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meet the people movie

There's an art to editing coming attractions—and a lot of work, too. Some masters of the form responsible for classic Marvel, Pixar, and horror. Hidden Figures a true story. So is the math and physics in the movie. Meet experts who kept the movie accurate, as well as an engineer now. Meet the People () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, Solo Singer-n 'Smart to Be People' Number (uncredited) Film Editing by.

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He is disappointed, and demands the costumes to be altered. Monte refuses and cancels the show, hoping that Swanee will surrender and give in.

Instead he leaves New York in anger, denounces Julie and the showbiz industry, and goes back to Morganville. Julie follows him there, determined to make him change his mind.

She starts working at the shipyard as a welder, and finds out that she enjoys the work very much. She also makes a lot of new friends among her colleagues, who are eager to get to know the beautiful star. Julie continues dating Swanee, and she tells him about her motive for coming with him.

She wants to change the show, and hire some out-of-work chorus friends of her to be on stage. Swanee likes the idea, and signs a new deal with Monte. But then he sees Julie posing for promotional photographs in her working outfit, and thinks she makes a mockery of him and his co-workers.

He calls her egotistic and refuses to go through with the plans. But Katherine Johnson, played by Taraji P.

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These experts worked closely with Hollywood filmmakers to ensure everything was correct. This included the dialogue, the action and every mathematical formula shown. Math teacher to the stars Rudy L. Horne teaches math to students at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. But for a time, he also put in extra time on a movie set, teaching formulas to Taraji P.

And he gave this acclaimed actress plenty of homework! Hidden Figures was filmed in Atlanta, not Hollywood.

meet the people movie

So the production needed a local math expert to work with the cast. And he seemed perfect for the job. After all, he had a strong background in physics and taught applied math — how math can solve real-world problems. Henson got private math lessons — and homework — from professor Rudy Horne to play her Hidden Figures role.

Melfi asked the teacher to make suggestions about the script. He knew about a certain set of equations that describe that orbital motion. Melfi added it to his script.

meet the people movie

He gave Henson formulas to memorize. And when the child who played the young Katherine was asked to solve a complex problem in math class, it was Horne who wrote the equation. Indeed, he points out: Horne also worked with the props department to provide the appropriate math equations seen in the background of scenes.

meet the people movie

All of this meant he needed to visit the set about a dozen times. And if it influences people to study math and science, great! Years later, Barry became an Air Force pilot. Barry has provided feedback for movies and TV shows before. Chris makes advances towards Gloria, angering Meg.

Meet the People

Back home, Daphne discovers her expensive earrings have been stolen. Virgil believes Wade is the thief.

meet the people movie

Wade and Chris are at the bar, where they see Simon talking to an uninterested woman. They follow him into the bathroom and pretend to be thugs, but then tell him to return his mother's earrings and stop stealing.

meet the people movie

Chris returns to the guest house to find Gloria, while Wade finds Virgil in a sweat tent and tries to bear it for Grace's hand in marriage. Wade ends up burning the tent down. At the Moby Dick Day celebration, Grace tells Wade he looks terrible and offers him a drink from a thermos with a mushroom drawn on it.

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The mayor confronts Wade. While Virgil is giving a rendition of Captain Ahab, Wade hallucinates that Virgil is talking to him and charges at him with a harpoon. Wade is knocked unconscious. Wade wakes up and is insulted by Virgil.