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The Meet-the-People Session (MPS) for his constituency was on Monday, and we made our way down to Jurong West that evening. Tel: (Bukit Batok) Tel: (Jurong West) Fax: Email: [email protected] Meet The People Session Every 1st, 3rd, 5th. What happens at the Meet The People Session (MPS)? “Tan” is a taxi driver, he already has very few points and recently run a red light.

That already required two sets of contrasting skills: On top of those two sets of skills, the age of social media and the peculiarities of Singapore's political landscape require ministers here to be many more things. We want ministers to be leaders, yet likeable. They have to be able to relate to the CEO and the cleaner with equal sincerity and warmth.

We go to MPs with issues that are policy-related, or municipal, or personal.

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We want the MP to be chief social worker, unrolling family services, help for the low-income, help for the elderly, for at-risk kids. We want an MP to be a brilliant legislator, to make dazzling speeches in Parliament. We expect office-holders to know the ins and outs of their ministry's policies, to have at their fingertips arcane figures, and to be able to recount stirring tales of inspiration at will. Every utterance, appearance, is captured, shared and scrutinised.

We want them to be available and accessible - we send e-mail to their mailbox or post Facebook comments on their page and expect a personal reply.

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And, at the same time, we expect them to find time to cultivate family ties, to have stable, happy marriages if married and to bring up well-behaved children. As constituents, we want to see them around our neighbourhood. As citizens, we want them to engage us in dialogue, in conversations, to consult widely on some policies, yet be decisive and act quickly on others.

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And oh, how swift we often are to blame, to castigate, to mock, when a politician speaks, looks or behaves in a manner that it is off key or disagreeable, and how reluctant we can be to forgive and overlook mistakes.

It all adds up to a very difficult environment in which to be a minister or MP: I don't know how they do it, frankly, these politicians. I sometimes think we voters should moderate our expectations, and not expect our MPs and ministers to do so much, and be everywhere. I also think that citizens should also cut them some slack and not expect them to be word perfect and in control, while being on show all the time. Some MPs will go from table to table to attend to each resident and writer.

Smaller sessions will see the residents meeting the MP directly. Urgent cases will be faxed out the next day, otherwise all letters will be mailed 5. After the appeal, give about two weeks for a reply What is the Success Rate? Genuine cases of financial hardship, bread and butter issues, maybe even cut utility bills arising from monetary difficulties can have high chances.

However, it is difficult to assess if a resident is genuinely needs help…it is not up to the MP or writer to judge. If they are found to be in trouble, financial assistance, emergency utility reinstatement funds and ComCare funds, free healthcare from government clinics etc can be rendered immediately by the CDC not the MPS.

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Oftentimes, these are from Singaporeans who marry foreign spouses. ICA never tells you the reason for rejection this is because if they put something in black and white, chances are you can find loopholes and work around it.

It is hard to tell the success rate of these — especially with anti-forigner sentiment so high in the country. However, for any court cases concerning traffic or any other criminal offense actuallyno political party including the PAP, has the right to write to the Judge or the Court.

Thus, MPS session will not accept any court cases.

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For help in this area, there are legal clinics available in some constituencies and they can refer you to Legal Aid if you are in financial difficulty. What happens after appeal? All letters including opposition MPs written in to Government departments, Ministries and Stat Boards require a reply: Private companies banks, telcos etcare not obliged to respond to MP letters.

Theirs is a private agenda and sometimes they do reply and assist out of courtesy, but they are not compelled to take any action. But you never know, it depends also on the personal relationships that the politicians have with these private companies… it is after all humans that respond to letters.

Here is some practical advice you can use: If you have matters that are very urgent or you know will result in a court case, utility termination or overstay in the country, please, please, please do not wait until the last minute.