Meet the robinsons actors sprint

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meet the robinsons actors sprint

Find and save Meet the Robinsons Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter Bad, Memes, and Sprint: l Sprint AM Instagrammer ITS NOT. Meet the Robinsons (Video Game ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. She joined the cast of Neighbours in playing Gail Lewis/Robinson and MEET THE ROBINSONS Bowler Hat Man, Wilbur Robinson, Lewis Date: .. ROBINSON of Germany in action during the ICF Canoe Sprint World.

He studied the kid for a minute, wondering when exactly he had become Wilbur's crony. Cornelius parked the car in the garage and quickly made his way into the house, carefully dodging the usual interrogation by the flower pot twins.

He briefly tried to recall when he had even installed doorbells on his house before making it to the living room.

meet the robinsons actors sprint

Franny's smiling face greeted him before he could get upstairs. She frowned, tilting her head. She nodded her head in response, Cornelius kissing her cheek before running up the stairs to the lab. He had a split second to appreciate the beauty of the snow lightly falling on the ceiling before he stepped under the tube.

When he landed his eyes widened and his hands balled into fists; the time machine was missing. He'd had a feeling while in his meeting that something was off, and his instincts proved to be right as he stared at the empty space in front of him.

He noted agitatedly that the other time machine still sat unfinished in the corner. The inventor was very close to finishing it, but he hadn't had a chance, mainly because his son kept "borrowing" his only reference.

Instead of screaming and swearing like any normal person would do, Cornelius decided he was going to wait patiently for Wilbur's return, so he could catch him red-handed. He knew it wouldn't take long, considering it was a time machine. They should be back within minutes. He pondered what on earth a twelve-year-old would be doing with a time machine, letting the thought marinate in his mind.

The blond crossed his arms and leaned on a workbench near the empty parking space, a smirk crossing his face as a bright ball of light flashed in front of him. He remained quiet as the boy opened the hatch, a big goofy grin on his face, and jumped out of the vehicle. Carl was frozen, his eyes fixed on his creator's. Wilbur walked toward the travel tube, tossing his chargeball glove in the air as he walked. Wilbur froze, the glove falling to the ground.

He very slowly turned, appearing to shrink under his father's stare. What a surprise," he laughed awkwardly. Cornelius narrowed his eyes, blond brows lowering. Wilbur craned his neck to look at his dad, who now stood over him. And look what I found.

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Finally, after a good two minutes of staring, he continued with, "Wilbur, what have I told you about touching the time machine? It's not a toy.

He shouldn't have said anything. The inventor pinched the bridge of his nose. I know you know better than to sneak around in my private lab to use the time machine for selfish purposes. And you," he said, freezing the robot in his tracks.

She smiled while collecting the tiny instruments after band rehearsal. He didn't say anything as she finished up what she was doing and turned back. He shook his head. He contemplated how he should bring this up, all things considered, while rubbing the back of his neck. Of course she remembered him-how could she not recall the man who tried to sue her husband for all he was worth?

He took her hands in his. Why bring him up now? After I let him go after that ridiculous lawsuit, he came back and begged for his job back. I could never figure out why he wanted to come back in the first place. I mean, as much as I hated the kid, he was still brilliant. Look at all the things he's created. She felt utterly confused. Blue eyes shadowed with concern met hers.

See, after I turned him away when he tried to come back, he disappeared. No one ever heard from him again. That is until a week ago. His face went solemn. The inventor knew exactly what he wanted, even though it had only been mentioned in passing to his most loyal and trusted employees. He had the awful realization that someone must've been working with Berkman from the start, and he truly didn't know who. He's not even going to lay eyes on it," he finished. Cornelius hummed, very out of tune, as he moseyed into his bedroom, the daylight slowly fading past the window.

He made his way over to the wall by the couch and pressed his thumb against a fingerprint reader, the wall itself opening and a huge stereo sliding out.

The blond bit the inside of his cheek as a light scanned him, the radio turning on specific mood music. He turned and noticed Franny hadn't looked up from the book she was reading even in the future she liked the feeling of turning the pages and the wonderful smells of old bookswalking up behind her. As soon as he put his hands on her shoulders she placed a dainty hand on his.

Sensing his eyes on her, she bookmarked her spot and looked up, resting her head in her palm.

meet the robinsons actors sprint

Her heart fluttered as he said, "Of course," before leaning in and kissing her sweetly on the lips. When they pulled away, a contemplative look came over Franny's face, her brows creasing slightly. Sometimes I think he gets in trouble to get our attention. Someone to keep him company? Someone he can love and spend time with. Someone who can keep him out of trouble?

He rubbed his chin, the stubble lightly scratching his palm. Franny mirrored his expression. Wilbur stood in front of the mirror, frowning at his reflection. He ripped a comb through his shaggy hair, the strands immediately springing back to their original place, making him look like he'd just had a balloon dragged through his hair.

As soon as the comb left his scalp the small cowlick at the front of his head stood back up. He looked up, scowling at his mop of hair. Ha," Wilbur retorted sarcastically. You don't even have hair. Why are you even messing with your hair? And like you said, I'm starting to look like my dad," he said, looking terribly annoyed. Carl rolled his eyes and tossed the object. He walked over to Wilbur, reaching into his chest cavity.

