Meet the press transcript november 29 horoscope

Thursday, November 29 - The Ed Show-

meet the press transcript november 29 horoscope

Read the transcript to the Tuesday show. Real Estate · Wonderwall · Horoscopes · Shopping · Yellow Pages · Local Edition · Traffic · Feedback The Ed Show for Tuesday, November 29, . milk the media for exposure. . people that I have met in my life, , people could possibly come out. UPDATE: N.B. city makes list of 'best places to visit in ' · Police seek missing boy · 'They literally just eat, sleep and hang out' · Meet the D'oh-nut flying off. The following events occurred in August Contents. 1 August 1, ( Thursday) . Officially, the meeting in Czechoslovakia was called the " Declaration of Six . the Associated Press commented, "That shot received such wide publicity that on February 29, , all 83 people on a flight with the same number, British.

The only way to respond is almost to look as boorish as you. No, your stupidity gets in the way of rational discussion. The collective campaigns that were run by most Republicans were beneath the dignity of a democracy. I did not think I had lived a good enough life to be rewarded by Newt Gingrich being the Republican nominee.

It still is unlikely, but I have hopes. Why do you continue to support a Nazi policy, as Obama has expressly supported this policy? Why are you supporting it? When you ask me that question, I am going to revert to my ethnic heritage and answer your question with a question. On what planet do you spend most of your time? I have no interest in doing it. Because that is how Barney Frank talks, because that is how he gets s his work done as a politician, because that is how he gets his point across.

Over the summer, he joined us the night the U. He joined us by phone the night the credit rating did get downgraded. In June of last year, he came on the show after he had been up since 5: In January of last year, came on the show the day of the Citizens United ruling when the Supreme Court blocked corporate spending limits on elections forever -- forever changing the country.

He joined us the night Congressman Joe Wilson shouted "you lie" at President Obama during a joint address to Congress. On the night before President Obama signed the health reform bill, a Democratic priority for not just decades but generations, on the night before that was signed, Congressman Barney Frank joined us here and was able to tell us not only what had gone on with the legislation to get to that point, but what it had been like for him personally.

Specifically at this time when Democratic offices were having rocks thrown through their windows.

meet the press transcript november 29 horoscope

He told us what it had been like for him in that unusually vicious environment. Congressman Frank, you were -- you were the subject, you were the object, I guess, of a little bit of that bullying. Yes, my partner, Jim and I, were walking -- it was a nice day. We walked from the White House to another. There was a great deal of shouting, waving of fists and signs, and people sort of getting very close and yelling and a number of the comments were homophobic. Did you feel personally threatened?

What was your reaction to that experience? But you do have to think about it.

The Ed Show for Thursday, November 29th, 2012

The bullying in junior high and high school is a big problem. Again, every Democrat, every Republican in the Massachusetts legislature voted for an anti-bullying bill. What discouraging to me is there are kids all over the country watching this, not as a game, but as real life and watching sort of a spectacle of so-called politicians cheering them on. Barney Frank spent 45 years in public life. He spent 30 years in Congress. He will be remembered as the finance committee chairman when Wall Street blew up.

He will be remembered as the member of Congress you would most like to see argue with whoever it is you most dislike in the world, because he has a sense of humor that he wields like a wrecking ball. And that is that over a year period in Congress, when it became almost impossible to name it, let alone oppose it, when it became bipartisan orthodoxy to ignore this huge, growing thing in American policy that nobody would stand against, Barney Frank made the case over and over and over again that when we count what dollars we spend in this country, a dollar is a dollar is a dollar.

As I look at the American budget, we continue to spend excessively in the areas of the military far beyond any other place. Look, America after World War II took on the role of being the protector of the world against communism, the guarantor of stability. We continue to defend Western Europe against nonexistent threats. I want America to be very strong and able to defend itself. We can use half of it to bring down the deficit and half of it to produce jobs.

Joining us tonight for the interview is Congressman Barney Frank. Congressman Frank, it is great to have you here today. Thanks for being with us.

