Meet the robinsons finger family frozen

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meet the robinsons finger family frozen

from Fingerpaint to life, including those in films such as Bolt, Tangled, Meet the Robinsons, Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6, Frozen and Zootopia. They both have four fingers on their hands, they both have the same curly beards , . It shows up in Meet the Robinsons, The Princess and the Frog, The Brave Little in non-Disney properties, like episodes of Family Guy and The Simpsons. (Although Frozen's writers say that it wasn't so much an Easter egg as it was an . Day song from soundtrack of your favorite movie- Rob Thomas - Little Wonders. Meet the robinsons is one of my absolute favorite movies. This song makes me.

To keep his mind focused, Wilbur tried to think of things that had happened earlier that day. It was December 1st and the family had decided it was finally time to decorate for the season. Perhaps growing through a mental list of what had happened that day would help keep him awake.

meet the robinsons finger family frozen

Laszlo had offered to fly him around the house in order to hang the lights. That was certainly a blast. Although he did feel a bit bad for Fritz who was burdened with the task of untangling the giant mess of wires for them.

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The mess itself wasn't all that bad but Petunia's criticisms were the real trouble. Speaking of Petunia, had he planned enough gifts for her.?

It was always tricky getting gifts for her since she always had a knack for being unappreciative of his gag-goodies he would never make the mistake of buying her matches again but she was notoriously always in a bad mood if she didn't get more gifts than Fritz and he needed to plan things accordingly.

meet the robinsons finger family frozen

Putting aside the thought of gift-giving, Wilbur shifted his attention back to what had happened that day. Let's see, oh yes, Lucille had turned the kitchen into a cookie-baking factory.

She was always bound and determined to make cookies for all the neighbors every year but word had spread so much of her famous recipe that over time it always seemed like there were new recipients of the baked goods every season, and as such, the cooking-making process became more complicated with every new Christmas that came.

meet the robinsons finger family frozen

Lefty had even been asked to join her this year as the added hands tentacles? Not many families could say they had an octopus monster in a frilly apron helping make their Christmas cookies, could they? The smell of baking dough around the house became such a sugary wonderland that even Cornelius claimed to be affected by it all the way up in the Observatory. Affected in a good way, that is. And who could forget about the grand reveal that his dad had made this year? A new and improved Christmas tree that could set itself up without anyone having to lift a finger.

To be perfectly honest, Wilbur was shocked that his father hadn't come up with this idea before this year but perhaps he was too busy focusing on other matters. Everyone was happy to see it, especially Aunt Billie. After all, she was in charge of the train that goes around it and this was the perfect opportunity to come up with something bigger and more grand than last year. That being said, Wilbur's mother was still insistent on keeping the old tree and opted to continue the tradition of setting it up "the old fashioned way" in another room of the house much to the delight of Gaston who was always in charge of putting the star up on top of the tree.

meet the robinsons finger family frozen

A yawn pushed it's way out of Wilbur's chest. Shaking his head, Wilbur squinted at the front porch. He couldn't possibly give up now. Four hours was a long time to waste on a failed mission. He had to try and think of other things. Take, for instance, the year that Cornelius had invented an easier way to shovel snow. Wilbur was so grateful for this invention. No more frozen fingers or tired shoulders! Then again, who was he to complain about shoveling snow when here he was willing to wait all night in the freezing stuff just to prove a wild theory that Spike and Dimitri actually leave their pots in order to decorate their trees?

The temperature had dropped heavily since the sun had gone down and now that it was the middle of night, the only thing keeping him from running to take a hot shower was the ambition to stay true to his word. I mean, come on, years of wondering about this great mystery and all you have to do is stay up all night in the cold to watch, hidden in the shadows?

No sir, Wilbur Robinson was not giving up this year. Especially after coming so close. I brought hot chocolate. Uh, why are you wearing those? He stumbled for a minute before sputtering, "Ever wondered why you can't put a toaster in a bathtub? Maybe you shouldn't put a robot in the snow. Maybe I just like the way it looks. The warm drink was starting to make him feel sleepy but he was trying hard to resist the urge to let his eyes close.

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He couldn't let his mission fail. Carl looked over at his friend with a weak smile. The kid was clearly sinking from exhaustion but his desperate attempt of trying not to was adorable. Sure, the bot wanted just as badly to see Spike and Dimitri decorate their plants, but he was starting to think the tradition itself of Wilbur and him trying to see it happen every year was more enjoyable than the actual event.

The current era was officially confirmed in during a special presentation on the Walt Disney Studios lot, celebrating eighty years of Disney animation, courtesy of the Disney Archives and D However, the studio did have a few successes and brief revivals of popularity during their so-called " Dark Age "; most notably films like The Rescuers [6] and The Great Mouse Detective [7] which are commonly regarded to best films to come out of that time period.

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While PocahontasThe Hunchback of Notre DameHerculesMulanand Tarzan all did modestly well at the box office with lackluster home-video sales and garnered relatively decent critical acclaim, the latter attribute wasn't overall equivalent to past Renaissance hits, such as The Little MermaidBeauty and the BeastAladdinand The Lion King. Inthe company decided to make their first CGI animated movie Chicken Littlewhich, despite being financially successful, was jeered by critics and audiences.

The following release, Meet the Robinsonsmade less money than Chicken Little, but received better critical reception. However, Bolt did financially well at the box office and received positive reviews. Revival Successes With The Princess and the Frog, the studio returned to the traditional hand-drawn animated musical fairy tale format. Upon release, some critics praised the film for being "a return to form", comparing it to the likes of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, soon becoming the first Disney animated feature in nearly a decade to gain such recognition and become a staple in both the Disney legacy and pop culture.

John Lasseter took over the animation division with Disney's purchase of Pixar inafter which Disney announced that they would return to traditional animation with the release of The Princess and the Frog. Tom Sito [13] a film professor at the University of Southern California stated that the film's success was equivalent to the success of The Great Mouse Detective as a step up improvement from Disney's major downfall in Mouse Detective's case, The Black Cauldron.

meet the robinsons finger family frozen

The modest success of The Princess and the Frog, Disney Animation reestablished the successful animated musical fairy tales, introduced a popular and ground-breaking Disney princess being the first African-American Disney Princessand reestablished the classic storytelling formula the studio is famous for, as well as setting the stage for films to follow.

Though The Princess and the Frog was a moderate success and revived the studio's relevance in popular culture, Tangled is notably the first film in the Revival Era to succeed both critically and financially, becoming the highest-grossing film the studio released since The Lion King a record that wouldn't be broken until the release of Frozen.

Following the tradition of the s animated films, Tangled was a musical fairy tale loosely based on the story of Rapunzel. Inafter the releases of Tangled and the film Winnie the Pooh which was a financial disappointment, mostly due to the fact that the film was in competition from the final entry in the Harry Potter film series, despite being the best-reviewed animated film ofDisney released Wreck-It Ralphwhich garnered huge critical and commercial success similar to that of Tangled.