Meet the governor of underworld port

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meet the governor of underworld port

within three years a new governor instigated a relocation of the port meet the Buffølo and Governor John Hindmarsh as instructed. r30 Chris McConville, ' From''criminal class'to'underworld", in Davison et al, The. Whoever controls the port controls the illicit business in Kenya“ . Ali Hassan Joho is elected as governor of the Mombasa county on March 4, According to the U.S. report, Wambui met often with Hassan and promoted his . with crucial connections with the underworld and local public officials. So they must pray not to run into armed robbers, but if they meet 'bad first tenure of former Governor Adams Oshiomhole; the second tenure, nothing, In Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital, 18 out of 20 residents who spoke.

Investigation by Sunday Vanguard shows that the law enforcement officers the public expect to protect them are not only dog-eared, but also unfit to secure themselves. They lack logistics support, including the very uniform they wear and office accommodation. The command also lacks adequate personnel. Alfred Darosha, in his assessment of the situation, said: Uniforms that are supposed to be free, they buy in Cooperative.

It is as bad as that. We had to contribute money to roof that place. If you go to Esigie Police Station, I renovated it. I have renovated with my money nothing less than 15 police stations in Edo State.

meet the governor of underworld port

Bail is supposed to be free, but bail is not free because they have to help themselves when logistics are not coming from anywhere. They have to use this odd money to provide the logistics like case files, biros, everything they have to buy. The Inspector General, IG, is given money to buy vehicles. I went to Force Headquarters in Abuja recently and saw brand new vehicles there just lying fallow, brand new Toyota Hilux trucks. I counted up to 20; what were they doing there?

Recently, I got a hint that there will be rival cult killings and I gave the information to the police. The private investigator said the Edo CP is doing his best as he has genuine motive, but pointed out that there are sycophants around him, who, according to him, monetize every criminal investigation. I gave information to somebody.

Why the police in S-South cannot confront men of the underworld killing their officers

I wrote to Abuja and Abuja sent it down for investigation, and they gave the information out. Since then, they have been trying to kidnap and kill me. But it seems the administration does not want to make its intervention on security public.

Security issues are sensitive issues that you cannot always make public or see. For instance, few days ago, there was a security meeting in Government House.

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Now ask yourself, why is it that when people commit crime in Edo now, within hours, they are arrested? It cannot be vehicles alone; at a time, vehicles were also given to them, then communication gadgets given too. I appreciate the IG, who graciously drafted 20 patrol vehicles and those donated by the Dangote Foundation. That has helped the command in the fight against crime. Our police are partisan, extortion — minded — Security expert On his part, a security expert, Shola Mese, noted that beyond the acknowledged limitation, one of the weaknesses of the police is the knack for extortion and struggle to be posted to political office holders and wealthy individuals.

Elections are here again, if the police do not turn a new leaf, we could experience worse incidents. They highlighted that the perceived weaknesses account for the impunity with which armed men have killed policemen in the state.

It does not work that way because, every second, criminals are improving on their attack and assault strategies.

For instance at a check point, policemen are not supposed to be less than five and must be strategically positioned to counter any form of assault from hoodlums. So there must be consistent training to match these criminals and nip their plans in the bud. Gun for gun, voodoo for voodoo A policeman, who claimed to have enlisted eight years ago, opened up: Many people leave things to chance, but these criminals do not, they device every means necessary, including voodoo.

So if you are not well prepared, you will just die for nothing. The big men up there know these things, they are real and this is why criminals are dreaded because they improvise, use all crude methods and even, nowadays, you find out that you are dealing with ex-service men.

Christian Ita, said government was doing its best to ensure the state is safe.

Onward to Underworld Port (Puretia)

We are a tourist destination and tourists come here a lot. So we try to create a symbiotic relationship with the police and create other programmes that can motivate them to give their best, especially as the Calabar Carnival draws near.

As we speak, there is a refresher training going on. Two decades later, he is richer still. And the US government is currently seeking to confiscate millions dollars he has investied there: Mwau began his career as a sharpshooter in the Kenyan police in his 20s.

meet the governor of underworld port

He joined the Kenyan parliament in the Kilome province in under his own brand new political party: He left his seat in Mwau ran also for the Kenyan presidency in After keeping a low profile for several years, he emerged again as a major importer of electronic goods from the Middle East and Europe.

But troubles for Mwau started in In December that year, Kenyan authorities seized in Nairobi, Mombasa and Malindi an astonishing 1,21 tonnes of cocaine. The African Business magazine suggests the cargo came from Venezuela and Colombia, and was destined for Ireland and the Netherlands.

Shortly after, investigators raided the depot of Pepe Enterprises Ltd, a Mombasa -based company allegedly owned by John Mwau. The company has a warehouse located at the Athi River in the outskirts of Nairobi, where it is suspected that part of the narcotics shipment found its way there. The report named Mwau as a violent drug dealer involved in money laundering and contract killings.

Netanya man killed in suspected underworld hit | The Times of Israel

All illicit business happens here and it is controlled by traders supported by customs personnel and powerful people in government. Prior toMwau was under investigation with two other suspects for having allegedly provided large sums of money to the election coffers of the PNU Party of National Unityheaded by Mwai Kibaki, at that time the Kenyan president. Treasury Department believes Mwau used overseas tournaments and his status to start moving narcotics.

In the same period, Mwau visited Colombia quite often: The accusations thrown in the Parliament by former minister Saitoti were based on a joint investigation run by US law enforcement and Kenyan government. Strongest allegations moved the investigation at the beginning, less concrete in the later evidence. In the main accuser, professor George Saitoti, died in an helicopter crash on the outskirts of Nairobi: Al Shabaab militias and drug traffickers are the main suspects for the disaster.

Investigations have not yet found anyone guilty. Mwau also claimed that he had every reason to believe that the move by the US government to designate him as a significant foreign narcotics drug trafficker was tailored to make him an easy target for elimination.

The Johos Brothers A report issued in by the U. The document is also signed by then U. The report describes how Abubakar Joho and his brother Ali Hassan are in charge of a multi-million euro trafficking empire.

Abubarak is the first one of the two to enter the drug trade. Once he finds out the owner of the company had died during the Rwanda genocide he decides to take over and starts diverting vehicles destined to Rwanda into the Kenyan market. But vehicles soon become less lucrative. His guts tell him to move on to more profitable business, the one flourishing in and around the port of Mombasa.

Here he finds employment in a company that clears container from ships to the quay, and vice-versa. According to the U. The influence of Abubakar on Ali Hassan is the one typical of an elder brother towards his younger. According to the American document, it was Abubakar who insisted and convinced Ali Hassan to enter politics.

And so he does. A young Ali Hassan Joho runs and wins the elections as a representative of the Mombasa region in the national parliament.

Shortly after, the report suggests, his career in the drug trade begins.