Meet the press 1950s fashion

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meet the press 1950s fashion

Meet Katie from the faux lingerie and hosiery store, What Katie Katie I 've had a love of s style fashion since my mid teens. 6 's Fashion and the Women Who Wore It: Changing the Face of the . It was in though, that Givenchy would meet his muse, Audrey Hepburn. In , Givenchy banned the press from his couture house, saying. From NBC News in Washington, Meet the Press with David Gregory. . The United States built the reactor for us in the s. can be worked in a transparent fashion, without the need for the imposing arbitrary restrictions.

I could research properties and legal information easily and quickly with no big investments. Having said that mistakes were made.

For the first 5 years in LA we were based on Melrose which turned out to be just to corporate for our little family run business. It's great to be on Magnolia now, surrounded by like-minded independents. What are 5 things every girl needs to complete a s look. Red lipstick, a flick of black eyeliner, seamed stockings, confidence and a smile. One of the great things about s fashion is that it flatters a wide range of body shapes and doesn't need to cost a lot of money. It's still possible to pick up real s dresses affordably at fleamarkets like the Rose Bowl and Long Beach although this does mean investing time and getting up early!

What are your 3 best selling items Our Maitresse Bullet Bra was launched in and is still one of our most popular items.

meet the press 1950s fashion

Vintage dresses were made to fit around the pointed bust shape of the s so a bullet bra really does make all the difference for an authentic silhouette. This year we've redesigned our Bullet Bra to give a more flattering shape to larger busts in particular.

Our Retro Contrast Seamed Stockings with a black seam are also incredibly popular, as is our Maitresse 6 strap garter belt. The extra 2 straps really do help keep your seams straight.

No one wanted to ruin a fancy new hairstyle with a hat!

meet the press 1950s fashion

White or cream colored gloves were very popular because in displaying their cleanliness, the wearer was reflected upon as a lady. Gloves were usually purchased in cotton or nylon because they were less expensive and easier to clean and take care of.

Women's Fashion in the 1950's

Gloves were always worn on a fancy night out —the shorter the sleeve, the longer the glove. First seen in at a Dior fashion show designed by Roger Vivierstilettos skyrocketed into popularity after master shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo created a pair of steel-reinforced stilettos for Marilyn Monroe in High heels were the mark of a lady, and pointy toes were preferred. The heels were made with steel in the hopes that they would last longer.

meet the press 1950s fashion

As women had more things to carry, purses began to make sense. These were a sensation in the United States especially as the plastic bag had just been invented. For women who could not afford luxury bags, homemade crotcheted bags made of raffia were popular. Costume jewelry came into popularity during the decade.

As families began to move up the financial ladder and fashions became more glamorous, women wanted to wear fantastic jewelry. Coco Chanel is credited for bringing women costume jewelry.

With costume jewelry, a lady could wear a large sparkling cocktail ring that looked expensive, but was actually quite inexpensive. Costume jewelry allowed more opportunity for dressing up, and was worn by many Hollywood leading ladies. Lastly, an important accessory for women in the fifties was the brassiere.

To achieve the high, prominent bust that was in fashion at the time, cone shaped bras were highly necessary. The end of WWII marked a time of excess and prosperity.

Women were thrilled to have more options in terms of textiles and color.

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Whether worn as a chic mink stole, or used to trim collars and sleeves, fifties women were in love with fur. Denim was the material of the rebel. Denim blue jeans were growing in popularity, and made ever more popular by appearing in Hollywood movies. Three man-made textiles came into prominence in the fifties: They were affordable and made clothes easier to care for. These new fabrics were easier to clean, and usually did not need ironing.

Polyester was able to keep the look of tailoring even after being washed. Other popular fabrics of the decade: He was also partial to lavish materials, very unlike the war-time materials available, and intricate embroidery.

Dior was also known for his detailed draping and tucks and bows. He also founded Dior Delman, for the customized making of shoes which designer Roger Vivier ran.

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ByDior had created the H-Line, which elongated and freed the waist, and attempted to make the bust less pointy looking. In he began with the A-Line, where narrow shoulders and a wide hem were present, and finished the year with the Y-Line, a complete flip-flop of the A-Line, in which the shoulders were broad, and the hem was close to the body.

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Inonly ten years into his meteoric rise, the fashion world was stunned, when Christian Dior died of a heart attack, leaving his fashion house to be run by his one and only personal assistant. Yves Saint Laurent would be the artistic director untilwhen he would create his own successful couture house. She was groundbreaking, creating free and easy frocks for wealthy women, with an emphasis on clean cuts and simplicity.

Inat the age of seventy, Coco Chanel returned to the Rue Cambon 21, the site of her original boutique, and re-opened its doors.

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Chanel insisted that women look tailored yet not have their movements impaired. The design lives on today and is considered the handbag every woman should own. Neiman Marcus gave her an award in the year of its creation, and it was the only visit Coco Chanel would ever make to the United States. It was in though, that Givenchy would meet his muse, Audrey Hepburn.

When Hepburn appeared at his House, Givenchy was most disappointed, as he had thought he was scheduled to see Katherine Hepburn. The disappointment would quickly fade and be replaced with adoration and a forty-year long partnership of a couturier and his muse. This was the first of its kind and caliber that anyone had ever seen.

meet the press 1950s fashion

Together, Hepburn and Givenchy would make their names famous. Givenchy helped Hepburn to become a style icon, being her personal stylist and creating some of her most famous costumes, including the black dress in Breakfast at Tiffanys, and the cigarette style pants and loose fitting sweater in Funny Face.

For many, it seemed too stuffy and rigid. Hollywood, however, reeked of glamour and sparkle.