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meet the skylanders trailblazer preview

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Skylanders party, Nintendo wii and Videogames. Meet the leader of the elite, the awesome, and the .. Activision, the trailblazer behind the toys-to-life category, revealed the latest installment to its me. Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Video Game Integrates Real Toys - Trailer. . /national/mexico-disappointed-at-presidents-meeting-with-trump . When camp time rolls around, she is super ready to meet new people and tray all of the Mitch plays in the Millburn Basketball League on his team, the Trailblazers. . When at home, Sam enjoys video games, with Civilization and Skylanders right now being his favorites. .. Click here to see a preview of the season.

Another possibility is that the extra is a Decoy Protagonist. Some creators will even use this trope intentionally to make a Decoy Protagonist twist more shocking. Compare The Artifactwho starts out prominent and then fades. An advertised extra is advertised as prominent, but never actually achieves that status. Also compare Fake Guest Starwhere an actor is credited as a guest star but appears to be part of the main cast.

See Stunt Casting when famous actors are cast in usually bit parts in hopes on cashing in on their popularity. Contrast Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Trailerwhere a prominent character appears in little to no advertising.

GoldDespite being announced in the film, Rob Lucci and Sabo barely play a role in it and at best just have a brief battle outside the Gran Tesoro. They don't even interact with the Straw Hats.

Likewise Koala has one scene in the film talking with Sabo. The main series tends to suffer this problem, with the main characters often obtaining monsters that end up receiving less screen time than the guest stars. Giratina and the Sky Warrior prominently featured Regigigas, who in the actual movie only shows up rather suddenly for the last fifteen minutes.

Genesect and the Legend Awakened presented a Sableye among the cast as if it were a major player. After the first ten minutes, it becomes a background character. There's also the bulk of the Genesect Army, who get very few lines and no personalities, being outshined by the Douse Drive and Red Genesect.

Hoopa and the Clash of Ages has Arceus standing behind the main cast. In the actual movie, it's only ever talked about until it shows up out of nowhere in the climax. In the actual movie, Zygarde only assumes its Complete Forme towards the end for one scene, and none of the main cast even see it. War in the Pocket. Heavily merchandised and loaded with weapons. It wreaks havoc across the colony for a few minutes, then gets torn to shreds in less than a minute by the Gundam Alex.

Most likely the point of it's non-use; it was crashed early on, and in repairs up until the finale. Descartes Shaman in Gundam Awakening Of The Trailblazerwho appeared on plenty of promotional material but ends up being a rather minor character.

In the novels, however, she's more prominent, and even get two novels dedicated for her. Tigerstar in the Warrior Cats manga Tigerstar and Sasha, is this for the second and third books.

In the first book, he was the love interest. However, in the second book on which he is the only one on the coverhe shows up, asks the hero a question, and is never seen again! In book three, he only appears in dream sequences. It's like the writers didn't know what to do with him, so they hid him in a cupboard and hoped no one would find him.

Subverted by Yuina in Hanasaku Irohaas she was treated as part of the main cast but barely appeared Cammy in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie appears in every piece of promotional material and tie-in for the Japanese release, to the point that it almost seems as if she's one of the main characters along with Ryu, Ken and Chun-Lidespite having a screentime of less than five minutes.

Cammy's only significant scene involves her assassinating a British politician while under M. He was a Newtypea great pilot, and not only that, he was piloting a new Prototype Mobile Armor with remote weapons.

Thing is, he only had a few minutes of screen time The cover of Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn features many villains both from the main series as well as the other DBZ films, despite that none of them play any major role in the film apart from a tiny cameo appearance. Most advertisements and promotional images for the Dragon Ball Z film Lord Slug featured one of his henchmen Zeeun, in the film itself he only shows up for a few minutes and is killed by Slug when he accidentally insults his age before he even has a chance to fight.

One of those was Majin Buu, who seemed like he would be able to get into action for once since he'd essentially been sidelined since the Battle of Gods Arc. He prepares for the tournament, getting a brand new form Sai in the anime adaptation.

