Meet the press audio podcast download

Eight Ways to Enjoy “Meet the Press”

meet the press audio podcast download

NBC News' Meet the Press is the longest-running television show in history, celebrating its 70th anniversary. If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press. Meet the Press podcast on demand - NBC News' Meet the Press is the longest- running television show in history, celebrating If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. In Data Download - is it time to move Ohio and Colorado out of the “swing state” column? . NBC Meet the Press (audio) - Today, Stuff Media is one of the nation's largest podcast publishers, with more than 61 million global downloads and streams per iHeartMedia's “Podcast, Meet Broadcast” initiative enables podcast “Combining our assets with the #1 audio and media company, and #1 commercial podcast publisher.

It seems practically impossible in today's media environment. Why would anyone especially kids who've grown up with YouTube and Netflix bother with screenless entertainment?

But with podcasts, "no screens" becomes "no problem.

meet the press audio podcast download

Many adults are already familiar with podcasts, thanks to popular but mature hits such as Serial and Radiolab. But thankfully, podcasters are starting to realize that kids love what they're doing as much as grown-ups. Teachers are even using them in the classroom.

meet the press audio podcast download

With exciting stories, fascinating facts, and lively sound effects to grab kids' interest, all you need for an entertaining family-listening experience are some headphones or a set of speakers.

Check out these 20 awesome podcasts for kids -- including perfect bedtime stories, science exploration, cool news, and more.

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Plus, find out the best way to get them and use them. We took our best guess for the target ages but include them as a guide since some of the content can be mature. How to Listen It can be daunting for a first-timer to enter the world of podcasts, but digital tools have made it easier than ever to start listening.

meet the press audio podcast download

Here are some popular options for listening: A mobile app with a sleek, easy-to-use interface SoundCloud. An online audio-streaming platform for podcasts as well as music also an app Podbay. Streaming platform specifically for podcasts app available for Android, but iOS coming soon Kids Listen.

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And don't forget to subscribe! Subscribing lets the app push new episodes directly to your device as soon as they're available, so you'll always have the latest update at your fingertips. Pros and Cons of Podcasts for Kids On the plus side, podcasts: With engaging hosts and compelling stories, podcasts can be great tools to teach kids about science, history, ethics, and more.

meet the press audio podcast download

Listening to stories helps kids build vocabularyimprove reading skillsand even become more empathetic. With podcasts, families can enjoy the same level of engagement, entertainment, and education as screen-based activities without worrying about staring at a screen.

Podcasts are completely portable. You can listen in the car, on the bus, or in a classroom or even while doing chores around the house. Podcasts don't have subscription or download fees, so anyone with internet access can listen and download for free. Most podcatcher apps are free, too. Get two thumbs up from kids! Podcasts are designed to hook kids with music, jokes, compelling stories, and more. Some are designed in a serial format with cliffhangers at the end to get kids to tune back in.

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On the downside, podcasts: Play lots of ads. Many podcasts run several minutes of ads at the beginning or end. Because they're often read by the podcast host, the ads can feel like a hard sell.

Many podcasts update regularly, so you can jump right in and start listening. Others are styled like radio or TV shows, so the most recent episode is actually the end of a season. Check whether something is serialized or long-form before listening to the most recent update. When in doubt, listen first before sharing with your kids. Luckily we've discovered some excellent kid-friendly podcasts that you and your family will love listening to.

Is sugar really that bad for you? Each episode features a historical event or era, and starts with a single photograph and the question: What is going on in this picture?

It asks curly questions like about animals, technology, school, pop culture and the future. Apple Podcasts The Signal Sometimes you get more news than you need. The Signal is here to sort the news from the noise.

meet the press audio podcast download

It's your smart and sceptical dive into the stories that matter, delivered straight to your favourite podcast app every morning. Apple Podcasts Soundwalks Soundwalks paint rich, sonic landscapes for children to explore with their imaginations, through naturally occurring field recordings as well as subtle sound effects, to create an emotive, immersive and restful experience.

Let's go for a soundwalk together as we help you wind down and relax. Apple Podcasts Sum Of All Parts Sum of All Parts tells extraordinary stories about the unseen influence that numbers have on the way we think, feel and behave.

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Along the way we hear a heap of stories, and find out a whole lot more about their musical heart. We might even partake in a bit of therapy. Co-hosts Rob Smith and Tim Moore steer 'The Tinny' into the realms of the irrelevant and somewhat ridiculous - mimicking the conversational ebb and flow aboard aluminium vessels which the show takes its name.

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Featuring courageous storytellers who front up to the microphone to bare their soul and share their life-changing moments in front of a live audience. Captivating, jaw-dropping and thought provoking, these pure Australian stories will make you laugh, cry or gasp Why is this a story? How did we get here and, as the inimitable President Bartlet would say, what's next?

Using the resources of no less than the entire ABC, Tell Me Straight ropes in the most knowledgeable reporters, producers, and middle managers to explain interesting, strange and outlandish stories. You'll win trivia, you'll be the most informed person at the pub on Friday night, and you'll enjoy the smug glow of intellectual superiority.

Stories about why we do the things we do.

20 Best Podcasts for Kids

This is About digs deep into issues that matter through the beautiful, awkward and dismal stuff that actually happens to people. Apple Podcasts The Ticket A weekly sports panel program for sports enthusiasts who can talk about more than just the score card and injury sheet. Situated in a neglected corner of LA, time has been unkind to this once-iconic establishment.

No longer do A-list Hollywood celebrities hob-knob under the chandeliers. Check-ins are down and long term squatters are up. Apple Podcasts Tonightly with Tom Ballard Each week on the podcast, we revisit the best bits of the Tonightly TV show, and throw in some extra bits that you wouldn't have seen! Tonightly smacks and unpacks the latest trends, news, inputs, life hacks and gossip and serves them up for you as a nightly dose of hot, must-see entertainment, hosted by comedian Tom Ballard.

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