will take a very long time for anyone to live on it again. Most of the other Tau worlds are bad. The Tau fleet is heading back to Mars. You may go now. I want to be alone for a little bit. The Emperor walked into his private room and opened a chest that was at the foot of his bed.

He pulled out a picture and a torn black head band. The picture, while washed out, showed four people. The first person is an older man with long white spiky hair. He had a red outfit on. A blond woman with a VERY large rack stood next to the man. A shorter woman with black hair was holding a pig stood next to the blond. Together they brought thousands of worlds into Imperial Compliance, establishing the rule of the Imperium over these worlds and inculcating in them the values of the Imperial Truth -- a rationalist, atheistic faith in science and technological progress that rejected all the vestiges of human irrationality and superstition, including all forms of religious faith.

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The Emperor Himself declared that Mankind would never be free to progress and advance to its destined position as the pre-eminent intelligent species in the Milky Way Galaxy until "the last stone from the last church was cast down onto the last priest.

The Imperial Truth also held that humanity was the species which should rightfully rule the galaxy since its physical form was both the most pure and all of the other intelligent alien races, such as the Eldarhad already tried and failed to maintain galaxy-spanning civilisations. Now it was Mankind's turn to find a place amidst the stars.

As almost all intelligent alien species encountered by Mankind had either proven to be irrevocably hostile to humanity or presented a future threat to human dominance and exploitation of the galaxy, xenos species were generally to be exterminated outright if they presented the slightest threat or obstacle to the Imperium.

The Emperor believed the Imperial Truth needed to be brought to all the worlds of Mankindpeacefully at first but imposed by war if necessary, because the Emperor believed that true unity was the only way for humanity to survive and prosper in the face of a very hostile universe. If this required the unfortunate use of force against those who refused to understand this necessity, then so be it.

Just as He had during the Unification Warsthe Emperor again lamented the loss of innocent lives and the curtailing of individual freedoms that the fleets of the Great Crusade sometimes trod upon, but He could see no other way to safeguard humanity and weaken the endless corruptive power of the Ruinous Powers at the same time.

While the Imperial Truth upheld the light of reason and science, it did have one unbreakable proscription: Men must never develop artificially intelligent machines. The Emperor remembered that it was the great war fought by Mankind against the thinking machines known as the Men of Iron that had helped to destroy humanity's last united interstellar civilisation at the end of the Dark Age of Technology and He had no desire to see the human race repeat its past mistakes.

As such, when the Expeditionary Fleets of the Great Crusade encountered advanced human civilisations in the dark of space that had developed artificial intelligence, these worlds' populations were simply exterminated outright as potential dangers to the entire body politic of the newborn Imperium.

Additionally, there was an increasing concern as the Great Crusade progressed about the use of psychic sorcery by agents and warriors of the Imperium. The Emperor was the most powerful human psyker to have ever lived, but He was deeply ambivalent about the growing spread of the mutant psyker genes through more and more of the human population.

He rightly believed that most of Mankind was not yet evolved enough either physically or spiritually to truly control the great power of the Warp or avoid the temptations offered by its more malevolent denizens. More and more often during the progress of the Imperial conquest of the galaxy, the Imperial Army and Space Marines would make planetfall only to find that the populace were in thrall to mysterious powers and unnatural mystics called "sorcerers.

The Thousand Sons had come under criticism for their use of sorcery by the Primarch Mortarion of the Death Guard Legionwho knew by his own personal experience with sorcerers on his homeworld of Barbarus the dangers to be found in anything spawned from the Warp, and Leman Russ of the Space Wolves Legionfor whom any battle fought through sleight of hand, clever deceit or any trick other than straight physical combat was by definition dishonourable.

