Meet the robinsons lewis meets his mom legs

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meet the robinsons lewis meets his mom legs

The biggest mistakes you never noticed in Meet the Robinsons (). Lewis' legs and the torn paper, when he's ripping the pages out of his book, the box When Wilbur takes Lewis to meet his mum, near the end of the movie, the time his. Moments in Disney movies that will make every mom and dad want to sob and squeeze their kids tight. Lewis and his mom in Meet the Robinsons The final scene where the King surprises Ariel with the gift of legs so she. Wilbur was standing beside his mother, unaware of the danger they were in. of them was an orangish colored tyrannosaurs rex, at least ten feet high. Franny quickly got up and grabbed Lewis and Wilbur by their arms and.

Meet the Robinsons () movie mistakes, goofs and bloopers

Lewis grabbed a hold of Wilbur's hand. Wilbur saw the meatball canon, and picked it up. He knew that he had to shoot the bowler hat off of the dinosaur's head. He effectively shot the last remaining meatball, it bounced off of the side of the house and knocked the hat off. The dinosaur started to sway back and forth. It fell over, knocking Lewis and Wilbur out of its mouth.

meet the robinsons lewis meets his mom legs

Are you guys okay? Lewis just stood there. Franny had a cut along the top of her head, "You're head…" Lewis pointed out. Franny lightly touched her head, "It's just a scratch. I'm fine," Lewis said, "But Mrs. Robinson… Why did you make a big deal out of me being here, I'm from the past and everything but still…" "Lewis," she said as she lifted his head up, "It's not you.

You don't belong in this time… well… because in this time, you're my husband. That's why you have to go home. Franny turned around to see a man dressed in all black, "Who the hell are you?

The rest of the family was scattered around the yard, "Just give me the boy and I'll let you live. The bowler hat, on the man's head, quickly jumped off and flew towards Franny and Lewis. Franny took a karate stance and swung at the hat. She hit it directly, but it lifted one of its razor sharp legs in time.

Franny let out a cry of pain and pulled her hand back. There was a fine vertical line across her palm. Franny took out the ribbon in her hair and tied it around her hand. I want you and Lewis to run on the count of three. Wilbur and Lewis ran. He stood above her and kicked her in the stomach.

She let out a yelp of pain. He kicked her a couple more times. Franny was slowly losing her surroundings. Everything was becoming blurry. She thought before the man kicked her in the head and she lost consciousness for the second time that day.

How could he go through the back half of the roof, but not all the way through the time machine? Near the end, right when "little wonders" starts, Lewis takes a moment to look at his future family, Lucille, Frannie, etc. When there's a closeup on Lewis, his memory scanner reveals a reflection of no one in the gym, except for Lewis, even though people are supposed to be standing in front of him. Share Edit Continuity mistake: In the scene after Lewis and Wilbur crash the time machine and are pushing it across a huge field, right before Lewis says "What about your parents?

In the next shot, when Wilbur responds "Mum never goes. It's now to the left of the screen.

meet the robinsons lewis meets his mom legs

When the time machine crashes, Wilbur is holding the detached steering wheel. It would mean he still had basic morals. In a frenzy, he ran down the main hallway, hoping to bump into Lewis, and he did just that. He was ready to scowl Lewis for going outside of the garage, but when Lewis blurted out that he had met the family, Wilbur grabbed his arm and dragged him into a nearby closet.

Turning the light on, he demanded a "pop quiz.

meet the robinsons lewis meets his mom legs

He watched his body language the whole time, which just kept getting more inviting, and Lewis didn't even know it. Wilbur was beginning to think he would never know. Ready to forfeit, he asked him, "and nobody realized you were from the past? He felt his chance slipping away, and then, before he lost it, he grabbed the chain connected to the light bulb and grinned as he shut the light out. It was now or never, and he would rather take the chance than live his life knowing he didn't take the opportunity.

meet the robinsons lewis meets his mom legs

It was dark with the light out, and Lewis was considerably far away, but Wilbur could hear his breathing in the silence. It was a perfect silence, but it ended just as soon as it started. I can't see a thing, and we have to get back to the time machine. You're so obnoxiously stubborn.

The trap was almost set. Wilbur held his breath and moved a step back. He felt defeat creep across him. He went closer, so their lips were inches away and he could taste Lewis's warm, sweet breath. He found Lewis's lips in the dark and pressed his own firmly against his. He wasn't sure if he was being kissed back, but he pulled away after a few seconds to give Lewis time to take it in.

He would've loved to see his facial expression, because it would've helped him decipher Lewis's reaction and feelings, but he couldn't see, and he didn't want to turn the light on.

You're just so amazing, and you live in the past, and since the moment I saw you I wanted to do that.

meet the robinsons lewis meets his mom legs

I can't fix that time machine and see you go back and know I didn't go after you. We can't have this, but…but for the next few minutes we could take advantage of the dark, before we have to forget. It took a while, but Lewis answered enthusiastically.

It was a feverish kiss, and it pushed Wilbur back and pushed him against clothes and their hangers, knocking some down, and eventually making Wilbur fall backward.

Franny Robinson

Falling to the ground with a small thud and an "umph", Wilbur welcomed Lewis's new greed. He wrapped his arms around Lewis's upper chest, and his legs spread apart and his left knee bent in tension.

He opened his mouth instinctively and teased Lewis a little by playfully moving his tongue about his lips, asking for entrance. Lewis granted a small opening, but Wilbur placed his tongue in almost savagely and Lewis moaned as his mouth was forced open wider.

Both of them were inexperienced, but Wilbur fought for dominance and pushed Lewis's tongue back. After all, he was older. He felt Lewis's hands travel down his body, and for a second he remembered that this was his father. So many thoughts raced through his head, and he knew that what they were doing was wrong, but he liked it, and couldn't bring himself to stop.

He took Lewis's shirt off for him and then let his strength push himself on top of him. He didn't know what he was doing anymore. He felt warmth against Lewis's bare chest, and the warmth drew him to want to speak. He made his lips part from Lewis's and tried to find his eyes in the dark. Wilbur put his head on Lewis's shoulder and let a tear roll down.

Then he tried his hand at comforting. He gently grabbed him and tried to imagine looking into his eyes.