Meet the parents little fockers rotten tomatoes

Meet the Parents () - Rotten Tomatoes

meet the parents little fockers rotten tomatoes

For those who might be wondering why we "need" another movie to follow "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers," I offer the following. Greg Focker (Stiller) is completely in love with Pam Byrnes (Teri Polo), and views their Meet the Parents is a one- -- well, maybe two- -- joke idea that starts out goofy Greg Focker: How about you take those little sticks out of your hair and. Stick with Meet the Parents instead, it was the best of the trilogy and is still very funny after all these years. Little Fockers is the same old gag.

It's just a lazy, by-the-numbers sequel that was only made to turn a profit for the studio. Most of the jokes here are unfunny, uncomfortable, painful or all three simultaneously.

meet the parents little fockers rotten tomatoes

And most of the alleged big laughs were used in the trailer. Why it's funny to see Stiller spray blood all over his family or inject a needle into his father-in-law's erect penis is a mystery to me. And when, in the first five minutes, the beautiful jessica Alba uses the phrase "relax the anus", it took every ounce of restraint to keep from just walking out.

And speaking of Alba, what is going on with this cast.

meet the parents little fockers rotten tomatoes

All of a sudden, this is "Ocean's Fourteen". There are so many cast members, there isn't enough for all of them to do.

meet the parents little fockers rotten tomatoes

You cast the legendary Dustin Hoffman, and all you have for him to do is a Flamenco dance? How many jokes can you get from Focker sounding like another infamous "F" word?

Meet the Fockers () - Rotten Tomatoes

See "Little Fockers" and count. Or better yet, don't. What were they thinking!?! That is weird and uncomfortable and I would not want my kid to memorize some of these lines. Another thing, why in the world would you have a Viagra type drug and its effects on Robert De Niro be like a 10 minute scene in the movie. It is frightening and may either cause you to gag or have severe nightmares.

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Finally, Owen Wilson is awful and not funny in the least. He infuriates me sometimes, especially since he had so much screen time. And Jessica Alba may even be worse, because she is an absolutely terrible actress, one of the worst I have ever seen. It's like she is reading off of cue cards and putting weird, cheesy inflections into everything she says, so that she is positive the audience knows she is attempting to make a joke.

And her looks are completely cancelled out by her attempts to act as far as I am concerned. Also, Laura Dern and Harvey Keitel were randomly added more star power?

He brings most of the funny parts.

Little Fockers () - Rotten Tomatoes

He is only in it for a short time unfortunately. Since there are so many good actors, not all of them get good screen time. Like Dustin Hoffman, a great actor, who doesn't even have time to do anything on screen.

The same goes Barbra Streisand, an actress who can be really funny sometimes.

Yep, "Little Fockers"

All in all, the cast does the best they can with the roles and script. But Jack Robert De Niro just had a heart attack.

So he wants to know if Greg is ready to be the God Focker. If you have seen the other two movies, then you know it's a matter of time before something goes wrong. My main problem with the movie is the script. They have all the fart, poop, and puke jokes.