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meet the soldier sfmc

Membership Meeting and Luncheon, 11 February MEMBERSHIP . Soldier and Family Medical Clinic (SFMC) Pharmacy. Monday –. 24 July - Annual General Meeting Minutes . awareness on the new heavy vehicle registration arrangements were SFMC executive. Meet the Soldier. Meet the Soldier Titlecard. Video Info. Released: August 22, Run time: Video transcript. [show] Transcript.

He fired a long burst, killing both of them before they could react. Alan motioned the rest of the squad inside as he surveyed the room. Bare walls and floor, white metal everywhere, a single exit to the right, looked like a lift entrance.

Everyone doublecheck your filters. Largo looked over her omni-tool display, "We're good to go sir. Level 2, Station Gullova. Alan looked at his HUD, checking his shields. Quintane, cover our rear. The doors slid open, Alan and Phillips charged out. The corridor went forward and to their left, no signs of activity.

Alan moved along the wall, hugging the left while Phillips took the right. The rest of the squad moved behind them. Alan knew to trust the man's instincts. PFC Turner pulled a black ball off of her belt,depressing the button on top before tossing it around the corner. Their helmets automatically filtered the blast of light and sound.

As soon as it went off Alan and Phillips moved around the corner, seeing the three lowborn fall to the floor. Gaston, Phillips take care of them. As the pair of Vanguards took to their work, back on the Warhawk Agent Calis was running through the plans in her mind, "You are closer to the Administrator's Office, it's on your level. He might know where Qian is.

Can you upload a waypoint? Keep moving along the corridor until you reach unit 14, that's the office. The bodies were stacked out of the way, their throats slit.

Gaston and Phillips took positions to the right. Alan held up his hand, three fingers, then two, then one. He charged his biotics, sending the thin metal door flying, rushing in behind it. He ignored them, jumping and kicking the large desk over onto the figure, the weapon hitting the wall as the Salarian was pinned to the ground.

The Salarian remained silent as Phillips moved the desk off him. Alan walked over, tossing his Carbine to Quintane and pulling a dagger, "Guess we do this the fun way. Volkov, what did I start with last time, the liver or the gollad? There's a bounty on my head, I'm not a fool. But perhaps you would be open to a different offer?

I can double whatever money you'd get from the bounty, triple it even. Alan turned back to his squad, nodding his head slightly, "Half up front, and you tell me where Qian is. Qian is secured in his Lab on level 7, in my desk is the master keycard for the facility.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to secure alternate transportation. Phillips grabbed the Salarian by the throat, forcing him against the wall as he unsheathed his gauntlet blade. Alan snorted, "You're a traitor, I'm under no obligation to follow through on any agreement. Take his head and put it in a satchel. Alan hit his comm, "Agent Calis, we've neutralized Administrator Anoleis and have the location of Qian. He's in his secured lab on level 7, we have a master keycard.

ETA is 14 minutes. We should be out of here within half an hour. Level 7, Station Gullova. Alan and Quintane jumped infront of the rest, taking the shots with their barriers and heavy armor, returning fire with energy and photon blasts. Several Geth and Cerberus were set up behind a crude fortification further down the hall, firing constantly at them.

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Quintane pulled the forward trigger on her weapon, sending a plasma rocket into the group, annihilating them. Alan turned back, "What's. Largo was checking him over in an instant.

She looked up from her scanner, "There's foreign matter in the wound, I think it's the virus, it's airborne. The rest of us need to get to Qian now. He hit his comm, "Agent Calis, have copy? Alan moved to the panel, sliding the keycard over it. The door unsealed, opening.

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It feels like my organs are being chewed on. It's blocking the medicine from reaching your pain receptors. That Qian is one sick son of a bitch. The fact she could do nothing to help her squadmate was eating at her, but she knew not nearly as much as it was eating at Largo, "Alan will be back with a cure, and then we'll put the bastard in the ground.

