Meet the mayors gun grabbing

In Wake of Synagogue Shooting, Pittsburgh Mayor Calls for Gun Control

meet the mayors gun grabbing

Mike Bloomberg on Gun Control; POTUS politicians on the issues; Political Source: Meet the Press interviews: presidential hopefuls, Mar 24, for stricter gun-control laws and now includes more than mayors from The Mike Bloomberg-backed non-profit, Everytown for Gun Safety, New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg, received $, in online donations. Advocates for tighter gun control raised money and took action, too, but. Yesterday, we reported that it was likely that sweeping gun control semi- automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns that meet a certain set of.

The group claims to have the support of numerous police chiefs across the country, which is also misleading according to National FOP President Chuck Canterbury: That is why the Fraternal Order of Police has always supported language protecting firearms trace data, now known as the 'Tiahrt amendment.

Everytown for Gun Safety

Hopefully it is true that not one law enforcement officer ever died prior to the enactment of the Tiahrt protection—Rep. While a Senator, President Barack Obama stated: At a time when bloodshed on our streets is on the rise, making sure that our law enforcement officers have all the tools they need to fight crime should be our top priority.

But instead of providing those tools, the Tiahrt Amendment ties the hands of police in their effort to halt illegal gun trafficking and sales. I am proud to join the Mayors Against Illegal Guns in their fight against this dangerous legislation. Our communities and the brave men and women who risk their lives everyday to protect us deserve more from Congress.

meet the mayors gun grabbing

Suarez stated that Wal-Mart signed the point code of the "Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership" to help the corporation "fine tune the things we're already doing and further strengthen our standards. Currently, each state decides which other states' permits they will recognize.

The NRA, which supported the amendment, vowed to "score" the vote of legislators. The amendment was defeated 58 to 39, the first time the NRA had lost a vote on the Senate floor in a decade. Charles Schumer and Rep.

meet the mayors gun grabbing

Senate to require a background check for all gun sales in commercial settings. The amendment ultimately failed to win the 60 votes necessary for passage in the Senate. Mayors Against Illegal Guns also ran a bus tour, similar to the bus tour it organized following the shooting of Giffords, entitled "No More Names.

No More Names is a program launched on June 14, the six month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting with the stated purpose to "pass common-sense laws, including comprehensive background checks, that will reduce gun violence and save lives.

The truth of the matter is only about people a year get killed with assault weapons or high-capacity magazines.

In Wake of Synagogue Shooting, Pittsburgh Mayor Calls for Gun Control

That is too many, but you compare that to handguns, pistols, this year, are going to kill 12, Americans. There are 14 states that have background checks required for all sales. So background checks do work.

Why is it so hard to get the Congress to do it? And I'm trying to level the playing field and bring out the facts.

The truth of the matter is the NRA itself, a few years ago, was in favor of background checks. CBS Face the Nation series: Menino touted the Boston's recent success in this area, telling reporters that police have taken more than illegal guns off the streets.

He sued out-of-state gun dealers, accusing them of illegally selling handguns that were later used to commit crimes in NYC. He did battle against weak federal gun laws, created a national coalition of mayors to fight illegal weapons -useful to raise awareness, although really effective gun control demands national legislation.

His suits were often settled and drew the fury of the National Rifle Association, whose magazine pictured the mayor as a menacing octopus and held a "Bloomberg Gun Giveaway" to help dealers pay the legal fees defending against Bloomberg's lawsuits.

Money, Power, Politics, by J. On the day she was appointed to the Senate, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg attacked her opposition to gun control: For instance, she has voted to keep critical data needed to track illegal gun traffickers from law enforcement, has voted to tie the hands of the ATF, and has also voted to protect dealers who sell guns illegally.

meet the mayors gun grabbing

Inshe had sponsored a bill to delete background check information after twenty-four hours; now she suddenly voted to repeal her very own bill.

Take Back America, by Dick Morris, p. Our bi-partisan coalition of Mayors Against Illegal Guns has put the issue of illegal guns back on the national agenda--beating back federal legislation that would have made it easier to traffic in illegal guns. Convincing the federal ATF to release some of the critical trace data our officers need to track the flow of guns across state lines.

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Those in Washington prefer talk to action. Keynote Address to the US Conference of MayorsNov 2, Founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Bloomberg is a strong advocate of gun control and made it a major issue of his administration in his second inaugural address.

We ask ourselves, what can be done to stop this kind of gun violence? As mayor, I have asked myself that question many times. The fact is that most crimes are committed with illegal weapons--and that is where the new gun debate is, or at least should be, centered.