Russ found the Thousand Sons' use of sorcery distasteful in the extreme. It was Russ who fought the hardest for the Imperium to ban the use of psychic powers after his own experiences during several campaigns of the Great Crusade where his Space Wolves had fought beside the Thousand Sons. The schism grew so great that it threatened the very stability of the fledgling Imperium and so the Emperor Himself called for an Imperial conclave to resolve the issue once and for all.

meet the god emperor of mankind

Both sides of the debate over the use of psychic abilities arrived at the world of Nikaea determined to present their views, with the Emperor as the arbiter, enthroned above the dais in an ancient amphitheater that seated tens of thousands where the conclave was held. On one side of the question were the Witch Hunters like the Sisters of Silence who presented their case by reciting a litany of human suffering inflicted upon the Emperor's own subjects by sorcerers enslaved by what would eventually later be recognised during the Horus Heresy as Chaosof gibbering mutants who had lost their humanity, and of cults and power-hungry men who turned their psychic gifts to dark purposes.

All present were also aware of the terrible damage that had been done by uncontrolled and daemon-possessed psykers during the early days of the Age of Strife. On the other side was a powerful advocate for the continued use of sorcery, the Primarch Magnus the Red. His very presence frightened many, but he began to speak with the great charisma that only a Primarch could wield. His argument was that no knowledge was tainted in and of itself, and no pursuit of knowledge was ever wrong so long as the seeker of that truth was the master of what he learned rather than its pawn.

He spoke with finality that his Thousand Sons Astartes had mastered their knowledge of sorcery and that there was no knowledge too labyrinthine for them to grasp or that they could not master to serve Mankind rather than enslaving it.

Magnus called on the Emperor not to ban the use of psychic abilities, but to contribute to further research into their usage so that they might be harnessed more fully for the betterment of humanity and the Imperium. Magnus had spoken passionately with great power and the Council of Nikaea became even more divided. While they had strong arguments in their favour to justify their anti-psyker position, the Witch Hunters could not effectively match Magnus' persuasiveness.

The tension could easily have been cut with a knife when a group of Space Marine Librarians approached the dais. The Emperor acknowledged them with a nod, and all present fell silent. Among the group were some of the greatest Librarians of the Space Marine Legions. They formed a semi-circle around the dais to indicate that they spoke as one voice, but it was a young Librarian Epistolary who spoke for the group.

A psykerhe proposed, was like an athlete, a gifted individual whose native talent must be carefully nurtured. Psykers were not innately evil in themselves, but like any tool, could be used for either good or evil purposes. Sorcery, however, was a knowledge of how to wield psychic powers that had to be sought for, even bargained for with the foul entities of the Warp.

No one could be truly sure who or what had benefited in the deal. The Librarians proposed that all psykers be strictly educated by the Imperium with the express purpose of using their abilities to serve Mankind. This should become an immediate Imperial priority. The practice of psychic sorcery would forever be outlawed as an unforgivable offense against Mankind and the worst kind of heresy.

The end result of the Council of Nikaea's deliberations was a compromise that offered both the pro-and-anti-psyker factions something. The Council of Nikaea was also the trial of Magnus the Red -- for he was accused of sorcery and of introducing sorcerous practices to the Space Marine Legions through the institution of the corps of Librarians.

As the evidence of Magnus' continued practice of sorcery became apparent, the Emperor barely contained His wrath as He pronounced judgement on the Primarch of the Thousand Sons, for He had entrusted His son years before to obey His bidding and foreswear the use of such occult practices because of the dangers inherent to the Warp. He had entrusted only Magnus with the true secrets of the Warp to which only they remained privy, but now it appeared that His son had disobeyed His edicts and at the very least dabbled in the occult and the forbidden black arts of psychic sorcery.

The confrontation between father and son is recorded in the Grimoire Hereticus. The Emperor's judgement at the Council of Nikaea proved severe, largely as a result of His anger at Magnus. The Emperor rejected the Librarians' proposed compromise outright. With the exceptions of Navigators and Astropaths who were properly trained, controlled and sanctioned by the Imperium and were necessary to its continued existence, the Space Marine Legions were no longer to employ psykers within their ranks.

