Meet the maids wording

The Best Days: Wedding Wednesday- Meet my Maids

Meet my amazing bridesmaids. I honestly could have had 20 bridesmaids but it was getting a bit ridiculous so I stopped at 14 lol. This listing is for an 8x10 Meet the Maids & Men sign. // W H A T S • I N C L U D E D // • 1 Can I change the colour / wording of this design? If you'd like a design. We will also being doing “meet the maids” and “meet the men”. I'm hoping to hang a photo of each of our wedding party with a short note about them. So my.

She got engaged on Christmas morning and we are having so much fun planning our weddings and festivities. She is such a great girl and I love our time together! Bridesmaid- Crystal Crystal and I also became friends in third grade. Our friendship has grown in the past few years, and I am so glad. She just had her first little one, Coleman, and I cant wait to go and get my hands on him again.

(Closed) What to include on Meet the Maids and Meet the Men?

She is such a great mommy! She and others hosted our holiday shower for us in December in her home. Bridesmaid- Kiki Kiki and I became friends inat the beginning of a long hard streak in my life. She was there for me and kept my mind off of the hard times with her crazy humor.

Her daughter Karlee, and Caden are really good friends.

One Lucky Girl: Meet the Maids

She has been the saddest about us moving away. I have promised her that we will be back for sure once a month! Bridesmaid- Lacey I became friends with Lacey and Kiki at the same time.

meet the maids wording

Everything that was said above for Kiki and my friendship could also be said for Laceys. She was also there for me during the hardest times. My stomach hurts from laughing everytime I am with these girls. I am so thankful our friendship. Bridesmaid- Rebecca Rebecca and I go back the furthest. She was the first friend that I had spend the night and that I spent the night with.

Her parents took me to church and her mom told me we could not talk to boys! I hope she doesn't have to go away again!! Bridesmaid- Holly Holly is the friend that I adore and look up to so much. Our friendship began when I was in 8th grade, but she was in 10th and moved to Montevallo and Jacksonville after high school. We did a pretty good job staying in touch for a while, but haven't done so well lately.

I am sad to say that. You always think that you'll stay close with your bests. I am so proud of Holly and her accomplishments.

I am so happy to have her as a bridesmaid. Flower Girl- Palyn Did you really have to wonder about this? This is my daughter niece. So much that sometimes I have to send her back! I love her like my own and cant wait to have her priss down the aisle! Honorary Bridesmaid- Ashley Ashley and I became friends in middle school and by Jr high we were inseperable.

We spent every weekend together in high school, and we could tell you anything about the other that you may ask. I was a mama by then. I love her, and am also proud of her! Nicole Barrineau- Nicole is my middle sister, David's my amazing and wonderful stepdad youngest and I would not have a bridal party without her stunning beauty and strong will. Nicole is so smart and has taken every hurdle life has given her and jumped it I am so excited for Nicole to stand with me on my wedding day.

meet the maids wording

Seriously, Kathryn is my little onion There are a few times in my life that I am pretty sure I could not have gotten through without Kathryn as a confidant. She can lift you up in a second She has and always will be there for me, and she only wants the very best for her friends. Nicole McGilvary- Nicole has been a great friend and support system for me since she helped me buy a dress about 10 years ago. I met Nicole through work, and she has always been there for me in times of need, and in times of getting dressed.

Nicole is a fashionista, she always looks great. Nicole also witnessed Grey and I's first kiss She has always been there for me, and has been so helpful in this wedding extravaganza. I just don't know what kind of style I would have without her. Nicole Flisher- This is the last Nicole I promise: Nicole is my oldest friend, besides my sisters of course. We fell into the deepest, soul-sister kind of friendship when we were 19, working at a restaurant together. We have been through a lot together but not together in proximity.

We always said our hearts must belong together, because no matter how far away we are, or how much time passes between talks or visits we can pick up where we last left off.

What to include on Meet the Maids and Meet the Men?

Nicole has been one of my greatest teachers, she is wise well beyond her years and her support has brought me so much peace. Our friendship has molded the person I am today. Danielle Concepcion- My pocket-sized bad ass. Dani has an ora that surrounds her that just does not allow people to be moody, anxious, or angry. It is like she is the bouncer of badness.

meet the maids wording

Ever since Dani and I met through work several years ago, we have gained so much in our friendship. Dani was my P-I-C in concert going, dancing and boozing for a long time I have watched Dani grow from being an already very mature, spunky, go getter to being all of that She has taught me to JUST chill, relax and enjoy life, love the people around you, smile and goodness will always come your way.

I love her dearly, and am blessed that her aunt made me hire her wink-wink, nudge-nudge- haha! Emily and I also met through work, and she has been a personal and professional motivational speaker for me for years.