I mean, you have the same ears, same eye shape, same smile. Clearly the same hair. He was a very handsome man," Wilbur said, pulling a large glob of gel into his hair. After a few minutes messing with his hair, Wilbur drew the comb through his hair one last time, turning to Carl with an inquisitive look on his face.

He turned back to the mirror. Cornelius smiled as he turned the steering wheel. Cornelius linked their arms together as they walked toward the entrance, opening the door for her. They sat at their regular booth in the back, Cornelius sliding in next to Franny, his arm going around her shoulder. Even with all the advances in technology and processes over the last few years, adoption is still a lengthy process. And there isn't any real guarantee that we'll be able to find a child right away.

They'd need to be comfortable with our crazy family," he chuckled. A waitress came by and took their orders, smiling at her favorite regulars. He continued, "What a wonderful surprise for him to have a brother by his birthday. Cornelius nodded, taking a sip of his water. She tried her hardest not to laugh at the huge globs of gel in his hair.

What's it look like? I want to see how it looks on an you. The older girl looked at it, nodding in approval.

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She began to walk away. I'm just practicing making shirts. You can keep that one," she said as she walked out the door, bumping into Franny and Cornelius as she did so. Franny smiled, lightly pinching his cheek. You look just like-" "You? Can you please stop talking like that? We need to have a little chat," Cornelius continued, taking on a more serious tone. Wilbur sighed before sitting on a beanbag chair, his parents looking down at him.

He tried to flash a charming smile. How was your date? The dark-haired boy wrung his hands in his lap, something that reminded the blond entirely too much of his mother. Your mother and I are furious with you. He glanced at his father.

Meet the Robinsons

But I swear it won't happen again. What would have happened if the time machine broke down and you were stuck in the past? How would you have gotten back home? Wilbur's face twisted in confusion before a smirk crossed his features. All the things he could do with two of him…all the trouble he'd get in. The time machine spun out of control towards the ground.

Wilbur thought he was going to be sick. To be honest, Wilbur would have been screaming if he hadn't been made aware that his father was still on the other end of the phone. Violet was screaming as Wilbur was oddly silent. The screeching sound of metal scraping across metal, glass crashing, and of heavy objects suddenly stopping filled the room though the phone's receiver.

Franny let out a small shriek as her hand flew to her face, a mother's look of pure horror taking up residence on her pretty face.

Cornelius' eyes grew as his mind raced with thoughts of the worst outcomes coming into play. Memories of his test flights with earlier models of the time machine filled his head.

He knew better than anyone that the safety rating on such a vehicle was, to put it bluntly, horrible. He hadn't planned on this happening. Wilbur was in there… "Wilbur? Wilbur, are you there? Franny's eyes were filling with tears rapidly. Cornelius tried to smile at her reassuringly as he reached to hold her hand.

meet the robinsons actors sprint

He shook his head trying to get rid of the ringing in his ears, but to no avail. It took him a moment to remember what had happened. Then what he did remember was only in peices: He walked over to her clumsily and looked down at her.

Violet's blue eyes blinked open, "Yeah… I'm just…. Out of breath… What…. Violet looked at him worriedly, "You need to… sit down…" Wilbur took a step forward and tripped over his own two feet. He caught himself on his hands and knees, then pushed himself upright again "I'm fine.

She looked at him, her eyes full of concern. She reached out to him and touched his forehead. She pulled her hand away to show him the blood that was now on it, "You need to sit down. You look like you are about to pass out. How did she get blood on her hand? It just happened, but Wilbur couldn't explain it. Wilbur looked at the remnants of the time machine.

It was beat up really bad; the paint was all scratched and chipped, the metal was all twisted beyond recognition, the tires were sticking up towards the sky and the glass was all shattered.

His parents were going to kill him. That's when he remembered the phone. Surely it was around there somewhere. He started to look for it, but for some reason he couldn't seem to focus on anything. Everything was slightly blurry. Panic was ready to take a hold of him. If he didn't have Franny worrying beside him, he would have taken off running right then and there. Nothing broken and I don't feel any pain…" "Okay, is Wilbur breathing?

What should I do? He pushed a button on the underside of the phone which beeped once saying that the phone was tracing the location of the other party and sending help to that location.

meet the robinsons actors sprint

Robinson ran to grab his coat as Franny just glared at the phone unsure of what to do. Remember that as long as she keeps talking the signal keeps being sent to the EMTs. I need to get there to help cover for the fact that the only person conscience there has no idea what's going on and we need to keep it that way as much as possible.

Just talk to her as if nothing strange is occurring. Don't panic and it will be okay. Franny smiled, happy that her husband had created the technology it did.

Just by being on the phone, they could tell where Violet was with the phone. And that location had not only been sent to the emergency rescue team, but also to the car so it knew where to lead her husband to.

If it wasn't for the fact that he had just passed out, he would almost look peaceful. Violet used one hand to hold the phone up to her ear and the other to try and apply pressure to the wound on Wilbur's head. She waited for something to happen; Wilbur to come to, a voice to come through the phone, anything.

She waited, not allowing herself to even think about being afraid. Finally a voice came in on the other end of the line, "Violet, you still there?