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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Love him or hate him, Buddy Cianci put Vincent " Buddy" Cianci Jr., walks away from the media following an impromptu news community meet-and-greets and late nights at his campaign office. Vincent "Buddy" Cianci the long-time mayor of Providence and convicted federal felon has died today, a top Rhode Island official tells NBC News. Michelle R. Smith, The Associated Press Former Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci, the wisecracking political rogue who presided over the.

Lovecraft, but Buddy Stories are our most popular literary genre. And, as Cianci is quick to remind us on the campaign trail, the city had newfound self-esteem. And so here we are. At age 73, the same age as Bob Dylan and Neil Diamond, Cianci is running a campaign that feels like a classic rock reunion tour.

His staff is filled with old pals and Cianci-era City Hall employees. Are there any policy arguments amidst all of this? It can all seem a bit hallucinatory. A master of both retail politics and publicity stunts, Cianci used his considerable charms and political instincts to win six terms leading Rhode Island's capital city.

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Along the way, he and his trademark toupee landed countless appearances on national TV, inspired a musical and even put out his own line of pasta sauce. Cianci died Thursday at age 74, the morning after he was overcome with abdominal pain while filming his weekly TV show. The cause was not released, but he was diagnosed with cancer in Cianci died Thursday, Jan. The judge who sentenced him called him a modern day Jekyll and Hyde: Cianci grew up the son of a doctor and was educated at Moses Brown School, a private Quaker school on the city's wealthy East Side.

He said that as one of the school's only Italian-Americans, he did not fit in, and wrote in his memoir that the feeling of being "tolerated, rather than accepted" drove him to succeed.

Advertisement It was a feeling that followed him throughout his life. Cianci presented himself as a visionary reformer, outlining plans to revive an economically troubled downtown, rebuild the waterfront, restore blighted neighborhoods, create parks, and improve schools. At the age of 33 years, 10 months and seven days, he was also the city's youngest-ever mayor at the time, and the first Republican to lead this heavily Democratic city since Cianci was well known as an extremely charismatic and media -savvy politician.

His propensity to attend parades, weddings, public events, and backyard neighborhood barbecues, led to a common joke during his tenure that Cianci would jump to "attend the opening of an envelope".

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Cianci was revered by many residents of Providence, and credited with the revitalizing of the city's economy and image. During his first tenure in office, Cianci and his allies on the Providence City Council clashed with the anti-Cianci majority on almost every issue, the budget being the most heated one. In the mid to late s, Cianci found himself as a rising star in the national Republican Party.

After being introduced by Bob DoleCianci made an address at the Republican convention. There was talk of him being the first Italian-American vice president.

  • Buddy Cianci used personality to put Providence on the map
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Cianci was also seriously considered for a federal Cabinet seat in the prospective Gerald Ford administration, had Ford been elected in After Ford's loss to Jimmy CarterCianci tried to promote himself as a Senate candidate, in an attempt to expand the Republican Party's ethnic votership. Cianci clashed behind the scenes with John Chafeewho he actively lobbied to step aside from his Senate run so he himself could gain the Republican nomination for the seat instead.

Chafee was elected to the Senate in and Cianci was re-elected as Mayor of Providence as a Republican in Cianci ran for governor inlosing out to incumbent J.

After this loss, Cianci drifted away from the Republican Party, particularly as he was not given a presidential appointment despite his support of Ronald Reagan and intimations by Reagan's campaign manager, John Sears. First resignation[ edit ] Cianci was forced by law to resign from office for the first time in after pleading nolo contendere or "no contest" — neither admitting nor disputing — on an assault charge alleging an altercation with Bristol, Rhode Island contractor, Raymond DeLeo.

Both DeLeo and Cianci's estranged wife disputed the relationship.

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Providence municipal regulations prohibit a convicted felon from holding public office; ironically, Cianci had promulgated the rule a few years earlier. After Cianci's resignation, a special election was held to name a replacement. Cianci attempted to run in the election under the rubric that he had been convicted of a felony, but received a five-year suspended sentence rather than being sent to prison.

After a few weeks it was decided by the Rhode Island Supreme Court that Cianci could not run in the special election, because the legislative intent was that the convicted incumbent could not succeed himself in office. Talk show host, —[ edit ] Cianci spent the next few years as a radio talk show host on Providence AM station WHJJ and as a television commentator.

In he successfully mounted a re-election campaign with the slogan, "He never stopped caring about Providence.