He commanded that the Primarchs were to close their Librarius departments forthwith and not to indulge the undoubted psychic talents of those Asartes who possessed the gift.

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All existing Space Marine Librarians were likewise forbidden to make use of their abilities. The Council's rulings also created a new position amongst the Space Marine Legions, the Space Marine Chaplainto uphold the Imperial Truth and help maintain the purity of an Astartes Legion's dedication and fidelity to the Emperor's commands.

The Emperor ordered Magnus to cease the practice of sorcery and incantation, and the pursuit of all knowledge related to magic.

Magnus, of course, did not like the idea, and he remained bitterly opposed to the decision made at Nikaea. But in the end, he bent his will to his father the Emperor and agreed to obey, though the machinations of the Ruinous Powers would ultimately lead to a far darker fate for Magnus the Red and his Thousand Sons.

The Edicts of Nikaea stood largely untouched for the next 10, standard years as the primary Imperial policy regarding human psychic mutation. Only the edict against the use of Librarians within the ranks of the Space Marines would be reversed as a result of the Horus Heresy, as that terrible civil war made clear to the rulers of the Imperium that Astartes psykers were essential to combat the power of the Forces of Chaos.

Imperial Webway Project Well over a standard century into the Great Crusade, the Emperor decided to return to Terra to oversee a special project that He intended to cap His ambitions for humanity.

This was the secret Webway Projectin which the Emperor planned to use a special artefact from the Dark Age of Technology -- the Golden Throne -- that had been discovered on Terra beneath a huge and inhospitable desert on the continent of Asia. The Emperor planned to use the Golden Throne to enter and reshape the Labyrinthine Dimension of the Eldar Webway to serve as a direct and instantaneous transport network between all the worlds of the Imperium.

This human Webway would recreate the vast network of Warp Portals that had once bound together the Old Ones ' and the Eldar 's ancient interstellar empires and would allow Mankind to advance at a more rapid rate, scientifically and economically, than at any other time in its history. The Webway was a far more efficient means of travel, and most importantly bypassed the depredations of Chaos within the Warp that represented a constant hazard of death or corruption to human faster-than-light space travel.

The ultimate objective of the Webway Project was for the Emperor to completely sever humanity from the need for the Warp in its entirety, further depriving Chaos of its power to corrupt and destroy. This would come as the Emperor guided the species in its evolution into a fully psychic race, assuring its ascendancy on the galactic stage beyond what even the lost Eldar Empire had once managed to achieve.

A human-dominated Webway would also truly unite the Imperium, preventing Mankind from ever again being divided by time and great distance. But this project would require all of His considerable attention and had to be pursued in secret, lest the Eldar or other opponents of the project learn of it and seek to stop it before the Emperor's efforts could come to fruition.

Warp conduit leading into the Imperial Webway The Golden Throne had been built during the Dark Age of Technology to allow human access to the Eldar Webway and took the form of a heavily mechanised throne created from an unknown type of psychically-reactive gold-complected alloy that was suspended over a pair of massive doors composed of the same golden alloy. These doors acted as the portal to the Webway and were supposedly large enough for a Warhound-class Scout Titan to walk through upright.

The Golden Throne was originally located in the depths of the Imperial Palace where the Emperor's original gene-laboratory complex had once stood, an area known as the Imperial Dungeon. Hundreds of red-robed Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-priests and Servitors toiled in the Imperial Dungeon, as the Emperor sat upon the Golden Throne and used His immense powers to hold the portal into the Webway open for His workers, who constructed a new section of the Labyrinthine Dimension intended to connect Terra to the rest of the largely abandoned Eldar transdimensional transport network.

The Emperor, the Golden Throne, Custodians Now, his will is interpreted and executed by the High Lords of Terrahis worship is regulated by the Ecclesiarchyhis law enforced by the Adeptus Arbiteshis form guarded by the Adeptus Custodesand his people protected from the horrors of the galaxy and from even themselves by the Inquisition.

