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meet the jackass crew member

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE (cocreator, cast member, writer): Hello, my name is video, called Number Two, and that's when we met Knoxville. Ryan Dunn was one of the original member of the Jackass crew that became a global phenomenon with their perilous stunts and vulgar gags. Sadly, original Jackass member Ryan Dunn passed away after a car accident in But Johnny Knoxville and the rest of his Jackass crew.

The box set also includes a special bonus disc that includes the crew's trip to the Gumball rally, a special "Where Are They Now? Another compilation of stunts from the television series was released inentitled "Jackass: However, unlike the box set, this is only one DVD.

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It features stunts that weren't featured in "Jackass: It also includes various bonus features, such as every opening to every televised episode of Jackass, original credit montages from each televised episode, and an inside look at jackassworld. A third compilation, titled "Jackass: The Classic TV Collection", was released in Spin-offs and life after Jackass[ edit ] When the TV series ended, each member of the cast found new work in movies and television, each gaining his own degree of success.

Margera and the CKY crew were given their own spin-off show Viva La Bamwhich follows Margera and his family, who are often made the victim of the clique's practical jokes. Bam and the crew also have Radio Bam on Sirius radio. When Viva La Bam finished its run, Ryan Dunn, who was part of Bam's crew on Viva La Bam, was given his own show Homewreckerin which he finds revenge for helpless victims of practical jokes by renovating the prankster's room according to the original incident.

The show only lasted one season.

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On June 20,Dunn was killed in a car crash while driving drunk in Pennsylvania. Unlike Jackass and Viva La Bam, Wildboyz rejected the formula of practical jokes and instead features the two traveling the world in search of wild and exotic animals.

meet the jackass crew member

The special allowed the core members of Jackass to take over MTV and its studios for 24 hours, broadcasting new pranks and stunts, along with a tribute to stunt man Evel Knievel shot days before. The Movie[ edit ] Main article: The Movie After the show went off the air, the cast reunited in to film what they believed would be the conclusion of Jackass: The cast made it clear that the film was their "farewell" to the fans of the show, and with the franchise taking the movie format, the cast and crew were now allowed to circumvent the censors, showing more vulgar stunts than the ones featured on the TV show.

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Jackass Number Two[ edit ] Main article: Serious pain was part of it, but for Margera, it often went darker. When the crew dropped him into a pit of live snakes, he was genuinely terrified, crying like a boy facing his worst fear.

meet the jackass crew member

Somewhere along the line, he became a guy who drank all day with people he didn't really like. People go to rehab because drinking made them lose their job and their wife.

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My job is to do dumb, jackass s—, and the more shots of Crown Royal I'd do, the braver I'd be. Drinking helped me get paid," he said. His family was in the cast, as was Dunn, who was like a brother anyway. The two met when they were 15 at West Chester East High School and were nearly inseparable thereafter.

meet the jackass crew member

Chaos reigned for five seasons. Margera's parents, April and Phil, took the worst of it. We need to get dialogue. Margera is seen crying by a guardrail, hugging his now ex-wife, Missy Rothstein. He speaks to a reporter on the scene, barely. He had so much talent. In the aftermath, Margera emptied more bottles than he could count. He'd sign off on bar tabs that climbed into the thousands in West Chester for his entourage. He'd vomit most of the food he ate there, only to get home and eat an entire frozen pizza while it was still frozen.

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None of it made him feel better and nothing made him stop, not even a diagnosis of early pancreatitis. That made skating difficult, but, even worse, it made skating embarrassing. They divorced in His drinking had a lot to do with that, he said, but they remain friends. InMargera got hit with a baseball bat outside a bar he owned in West Chester.

Inhe got beat up by Icelandic rappers at a music festival. The show was a guided tour through rock bottom, including an over-the-top scene with Margera's name on a tombstone that deeply affected his mother. The show paid well, Margera said, and, unlike other interventions that flamed out, it also woke him up.

Five years, he said. When I first started taking it, I went to the bar and they asked me, 'What do you want to drink? I don't want red wine. I don't want whiskey. Just give me a ginger ale. Margera said skating today feels the way it did when he was 16 and driving a carload of friends to South Philly to skate under I at FDR Park.

He credits it all to Spain. He went there to work with a filmmaker and to learn to skate again in a place where fewer people would recognize him.