Meet the philly phanatic

Meet the mascot guru who went from being the original Phillie Phanatic to helping create Gritty

meet the philly phanatic

For better or for worse, the Phanatic helped introduce Gritty to the folks at Citizens Bank Park got an exclusive opportunity to meet the. Come meet the Phillie Phanatic and his two special friends; Author Tom Burgoyne and Illustrator Len Eastern. Tom will be singing his newest Phanatic book and. What is furry, green and beloved by fans the world over? The Phillie Phanatic, of course! You don't need to be a baseball fan to know and love this playful.

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I thought people were going to kill me or set me on fire. It won't work unless you're enjoying yourself. He irreverently mocked and mimicked umpires, opposing players and even Los Angeles manager Tommy Lasorda, who famously went ballistic when the mascot pummeled an effigy of him. He could schmooze with toddlers, slyly put down drunks, perform acrobatic feats.

Soon the spirited ex-intern who always assumed he'd follow his father into football coaching was so popular and so busy that the job became all-consuming, ultimately contributing to the end of his first marriage.

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Then, in a scene worthy of a Hallmark holiday movie, an inspirational moment opened Raymond's eyes to the Phanatic's value. This day I was ticked off.

It was Christmas and I had all these appearances lined up. Then there's a knock at my van's door.

"NEW" Gritty the Flyers mascoy & Phanatic Phillies mascot dance off !!!

He told Raymond the tension had been so unbearable that he left the hospital and began walking aimlessly through Center City. That's when he saw the Phanatic. I went in the room and his mother started to cry. And the kid looked up and said his first words since the operation. There was something special about the Phanatic being able to do that.

That's when I started to pay attention. I don't care if it's adults or children with maladies, they're all smiling. For those few minutes of interaction, people forget about everything.

meet the philly phanatic

What I do is silliness. But there's a real magic going on that people don't see. He popped open his office laptop and proudly showed visitors some of the interactive displays in the new facility.

The idea for a mascots hall, he said, grew out of a tongue-in-cheek March for Mascots Rights that Raymond staged in Philadelphia after the Pirates' Randall Simon struck one of Miller Park's racing sausages with his bat. The event generated so much publicity that Raymond sought a way to capitalize on it.

meet the philly phanatic

Then four years ago we got a call from Whiting about building something there. Taunting the visiting team by dancing provocatively in front of their dugout, mocking the actions of their players, and smashing or stomping on an object, such as a batting helmet, representing the team. Standing on the roof of the Phillies dugout between halves of the seventh inning for "The Phanatic Dance" and remaining on the dugout roof for the home half of the inning to "hex" the opposing pitcher.

Warming up in the bullpen. Shooting hot dogs into the stands using a pneumatic gun attached to his ATV. Buffing the heads of any bald fans who happen to be sitting near him in the stands.

Did we just become best friends? Gritty meets the Phanatic | NBC Sports Philadelphia

His mother, Phoebe Phanatic, occasionally appears on-field with the Phanatic. He also has a younger cousin Phred, and a girlfriend Phiona who are rarely seen. Gregg would often play along with the Phanatic between innings, sometimes dancing with him or otherwise participating in his routines.

One week before the Phillies had their opener, the Phanatic was "dyed" red as part of the team's week-long promotion to "Paint the Town Red".

Meet the mascot guru who went from being the original Phillie Phanatic to helping create Gritty

He was "dipped into a special paint" made by a team sponsor MAB Paints now Sherwin-Williams and changed from green to red. He returned to his regular color in time for the season opener for that year. There is a running gag where the Phanatic humorously mocks opposition players and they would steal his ATV keys in retaliation.

Inhe assaulted the Phillie Phanatic during a nationally televised game after the Phanatic stomped on a life-sized dummy wearing Lasorda's uniform reportedly provided by Dodger infielder Steve Sax.

meet the philly phanatic

The Phanatic appeared in the closing credits of the film Rocky Balboa The Phanatic's head disappeared during the Phillies' "Final Pieces" charity sale and auction in Tom Burgoyne had taken off the costume for a break and found the head missing when he returned.

One week later, someone anonymously called a local radio station claiming that he found the head and would bring it to the radio station. In the episode, Charlie's "Green Man" challenges that the "Phrenetic" as it is referred to in the episode should not be the only mascot for the Phillies.