Meet the parents imdb quotes hunger

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meet the parents imdb quotes hunger

The quote in question, or a variation that flips the last two sentences, has been ?,” a detective questions (according to the IMDb summary) a murder suspect . In the play, the pair's troubles are complicated by Hank's father Dick, an movies, The Simpsons, Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” writes MacLeod. [quotes in the title], correctly classified as: The Hunger Games; – FB page: New FB page: Meet the Parents: Little Fockers, wrongly classified as: Meet the It is mainly due to the inclusion of external data, IMDb in this case, in the process. It starts very innocently, having our two leads engage in a meet cute that is anything Driver has a strange sincerity and truth in his turn as the father, both frightened for the There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

One night after a bombing raid, Nagata orders the destruction of the prisoners' infirmary as reprisal. He only stops when Jim now fluent in Japanese begs forgiveness. Through the barbed wire fencing, Jim befriends a Japanese teenager, who is a trainee pilot. One morning at dawn, Jim witnesses a kamikaze ritual.

The base is suddenly attacked by a group of American P Mustang fighter aircraft.

meet the parents imdb quotes hunger

Jim is overjoyed and climbs the ruins of a nearby pagoda to better watch the airstrike. Rawlins chases Jim up the pagoda to save him, where the boy breaks down in tears—he cannot remember what his parents look like. As a result of the attack the Japanese decide to evacuate the camp. Basie escapes during the confusion, though he had promised to take Jim with him.

The camp's prisoners march through the wilderness where many die of fatigue, starvation, and disease.

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Arriving at a football stadium near Nantao, where many of the Shanghai inhabitants' possessions have been stored by the Japanese, Jim recognizes his parents' Packard. Jim spends the night there and witnesses flashes from the atomic bombing of Nagasaki hundreds of miles away. Jim wanders back to Suzhou. Along the way he hears news of Japan's surrender and the end of the war.

He encounters the Japanese teenager he befriended earlier, who has since become a pilot but is now disillusioned. The youth remembers Jim and offers him a mango, and will cut it for him with his katana. Yes, that's my day job. Okay, G-Man, we've got swordfish and we've got salmon, what'll it be?

meet the parents imdb quotes hunger

How 'bout a little of both, K-Dog, I'm pretty hungry. I think they call that the 'munchies'. Greg, sweetie, how you doing? Oh, just fine, considering I desecrated your grandma's remains, found out you were engaged and had your father ask me to milk him. At least back then he was still talking to me.

I can't believe you didn't tell me you were that close. Who, Daddy and me? No, Kevin and you. Do we have to know everything about each other's pasts? You never told me about your cat-milking days in Motown. That was a long time ago, Pam. Yeah, okay, well, so was this. Kevin's and my connection was more physical than anything else. Like you worked out together? No, no, it was nothing, nothing. It was a stupid sexual thing. I'm gonna go throw up now.

I love you Dad, but you could be a real jerk sometimes. He's still not good for Pam! Well who is, Jack? No one has ever been good enough for your Pam. You only warmed up to Kevin after she broke up with him.

Jesus, Dad, you ever think of knocking? Not in my own den. What are you two doing in here?

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I'd say rounding second base. So, uh, Greg, how's your job? I, uh, I recently got transferred to triage. Oh, is that better than a nurse?

Meet the Parents quotes

No, Mom, triage is a unit of the E. It's where all the top nurses work. Not many men in your profession, though, are there, Greg?

No, Jack, not traditionally. No, no, I'm just going over some of my answers from the polygraph test your dad gave me.

Oh, no, he didn't.

meet the parents imdb quotes hunger

Well, did you lie to him? I mean-- Well, he asked me if we were living together, and- Pam: What'd you tell him? Your mother walked in Is this how you'd react if I told you he shoved bamboo shoots up my fingernails?

meet the parents imdb quotes hunger

Or does he hook all your boyfriends up to his little machine? Well, he doesn't need a machine. He's a human lie detector. Greg, my father was never in the rare flower business. That was just his cover. He was in the C. How could you not tell me this? I wanted to, honey, but it was strictly He's in the C. He was a spy? He is a spy?

No, he was more like a psychological profiler. They used him to interrogate suspected double agents in the company. I was scared of your dad back when I thought he was a florist.