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While he's an important character during the arc he debuts in, his relevance to the plot and character development pretty much end there, and gets little to do afterwards. Yet lots of openings after his debut still featured him almost as prominently as Naruto and Sakura, despite both his screentime and contribution to the plot being minimal. He's much less featured in the openings to the point of being absent in some of them once the anime reached the Fourth Ninja War arc. In the case of Naruto Gaidenwhile Boruto was seen prominently in the promotional material for this spinoff, he has a rather small role whereas his classmate Sarada has become an Ascended Extra.

Agan is supposed to be one of the main six characters, but he tends to be just some guy who shows up every few episodes and says a few lines, maybe offers the team a ride for a price, of course. It's never implied he's following the group or has any real interest in them; he just Of course, part of the problem could be that this Alternate Continuity has removed his status as Morte's Childhood Friendand a good deal of his development in the game comes from their Like Brother and Sister Vitriolic Best Buds relationship.

The other part could be that, since he never officially joins the team this time around, the writers just have to figure out a way to shoehorn him in somewhere. In the actual short, it appears in only one scene of archive footage- to be precise, various fictional works Proto Society thought was archive footage. From the way Hazuki and Sapphire are advertised and featured in Sound! Euphonium material you would think they're of the utmost importance. While they are still above being Those Two Guys their friendship with the protagonist is put on the backburner for Kumiko's friendship with Reina.

Danganronpa 3 heavily built up Nagito Komaeda as major character in Side: Despair, as per his role in Super Danganronpa 2 where he was a main character. While he doesn't quite get enough screentime to be called a minor character, he still doesn't much screentime or relevance outside of A Day in the Limelight and gets Put On The Bus a third of the way in.

Also, official material for Side: Future, including the opening, gives off the impression that Yasuhiro Hagakure is part of the Final Killing Game. He's actually stuck outside without a bangle and is only occasionally cut to. Fumoffu prominently features Tessa Testarossa, one of the central characters from the main series, in both the opening and closing as well as promotional artwork. She only appears in a 2-part episode.

While Digimon Adventure tri. Despite being the Big Bad and therefore prominently featured on advertising and merchandiseYoshikage Kira's original appearance is only seen for two arcs before he kills Kosaku and steals his face and identity.

Even JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Yukako Yamagishi is prominently featured in all three of the anime openings despite only appearing in a handful of episodes, a few of which only have her in brief Cameos with minimal dialogue. Her part wasn't much bigger in the original manga, where she still managed to appear on quite a few chapter covers.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion introduces a new magical girl: However, she's just an elementary school-aged little girl whose role is little more than being Mami's "pet". Walkappa from Yo-Kai Watch is featured in the ending credits dancing with the main characters, despite appearing rather rarely. You can only see his leg sticking out of the water in the bottom right corner of the image. None of the other people in the painting seem to notice Icarus falling into the water; in fact, the shepherd seems to be actively focused on something else.

His arrival was heavily promoted and multiple variant covers were created for the issue where he joins, but he was only with the team for a grand total of four issues before being Put on a Bus. Many of the examples on the Wolverine Publicity page fit. Doctor Light sometimes appears in pin-ups or other pieces of official art promoting Justice League Internationaldespite the fact that she quit the team at the end of the very first story arc.

Marvel Comics usually puts major characters on the corner box of their comic covers. A more fitting character would have been Effigy, or the Black Fox, or even Dr. Shari Flenniken's Trots and Bonnie comic strips are about a girl named Bonnie and her talking dog Trots The real deuteragonist is Bonnie's troublemaking friend Pepsi, with Trots not doing much besides tagging along and delievering a punchline at the end.

As the author will create a tag for every character that appears in the story, nor matter how minor. So someone searching through the tag can find stories that don't involve the character they're looking for at all.

