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Meet Shopkins(TM)--the newest collectable craze! Shopkins(TM) are the hottest new collectible toy! Each fun figurine looks like a miniature. From Cool Canada to Brilliant Brazil, you'll meet so many new American friends along the way! Stack and display the Shopkins little rooms and houses to build. Bogue Chitto, MS Phone: ***Seniors will meet with the Graduate Services representative today immediately after announcements.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a favorite movie of hers because it was a true story that she finds quite interesting. When she grows up, she would like to become a journalist or police officer.

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She is most proud of the fact that she was asked to write a speech for the opening of her new school. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, Fox 5 and NY 1 interviewed her and all her friends and family were able to see her on TV that evening. Film Critic, she looks forward to getting early views of new movies and sharing her opinions with others.

During family time, she loves to play games, go to the mall and visit the park. Twenty of the books were in English and twenty were in French. When Valdi grows up she wants to be a actress or a lawyer. Film Critic she looks forward to having people watch me and be interested in what I have to say. Keefer Blakeslee, age 13, lives in the greater Los Angeles area, part time. He has three older siblings who are all married. His dad passed away six years ago so he and his Mom are enjoying their life together.

They play chess, swim, skate, and watch and critique movies together. It has amazing acting and an incredible story. It's also difficult for him to name a favorite actor but Mel Brooks and Jim Carrey would have to be at the top of the list.

He is most proud of proving to his mom that he deserved moving to California so he could pursue his career. His favorite film critics were Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. I loved listening to their reasoning and watching them bicker. I read Roger Ebert's film reviews to the day he died. Film Critic Keefer enjoys being able to speak his own opinion to people who love movies because, "if you're going to pay to watch a movie, it had best be a good one!

He has two older siblings, Mirabelle and Michael. He enjoys going to the aquarium, the science museum, visiting police and fire stations and going out to eat with his family. With his friends, he plays various games including baseball and soccer. Adam's favorite film is The Artist because he loves how cute and loyal the dog is.

George Clooney wins his affection as his favorite actor and ice cream as his favorite food! Adam aspires to be a politician or work in law enforcement when he grows up. Adam is most proud of himself for how he handled changing schools this last year. He was very nervous and scared to go to a brand new school but, it worked out just fine. He also enjoyed appearing on Critics' Choice in as a mini Paul Scheer where he wore a bald cap.

Film Critic Morgan Bertsch.

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He has been stung by a bee four times! Film Critic is seeing lots of new movies and interviewing people on the red carpet. Patrick Nguyen, age 15, is from Westminster, CA where he enjoys watching movies with his family, traveling, eating new foods and partying with his extended family who get together and sing karaoke and play board games.

Patrick's favorite foods are tempura sushi, BBQ chicken pizza and tomato pasta. He loves shopping, going to the theater, go-carting and miniature golf.

One of Patrick's favorite movies is Hairspray because there are so many known stars, great singing and history. They all have unique voices and the finale song is incredible. Patrick aspires to be an actor when he grows up although he realizes there are not a lot of Asian-American actors in this industry.

His backup plan is to become a radiologist. One of Patrick's greatest achievements is to have been on Nickelodeon for a commercial called, "The Big Help. We had a blast and it made me want to work my way up in the industry. They are full of energy, have great chemistry and interview some of his favorite stars. Film Critic is how he's learned to speak on camera, knowing what questions to ask and how to position yourself.

He enjoys watching new movies and writing his own reviews and interviewing stars.

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He enjoys watching movies and football, cooking and traveling with his family, playing video games and is an avid filmmaker who writes and makes movies with his friends. Gerry's favorite film is Jack and Jill.

Ellen because she is amazing, funny, smart and so kind. She inspired Gerry to believe in himself and try to make a difference in the world. As a result, he has produced a number of educational movies and created a non-profit organization called Kids Resource. Adam Sandler is his other favorite actor because "he is an amazing actor and comedian, always stays true to himself.

Gerry received many emails thanking him for making that film.

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She has an older sister Christin, 25 and an older brother Jordan, Haley and her entire family enjoy movie nights together and she gets to spend special time with her mom to cook or play games. Her passion is dancing and she loves to make up dance routines with her cousins or friends.

She uses her free time to write stories in her journal and play video games with her brother. Haley's favorite food is noodles, all kinds of noodles, give her oodles and she is happy. One of her favorite films is Akeelah and the Bee because it has to do with spelling bees and Haley loves to spell, write and speak. Haley appreciates her humor and how she is down to earth with her TV family.

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Haley says the silly things they do in the show remind her of her own family. She eventually would like to write her own films and still find time to become a professional dancer. In addition, she has a re-occurring role in a webisode called First currently airing on Isa Rae Network. Minimum Amount of Students: If you love to dance then this is the class for you. We will be learning dance moves to popular songs and even making up our own routines! Come dance to your favorite songs, sing along, and have lots of fun!

Brown This class will meet in: Lewis This class will meet in: Are you ready to keep it moving! Christopher Jackson This class will meet in: Come join us and create some edible treats! We will be getting creative with food and cooking some delicious after school treats. Come and crEATe with us! Cornell This class will meet in: Join Miss Brown for lots of after school fun where we will be creating and playing our very own games!

Then this is the class for you! Are you creative and crafty? If so, then this class is for you! So grab your favorite doll, get a friend, and join this class! None Grades this is available to: We will be having tons of fun each week as we play, laugh, and create our way to a great time. Crafts, games, and manicures too, you just never know what Girls Club will do. Notaro This class will meet in: Do you love to play video games? Do you love the computer?