That was very moving and very generous of you. When you think about ending 30 years in Congress, what are you - - what do you want to be appreciated about what you do? Well, there are a couple of things. You just be real.

You just be who you are. And you just let the contrast between who you are and how you live and the vicious myths that are being used against people, and they erode. I am proud of the financial reform bill. They had been rating the big banks in this country as safer than other banks because of the view that the government would bail them out, that they were too big to fail.

And it took people some time to get it. And I am pleased that we have finally got on the table your most recent set of quotes, about reducing military spending. But the point is that we waste tens and tens of billions of dollars in these disputes and we make things worse.

A military can make good things happen. Right now, at this moment in American politics -- I wonder if you see any movement toward that position. Actually, Ron Paul and I were working on that. Although at some point, I got word Ron had to be careful because I was hurting him in Iowa. So -- but, yes, the answer is exactly as you said it. In fact, we got ourselves -- those of us who think the government should play a constructive role in improving the quality of life.

So, we need these revenues. Inertia has been on their side. So, people said, well, why were you guys outmaneuvered? All the Bush tax cuts will expire and military tax spending will be seriously cut. In other words, inertia has switched sides. But they have to deal with us now and I hope the president will stay firm. I think he is taking this position. By the way, we can raise taxes on the military -- on the rich.

We can see taxes raised on the rich without anybody having to vote for it. All we need to do is vote for a bill that continues the tax cuts for everybody but the top 2 percent.

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Similarly, we can put a bill through that these right wingers can vote for on the grounds that they are reducing to the hit to the military and wind up with very serious military reductions. Rachel, I just want to -- this is one last point. And he said we made the mistake of hollowing out the military after all these wars and after the Cold War.

So, we have the most extraordinary confession in American history of Leon Panetta who used to take credit of balancing the budget now saying, oh, we hollowed out the military. We did no such thing. It was a very active military.

meet the press transcript november 29 horoscope

You have always felt free to speak your mind. You are even freer than ever now. You have expressed some delight about the prospects of Newt Gingrich being the Republican nominee. Yes, I think it is along the lines that I just spoke about. I -- look, there is cultural lag among some of my political colleagues. There are a number of issues where my colleagues just lag the public. The public is over that. They understand we do not have to deploy large amounts of American ships to keep open the shipping lanes between us and China and to prevent China from shutting down shipping lanes over which China makes an enormous amount of money.

By the way, the last time the budget was balanced was under Bill Clinton. And that was the three-legged stool that did it. And what we can say is, you know what, we can increase the fairness in this system, at the same time reduce the deficit -- reduce the deficit by cutting the military so we have more money to spend on the quality of life and then finally take them head-on on financial reform.

You saw this in the referenda that occurred last election day. Look, I think there are probably a lot of people in Ohio who thought the unions had gone too far. But when Kasich put through this extreme bill to wipe them out altogether, he lost.

And I think that is so patently obvious given the Republican presidential circus that you win on that. Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts, ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, congratulations on your retirement announcement. I thank you for your generosity tonight.

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It has been a very busy 24 hours in the news. Stories we have been following for months all of a sudden decided to develop all at once in unison. Surprising development number one today? Last night, we reported on President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats finding a fight they wanted to pick with Republicans. A policy fight they thought they would win. The Democrats in this case want a tax cut for working people and the Republicans do not want that tax cut. This payroll tax is set to expire at the end of next month.

End of next month. End of the year this tax cut ends. If we allow that to happen, if Congress refuses to act, the middle class families are going to get hit with a tax increase at the worst possible time. The Republicans in the Senate voted no on my jobs bill and those tax cuts. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are going to give them another chance.

Senate Republicans did vote against this payroll tax cut once. This week, Democrats decided to make them do it again. They smartly decided to force the Republicans to vote again against tax cuts. Well, now as of this afternoon, it looks like the Senate Republicans are crying uncle. In all likelihood, we will agree to continue the current payroll tax relief for another year.