The Emperor is confined within the Golden Throne, vast biomechanical machinery forming the great Sanctum Imperialis, located deep within the continent-spanning complex on Terra known as the Imperial Palace.

There the Emperor's physical form is sustained by carefully maintained machinery. Physically, the enthroned Emperor of Mankind is a ravaged corpse. The last surviving cells in his shattered body are sustained by the Golden Throne, providing an anchor for the Emperor's spirit, which extends across the entire Imperium. The Emperor and the Golden Throne continue to function through the daily sacrifice of thousands of Psykers.

meet the god emperor of mankind

While his body is sustained, his will endures. His existence is said to be an unending torment, with his every thought enslaved to the task of ruling, guiding and protecting his race.

Ultimately it is only his will to endure that allows him to survive, as he knows his death would lead to the destruction of the Imperium and leave mankind without the guidance it needs to survive. The Emperor is not just a beacon for space travel, however, but is said to continue to guide humanity through his Tarotand through dreams and visions given to selected individuals.

It is also popularly believed that he created the warp storm known as the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath during the Age of Apostasyand that the Emperor's will holds Chaos at bay. Were it not for his unceasing struggle, the Chaos of the Warp would flood the material realm with madness and horror, causing untold destruction. Should it again open, Terra would become flooded by Daemons.

The Primarch was disturbed by what had become of his father's mental state. He felt that the Emperor had lost all pretenses of humanity and gave off an overwhelming sense of coldness. The Emperor greeted Guilliman with interest, but as a creator would a long-lost tool, not as a father would with his son. Guilliman feared that the centuries of suffering had stripped away whatever warmth and humanity he once had.

Note that at worst these theories could be considered complete fabrication brought about by Tzeentchian Cultists and the lies of Chaos, as the Inquisition has decreed.

meet the god emperor of mankind

It is believed that the Emperor - while apparently designed and empowered by the shamans to live forever - also possesses their ability to reincarnate, and that this would be his eventual goal.

Avoiding discovery by the Chaos powers, it is believed that the Emperor was able to plant the seed of his reincarnation, a potential new soul awaiting birth: However, it is also believed that this new soul cannot be born while the Emperor is still tied to the Golden Throne, no matter how tenuously.

Although a man of unparalleled, god-like powers, the Emperor was still a man, and throughout the many millennia of his life on Terra had fathered many children. A few of their descendants had inherited some of the Emperor's power, including agelessness, and survive into the Age of the Imperium. They are known as Sensei. Sensei have a unique nature and relationship with the Warp which makes them invisible to psychic senses - even to those of the Emperor.

The ultimate goal of the Sensei is to attain Apotheosis with the Star Child. A hidden group that call themselves the Illuminati have learned from the Eldar's Black Library many truths of Chaos, as well as about the Sensei and the Fall of the Eldar. They realise the Emperor cannot survive in his current state forever, and eventually he will fail, and without the Emperor, Mankind will fall to Chaos like the Eldar.

Such an event would create a fifth God of Chaos and create another Eye of Terrorone which would span the entire Imperium. They seek to prevent this by bringing about the rebirth of the Emperor. The Emperor will be renewed, reborn as the Sensei-Emperor to again lead his race in person. God Incarnate The God Incarnate is a philosophy closely connected to Thorianism that maintains that the Emperor's essence in the Warp may be transferred to a physical vessel, one deemed a Divine Avatar.

This account was later deemed "heretical" and kept from being published. The account was passed down to each Keeper, starting from the First Keeper, Solomon. It was the Golden Age and the Emperor prepares Earth for mankind. The people that existed with the Emperor before Mankind were called the "Golden Race".

The second group were called the "Stone Race". The Stone Race then built ships that took both races across the galaxy. The Golden Age ends in the 21st Millennium. Soon after, the Stone Men and Iron Men fight amongst themselves.

The Stone Men eventually defeat all of the Iron Men.