Meet the heavy parody bart

meet the heavy parody bart

Explore Fangirl swiftey Star's board "Bart baker" on Pinterest. | See more Lorde - "Royals" PARODY bart baker Parody Songs, Funny Songs, Music Humor . Pulling off a heartwarming Bart story is hard to do these days, and “Looking to meet all the little boys Martin snitches on!,” she beams proudly), Bart bonds Here, it's Saunders' weary voice that does most of the heavy lifting, her I can only hope that there's some implied self-parody in Homer and Lisa. "Bart Gets a 'Z'" is the second episode of The Simpsons' twenty-first season. It originally aired Bart and Milhouse meet at a bookstore (where Moe is revealed to be a fan of Doris Kearns Goodwin) and decide to get Mrs. Krabappel rehired. facing heavy debt as well as competition from other newly-opened muffin stores.

His father, Hyman Krustofskiwas a rabbi and strongly opposed young Herschel's wish to become a comedian; he wanted the boy to go to yeshiva instead. Krusty did attend the school, where he said he made the other students laugh by doing funny impressions of his father.

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As a result, Krusty became a slapstick comedian behind his father's back. One night, Krusty performed at a rabbi's convention and a rabbi squirted seltzer on him, washing off his clown makeup.

Like Father, Like Clown - Wikipedia

Rabbi Krustofski, who was in the audience, recognized him, was furious and disowned his son, and now it has been 25 years since they have seen or spoken to each other. In the weeks following this admission, Krusty thinks about his father and becomes depressed, breaking down on live television after watching a father-son related Itchy and Scratchy cartoon.

Bart and Lisa decide to help reunite father and son, but the rabbi still refuses to accept Krusty's career choice, explaining that Krusty "turned his back on their traditions, on their faith, and on him". They decide to try to outsmart the rabbi, and Lisa does research and finds Judaic teachings that urge forgiveness, but Rabbi Krustofski has responses for each of them out of stubbornness.

meet the heavy parody bart

In a last-ditch effort, Bart convinces the rabbi to realize his stubborn ways with a quote from Sammy Davis, Jr. This quote finally convinces Rabbi Krustofski that entertainers have a place in Jewish heritage.

Like Father, Like Clown

A deeply depressed Krusty is glumly doing a live telecast of his show, when Rabbi Krustofski appears. The two joyously hug and reconcile in front of the audience of children, with Rabbi Krustofski accepting a cream pie from Bart and throwing it in his son's face.

Brad Bird co-directed the episode. Schulweiswere credited as "special technical consultants". While not a fan of the show, he felt "it was profound" and added some corrections. They buy a self-help book entitled " The Answer " a spoof of " The Secret "which professes to have all the answers to help someone achieve their dreams.

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Krabappel is initially skeptical, but reveals her dream is to open a muffin shop. Some time in the future, she successfully opens a muffin shop which attracts several Springfielders including Ned Flanders. Bart inadvertently confesses that he had the idea to spike her coffee with alcohol and therefore is responsible for getting her fired.

Krabappel is furious and tells him that her real dream was to be a teacher, and is now facing heavy debt as well as competition from other newly-opened muffin stores. Destroying the self-help book, Krabappel declares that Bart is the only kid she has ever met who is "bad on the inside".

Bart Gets a 'Z' - Wikipedia

Bart is deeply troubled by Mrs. Krabappel's statement, and decides to get her old job back by spiking Zack's " Blue Bronco " energy drink, but instead decides to tell Principal Skinner the truth and face punishment.

meet the heavy parody bart

Principal Skinner is pleased that Bart was honest and agrees to punish him for it, but tells him he cannot just rehire Mrs. Krabappel when Zack is doing a good job in her place. Skinner is about to punish Bart and when it seems Krabappel would never get re-hired, their conversation is suddenly disrupted by a belligerently drunk Zack — who ironically secretly mixes vodka in his own drink — who mocks the schoolchildren and tells them they have no future because their education will not help them achieve real things in life.

meet the heavy parody bart

Groundskeeper Willie drags Zack away with the remark "It's always the good ones that go crazy the fastest", and Mrs. Bart hopes that there will be no hard feelings between Mrs.

She responds by making every student in the class eat a stale muffin, as part of her "muffin-based revenge", as the end credits style of text mimics that of The Secret. Production[ edit ] The episode was written by Matt Selmanand directed by Mark Kirklandmarking the pair's writing and directorial debuts for the season. Cultural references[ edit ] The episode name is a reference to the name of the Season 2 episode " Bart Gets an "F" ", which was also referenced in the same season episode " Bart's Dog Gets an "F"the Season 10 episode " Lisa Gets an "A" ".

meet the heavy parody bart

Krabappel opens is called "Edna's Edibles", a reference to the store that Mrs.