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meet the soldier mlp oc

My Little Pony and Team Fortress 2 crossover fanfiction archive with over 61 stories. Come in to read Pony Fortress 2: Meet the Soldier by Lobo Argost reviews. MLP: Meet the Soldier 3/4. Discover ideas about The Soldier. MLP: Meet the Soldier 3/4 Photo of Crystal Ponies for fans of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Patreon Chat! Discord Follow us. Twitter. MLP: Friendship is Magic® - © Hasbro Inc.® Fimfiction is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro Inc.®.

Will consist of a series of related shorts leading up to something bigger. All credit goes to DrWolf and those involved in the project Rated: King Sombra has returned and has captured the Crystal Empire and enslaves all of the ponies there.

My Little Pony and Team Fortress 2 Crossover | FanFiction

Now he's coming for the rest of Equestria. However after nine humans enter the world of Equestria, they vow to stop King Sombra and save Equestria from his wrath Rated: Will he save her, or will the normally logical defensive fighter fail to save a second daughter? You get Pony vs Machine. You also get shipping, shenanigans, and general silliness.

meet the soldier mlp oc

All credit for the story goes to DrWolf and those involved in the project. This was his chance to pay back the one person who truly changed his life. Red Mann didn't give him this assignment, Red Sniper made this one himself.

The others will not help him on this, the skilled assassin decided this was a job he can only do himself.

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No other shall get involved, her life was his to save This is the gist: Friendship is Magic" are transported into the TF2 universe. T - English - Chapters: Luna is sure they won't win this time.

meet the soldier mlp oc

Celestia has a plan. She's hired nine mercenary creatures called humans to fight for them.

They have a good reputation. But maybe, they're a bit crazy. Green on your Side. The Head Hunter Sniper suddenly finds himself thrust into a new world.

meet the soldier mlp oc

No killing here, all the weapons are mostly harmless. They just want to knock each other out. Please check his list out. When these heroes are brought together, the must save the entire multiverse from destruction!

[SFM Ponies] Meet the Spike (Optimus97)

The first chapter is basically the same but from chapter 2 onwards, it will be different so bear with me. So what are we expecting? The vignettes are in the order the "Meet the Team" videos were released. Now with clearer divisions between letters!

Rarity takes offense to a new sort of Spy and charges off to show her who's boss.

meet the soldier mlp oc

Quill reviews The discovery of an extensively useful element brings about a gigantic scientific leap in Equestrian technology. Seeing the potential of owning the largest reserves of this material, an Equestrian entrepreneur 'hires' a team of mercenaries that can conquer their enemy's territory - and protect their own. Little do they know, the richest ponies of Equestria have all done the same.

Meet the Heavy by Lobo Argost reviews Installment 3. Played by everyone's favorite gem eating baby dragon, Spike. Two existences, one being. Two worlds that are drawing dangerously close to each other. One is under threat, the other doesn't exist. And caught in the middle is a homicidal killer that hides under a mask, and a young mare Pegasus with no idea who she really is. Only one of their worlds is real, while the other is simply a dream.