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Films — Animation Jack-Jack doesn't feature nearly as much in the action film The Incredibles as you'd be inclined to think by the promotional material. In fact, he doesn't even wear his full Incredible outfit until literally the last fifteen seconds of the film. Taken to an extreme by having the advertisements center around the squirrel, then releasing a movie where the squirrel was only occasionally seen outside of the scene from the advertisement.

The three main characters weren't even in some of the ads. Scrat is widely considered the best character of the serieseven if he's hardly part of the main plot.

Their combined screen time is about five minutes and yet Fox saw it was enough to put their names on the poster. Meanwhile, actual actors like Peter DinklageNick Frost, Aziz Ansari and Rebel Wilson have far more screen time than those two but barely appeared in the marketing.

Lizzy from Meet the Robinsons is featured prominently on the poster which aside from her only includes the main charactersdespite the fact that she is in no way essential to the plot, has maybe one full minute of screen time, and anywhere from two to five lines. Lizzy and Stanley the chubby kid at the science fair with the volcano played more prominent roles in the video game prequel, however. The present-day version of Dr. Krunklehorn is also featured on the poster alongside many characters who appear in the future, which is odd because she ends up being Lewis' adopted mother.

The Robinsons' dog Buster the one who wears glasses was also prominently shown in advertisements, despite having only one scene. If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the entirety of the dog's screen time. Every single cameo by a video game character in Wreck-It Ralph.

The way that Disney marketed the film, it seems like they tried to make the cameos the stars and push the actual main characters to the background but at least they have the honesty of putting at least one of the four protagonists along with the cameos in the posters.

Like many animated films, there were even character-themed posters that a cameo character had all to themselves. These characters rarely appeared outside of the opening scene, and some of them didn't even have lines.

Bobby from A Goofy Movie had a big enough role that it made sense for him to be advertised—or it would have if the trailers didn't play him up to the detriment of three secondary characters with bigger roles than his, including completely ousting one of them.

From viewing the trailer and looking at the cover art you would probably think Bobby was a main character on par with or barely beneath Goofy and Max.

He actually has six scenes worth of screentime, one of which is spent doing nothing interesting or important and not being acknowledged, five of which are in the first act, and he completely disappears without even a mention for the entire second act and most of the third. He also has only one contribution to the plot. The trailers gave their characters Wolverine Publicity but their scenes total 10 minutes at most and their characters a pair of krill wanting to leave their pack add nothing to the plot.

All the posters, promotional material, and merchandise featured all four turtles evenly, but in the actual film they barely do anything and only appear in about a third of it in total. He was advertised on the official website and other promotional material, but only got about two minutes of screentime before being Killed Off for Real.

To a lesser extent, Masters Ox and Croc apply as well. The movie was supposed to be used to promote several supermarket food brands, and as such, the cover had Mrs. However, each of these characters were basically extras, only appearing in one or two scenes. Many Finding Nemo ads show minor characters Bruce and Crush, who have very small roles in the movie.

If you've never seen Chicken Littleyou'd think Morkubine Porcupine was a major character. He featured heavily in TV spots and on the website, and appears on the DVD cover in place of Abby Mallard, who was a main character yet has 3 lines of dialogue in the whole film "Yo", "no", "whoa". He appears in the opening theme, but is absent from the actual short itself, and he would not properly show up until two years later in Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.

One of the first things revealed in the lead-up to Turtles Forever was that the movie would feature TMNT versions of movie villains Tokka and Rahzar. The poster for the movie makes them one of its most notable elements, even more than several prominent characters. In the actual movie, they appear for less than a minute, unnamed, as part of a larger group of mooks. Droopy was on the cover of and in many of the advertisements for Tom and Jerry: The Movieeven though he only gets a five second cameo.

Mei Mei from Kung Fu Panda 3the trailers made it seem like she was going to be a major character and Po's love interest, while it does initially seem like they'd become a couple, they only share a few scenes together and she instead chooses the dopey crooked toothed panda after she fixes his teeth when she accidentally hits him with nunchucks.