Clearly, a majority of sentiment for continuing the payroll tax relief that we enacted a year ago in these tough times. They already voted against it, but now they are changing their minds. So that was surprising development number one today.

Surprising development number two relates to the former number two. As with many stories about Mr. Cheney, the details are murky. To several senators, Mr. Surprising development number three today, you may remember a reporter named Spencer Ackerman, who reports at the danger room site at Wired. Using charts and graphs he argued things like this genius hypothesis. This is the guy who told the FBI using this chart that over time since the founding of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, over time the more pious and devoted you were as a Jew or a Christian, the less prone you were to violence.

But for Muslims, being pious made you stay violent all the time. That man got paid for that, his tax dollars paid for that. Spencer Ackerman broke that story in September. Tonight, an interesting update on this. The executives will get their bonuses. At the same time, Hostess won an approval to pay 1. Hostess touched off a wave of nostalgia when it announced it was going out of business last month.

People started worrying about the future of the Twinkie. Many blamed the workers. You know, something like a union can take them down. This is going to be a sad moment for me. Well, first of all, rest assured, folks, the Twinkie is going to be just fine.

Hostess has been losing money for decades. Nobody seemed to like the Twinkie until Hostess declared bankruptcy. Hostess is courting, count them, potential buyers. The executives will get paid despite their mismanagement. But the workers who built the brand are really getting hurt.

More than 18, workers across the country are losing their jobs right now, right before the holidays. Some have been given 20 or 30 years to the company, that kind of service to them and loyalty. Hostess also stopped paying pensions to them last year. Hostess executives drive an iconic brand into bankruptcy twice. The workers made concessions. And they basically prayed for better management that never showed up. Tonight, they are out of a job. Jim, good to have you back on the program.

Good to have you with us. Great to be back, Ed. Now your state is going to lose some jobs because of this Hostess liquidation. But what message does it send? You have these CEOs up on Capitol Hill that are telling lawmakers how the economy ought to run, what we ought to be doing with all these tax cuts. And this is the culture that just goes right down on the workers.

What do you make of it? Well, Ed, this is a perfect example of what mismanagement in a company is all about and how venture capitalists never intended to run this business to work. But the management was more interested in selling it than what they -- they went into bankruptcy twice and came out worse the first time than they were when they went in.

And now they come out and they get the judge to give them 1, dollars a year bonus just to keep the lights on, so they have some place for people to send in the people who want to buy the business. The brand is good. The product is good. What do you make of that? Always blame the workers. And this is a perfect example. Surprising to me that the bankruptcy judge will go along and give these 19 executives, who are probably going to get inherited by the next company to come along -- that they would get 1.

Now, the -- what about the tax incentives? Will that have helped save companies like Hostess? Well, there are a lot of things we could do with the tax structure that could make this situation much harder for businesses to go into bankruptcy.

They go in there and they strip off the benefits. They strip off the pensions. United Airlines has done that to their employees. They still have their health care benefits. Still a hot brand, but not hot for the employee. Congressman Jim McDermott, great to have you with us tonight.

Coming up, good news for the economy, in spite of the do-nothing Congress. We will break down the numbers next. We always love hearing from our viewers on Twitter EdShow and our Facebook page. John Wheat says "my 2, dollars will help pay my student loans. Better yet, forgive my student loans so I can put my 2K back into the economy. Coming up, Louie Gohmert, congressman out of Texas, shares his latest conspiracy theory about the president and Libya.

So what does John McCain have to do with all of this? And we are back. New data today proves President Obama can turn things around even as the Republicans in Congress continue to do nothing. So how do we prove it? The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits fell 23, to a seasonally adjustedlast week. As expected, initial unemployment claims surged after Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the northeast. The good news keeps on coming. The Commerce Department reports economic growth in the third quarter was actually better than first reported.

The initial estimate had a GDP growth of just two percent. This morning, the Commerce Department revised its estimates to show growth of 2. So things are looking up.

Anyone who still thinks that the term "do-nothing Congress" is just a little too harsh, take a look at this: