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Chapter The Trial of Buddy Cianci by Crimetown from Gimlet Media

Vincent "Buddy" Cianci the long-time mayor of Providence and convicted federal felon has died today, a top Rhode Island official tells NBC News. Former Mayor Buddy Cianci of Providence on June 25, moments after PROVIDENCE, R.I. — THE biggest story in Rhode Island this fall isn't the Years ago, when a TV reporter asked Mr. Cianci what he thought of the media Businesspeople say they've gotten calls urging them to meet with Buddy. From mistresses to dildos to prison to City Hall, Buddy Cianci's career is Obama endorse a candidate in the Providence, Rhode Island (pop. . Flick on the TV in Providence and there's Buddy on "Hardball," "Meet the Press,".

meet the press buddy cianci rhode

You know, everybody has faults. Buddy Cianci died earlier this year. His body was laid out in city hall.

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  • Chapter 1: Divine Providence

And people here lined up to pay their respects. There was nothing wrong with what this guy did. I just believe that he just loved Providence too much.

So he fell into this hole that usually politicians fall into when they love something too much. Buddy did love the city, in his own way. But his shortcomings went well beyond one little incident of torture and kidnapping.

There were criminal investigations, accusations of corruption, drug scandals. Even a five-year prison sentence. The question now is: Because the thing you gotta know about Providence, the city that Buddy ruled for more than 20 years: There was New York, there was Chicago, and then there was this little city in the smallest state in the union—the third largest Cosa Nostra in the country. This is Albert Berarducci. He grew up in Providence at a time when organized crime was a daily part of life.

You could see someone getting shaken down. I mean you knew.

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You got someone by the car, banging. Two guys looking the other way. But that was the way life was back then, there were no two ways about it. I mean, it was accepted. No one, not a politician or a priest, not a bishop or a bus driver, should ever be defined solely by their faults. Cops, politicians and judges sit shoulder to shoulder with crooks and ex-cons.

That those in public office may promote justice and peace while continuing the work of our brother, Mayor Vincent A. Lord in your divine providence, hear our prayer. You're listening to Crimetown, a new series in partnership with Gimlet Media.

Every season, we'll investigate the culture of crime in a different American city. The story of Buddy Cianci and the city that made him: A story about how organized crime corrupted an entire city. A story where you can never quite tell the good guys from the bad guys.

Well, first of all, let me thank you for inviting me. This is a recording of Buddy Cianci at the end of his career, at an event to promote his autobiography, just a few years before he died.

Life has worn him down a bit. But he's still the same old Buddy.

Cianci appears on 'Meet The Press'

He laughs at himself, cracks jokes, works the crowd, and tells funny stories about starting out as a young prosecutor. Well, I used to be in charge of the organized crime division for the Attorney General. And my entertainment was I would listen to the wiretaps at night. Buddy is fresh out of law school, younger and thinner, with a lot more hair. And a case lands on his desk. A case that will launch his career, and put him head to head with the most notorious mob boss in the country.

Two men, Pro Lerner and Bobby Fairbrothers, sit up front, wearing masks. Pro Lerner had a double-barrelled 12 Gauge shotgun. And Bobby Fairbrothers had a Springfield rifle. The gunmen get out of the car and cross the street. Inside the market are the targets: When Lerner came in with the double barrelled shotgun, he shot Marfeo first. Bobby Fairbrothers got so scared he shot into the floor. Pro Lerner stepped over into the next aisle and shot and killed Melei.

Ray DeLeo, the man who received a barrage of smacks, punches, spittle, death threats, airborne ashtrays and attempts to snuff a lit cigarette in his eye, once said of that incident"I saw a crazed man I saw a lunatic. Cianci resigned again in he was re-elected in and won every election in the interimafter he was convicted in U.

meet the press buddy cianci rhode

That may have come when three former U. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, held a press conference to tell everyone how bad of an idea it would be to elect Cianci. Dan Harrop, who is polling at 2. Or when a longtime Cianci opponent was arrested for allegedly assaulting a female Cianci supporter at a recent mayoral forum.

Providence is a far better place because of Buddy Cianci, and he will be truly missed. He inspired me and mentored me in so many ways.

He will truly be missed! He was a great Mayor to the City of Providence. I just spoke to him the other day about family, politics and Friar basketball. I was proud to stand with him in good times and the rough days as well. He often called Joe Paolino and me his two most loyal friends; which I was proud to be called. His visits to Rome, and our many meetings when we were mayors we're very special.

We remained close friends. He did a lot to help the people of Providence and he will be deeply missed. My heart breaks for his family.

They've gone through quite a bit," said Coloian. We can debate that back and forth about his legacy -- but he pushed things through. People forget about the positive stuff. People forget about the sacrifices -- your family gets hurt.

Chapter 17: The Trial of Buddy Cianci

You have that on your shoulders. You have to give up so much. He gave his heart and soul to the city. He had his faults, as all humans do. No one can question his love for the city and his personal mission to make it better. He will be missed, I knew the family well.

Nicole had worked for me me. Her children, his sister -- it's got to be tough for them.