Many of the supporting characters from Zootopia can fall under this, considering posters and other ads were littered with characters who had only a few if no lines and barely any screen time.

Yax and Gazelle are particularly guilty of this but the worst offender is probably Flash, who was in only two scenes but had the entire teaser trailer centered around him in fact it's one of his two scenes in its entirety. George Takei was billed heavily alongside the other main actors for Kubo and the Two Strings. In reality his character only appears at the very beginning and end, and he only has lines total in the entire film.

Pua the pig appears in all the advertisements and merchandise for Moanaeven though he has a very small role in the actual film, appearing at the beginning and end, and not accompanying the titular character on her journey.

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Instead, the rooster Heihei fills the animal sidekick role. Yoda appears on the main poster for Star Wars: The Clone Wars with his lightsaber drawn, yet he only has a small speaking role in the first quarter of the film and a small, silent role at the end, with absolutely no fighting done by him whatsoever.

Likewise with Commander Cody who only has a few, mostly background appearances and three short lines in the entire film. Yet he appears on the main poster in a similar fashion to Captain Rex, in the background. Owen Wilson plays the coach at the animals' school, appears in one scene with a few lines, and that's it.

He's still mentioned on the cover of the DVD box as if he were playing a major character. Patrick Stewart 's Poop character in The Emoji Movie shows up frequently in trailers and even has his own poster.

In the movie proper, he only has a handful of lines and is only a minor character at best. Songbird Serenade in My Little Pony: The Movie is featured front-and-center on displays at stores as if she is the protagonist, has her own plush toy, a large plastic doll, and a lot of other miscellaneous merchandise, but she appears only at the beginning, for one scene halfway through, and for the first credits song, with very little plot relevance.

Undoubtedly this is to draw in fans of Siaas she voices Songbird and is the basis for her design.

meet the skylanders trailblazer preview

Averted with the advertisement not related to the toys though, in which she is either in the background or absent entirely. Films — Live-Action Advertisements for the classic movie musical Singin' in the Rain listed the names of all its stars, which was common at the time. The strange thing is that Charisse was not a star yet it probably would not have made a difference whether people saw the movie or not. You could chalk it up to fanservice. Watching the first bit of Screamit would be perfectly reasonable to assume that Drew Barrymore is our main character.

But, alas, she's offed after one scene. Many trailers and posters for Dumb and Dumber To feature the famous sheep dog van from the first movie. Unfortunately, it was only featured in the actual film for a few seconds before it crashedforcing our heroes to find another vehicle. However you would not know that by looking at the DVD cover where Batista is featured front and center.

He plays a minor supporting character that was only in three scenes. RVD was billed second and is in the background alongside third billed Ja Rule who was an even better example of this trope. The rapper plays a gang leader who is shot by Batista literally three minutes after being introduced. According to some people this was because Batista was the best actor in it.

Liam Hemsworth as Gale in The Hunger Games did appear in quite a bit of promotional material like posters and did a fair amount of press, but wasn't in much of the movie since Gale isn't a participant in the Hunger Games. Though Hemsworth isn't a big name, he's an up and comer that the studio wanted to promote.

Also, Gale becomes a more prominent character as the series goes on. In Part 1 she only appears briefly at the very end. In Part 2 she has just three scenes. Previously, she was technical publications manager in a Japanese manufacturing environment and worked in business development consulting.

After cutting his teeth in localization and production while working on CD-i games for Philips, Andrea cofounded Binari Sonori in Since its establishment, Binari Sonori has specialized in media localization for the entertainment industry and built an extensive network of translation resources and recording studios throughout Europe and around the world. John Paul Barraza John Paul Barraza has over ten years of experience in the language industry working with translation technologies.

P04 Jeff Beatty Jeff Beatty is a localization engineer at Mozilla, the makers of the open source web browser, Firefox. With more than 20 years of experience in the translation industry, Maryse is always looking to create a better business environment for all the players.

She wil be welcoming everyone to Localization World Vancouver. Renato Beninatto Renato Beninatto is currently the chief marketing officer at Moravia and has over 25 years of executive-level experience in the localization industry. Renato focuses on strategies that drive growth on a global scale. He specializes in making companies successful in global markets and in starting businesses that span across borders. Renato was the president and is currently an advisor to ELIA European Language Industry Association and is also a board member of Translators without Borders, a nonprofit organization that provides translations for non-governmental organizations.

He is a frequent speaker on globalization and localization issues at industry events and universities around the world. Bernal-Merino believes passionately in great quality game localization and has been working nonstop to raise awareness of issues within the game and localization industries as well as academia and translation studies.

He is convinced that research into these topics will improve quality, player satisfaction, turnover and return on investment. Miguel holds a doctorate in the localization of video games and is currently lecturing at the University of Roehampton in London. He is a sought-after speaker and prolific author on audiovisual translation and game localization. Miguel was instrumental in the creation of the Localization Summit within the Game Developers Conference and is one of the advisors.

She set up the account management team, ensuring client satisfaction and quality of service through account assessment and quality analysis of service and language. Kristine is also responsible for new business development and marketing functions at a strategic partnership level.

meet the skylanders trailblazer preview

Kristine has five years of experience in the localization industry including previous experience at Welocalize and has moved through the ranks of project and account management from junior to director levels. Her operational background and experience ensures clients benefit from her consultative approach, be it around machine translation, audio-visual work or a complete localization strategy.

meet the skylanders trailblazer preview

She has more than 20 years of experience in the management of translation and editorial projects. At Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Carmen was responsible for activities such as the introduction of CLAT and headed projects in technical documentation and translation management.

At Across Systems GmbH, she has been in charge of project management since March and supports Across customers in the introduction of the system and the associated processes. This department integrates the project management, professional services, support and training units.

Trail Blazer

For Across customers, this means continual assistance by Business Services and Support from the system introduction to the live operation. LSP6 Melissa Biggs Melissa Biggs manages the globalization marketing team at Informatica, a software leader in data integration technology.

Her current focus centers on web localization; high value content localization strategies and localized solutions for marketing assets; and marketing automation content. Melissa has over 20 years of experience leading localization and globalization business efforts across software and hardware products and documentation for companies including Sun Microsystems and Oracle. She has a BA from Bucknell University, postgraduate focus in communications and has participated in a wide range of localization industry initiatives.

She returned in as vice president responsible for language solutions, which includes language services and technology in North America. Prior to returning to SDL, Kathleen spent eight years at Lionbridge as vice president in the areas of global marketing, enterprise, global consumer and travel and hospitality.

A translation and localization expert with close to 20 years of experience, Kathleen has worked with hundreds of industry-leading companies in high-tech, financial services, government, life sciences, retail, online media, travel and more. Kathleen has an MBA in marketing and is a highly respected speaker and published co-author on topics such as global business strategies and social media usage. She continues to write or edit for a variety of other publications in her spare time including the Translators without Borders newsletter.

Andrew holds degrees in technical translation and linguistics and a PhD in computational linguistics. He is on the advisory board of a number of organizations, including Translators without Borders and The Centre for Next Generation Localisation.

IN2 Katherine Kit Brown-Hoekstra Katherine Kit Brown-Hoekstra is an award-winning writer and consultant with a background in science and over 20 years of experience in technical communication. Her company, Comgenesis, LLC, provides consulting services and training to clients on internationalization, content strategy and content model development, as well as more traditional technical writing and editing services.

She is a fellow and president as of 19 May for the Society for Technical Communication and has spoken at many conferences worldwide.

She joined Intuit six years ago as an in-house translator moving on to manage the in-house translation team and more recently, vendor relations and the quality program. Prior to joining Intuit Ellen worked as a professional translator for various translation agencies and non-governmental organizations, including the International Road Transport Union.