Historic Presidio Fort Envisioned as a ‘Campus for Change’

Now don't talk anymore, you've got plenty of fight left in you. I'm gonna try giving you a boost of short life nanites, if they flood your system they might be able to do something. Phillips watched as the Medic manipulated her omni-tool, directing his suit to inject it's entire reserve of nanites into his bloodstream, "You don't sound too confident Doc.

meet the soldier sfmc

Because if you die on my watch, I'll kill you. Plasma bursts were sizzling past them as the defenders kept firing. His comm flipped on, "What do you think Alan, chance a rocket?

You have another flash grenade? She nodded at him, pulling her last flash grenade and tossing it toward the defenders. Alan counted a microsecond on his neural net before jumping up, Catherine following his lead as the grenade went off.

He didn't think, just reacted, snapping off shots insanely fast. The three armored Cerberus soldiers weren't fast enough, two of them falling from the fire and the last one diving for cover. Catherine hit him with a energy burst, neutralizing the final one.

Alan moved forward, kneeling as he came up to where Gaston fell. We should have known the fetchers would have decent weapons this far in. No other exits, "Doctor Qian, you've got nowhere to run.

My orders are to bring you in alive, make this easy on both of us. A gray haired, scarred lowborn stood, "I thought you'd get past my guards, the Empire would only send the best after me. He grabbed the traitor, pulling the man into the air from behind the desk and threw him against the wall.

There was an audible snap as one of Qian's arms broke and he let out a cry. Qian whimpered, feeling the full force of the half-Krogan's fury, "Over there, the cabinet.

The red vial is a cure. She slung her SFAW, moving to check the cabinet. She pulled a small red vial out of the small refrigeration unit, "Well there's a red vial, if he's telling the truth.

He pulled it out, setting it into his satchel, "You were prepared for this. I am willing to bargain my knowledge for my life and a pardon.

Your superiors will be interested in the offer I know. He growled again, taking a bit of satisfaction from seeing the man cower.

And keep your damn mouth shut. As they approached the lift Alan saw Kelly and Largo standing at the ready. Phillips was propped against the wall, his HUD showed no sign of life. The slight nod Largo gave as they moved closer confirmed his fear.

Largo looked down at the floor, "I tried to slow it, I tried to. I flooded his system with Medical Nanites. I thought it would help him fight the virus, but it didn't. Oh it worked so perfectly. Alan roared, slamming the man back against the wall and unsheathing his gauntlet blade, pressing it against Qian's throat, "Two good men are dead you bastard, give me a single reason to keep you alive.

Meet the Soldier

Alan's eyes weren't just flashing red by this point, they were glowing, as were the rest of the squads, "Maybe I forget my orders, maybe I go mad for a second. Or maybe you had a change of heart at the last second, maybe you pull a weapon, try to fight.

You think a single one of my people wouldn't back me up? Qian was in incredible pain, but was able to keep a smug look on his ugly visage, "You won't do that. I know you won't. Because you're a good soldier, a Noble. You won't disobey orders like that. He let the unconscious form drop to the floor. He turned, "Kelly, carry him. She nodded, slinging the body over her shoulder before they all filed into the lift.

Catherine wanted to ask if he was alright, but she knew better than to speak at a time like this. Alan had the combined tempers of his Krogan mother and Noble father, she had seen him pull a Iyegi apart with his bare hands when he was in a berserker rage.

She didn't envy his position for an instant, but one thing the lowborn bastard had been right about, he was a good soldier, he would follow orders even if they killed him, physically or personally.

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He had led Delta Squad for 11 years. She had been with him for 9 of those, and they had never lost a man. Now on this god's forsaken world they had lost two. Alan's comm beeped as they ascended, "Colonel Avante-Gotha, please respond. We're on our way up. They're ready for you. Alan saw the landed Osprey as they exited the building.

meet the soldier sfmc

He waved at the cockpit, making his way toward the open bay door, his squad following. As they entered he motioned for Volkov to strap Qian in, staying near the ramp he grabbed a bar to stabilize himself, hitting his comm, "Take off pilot. Leave the ramp down, move us to a safe distance. As the transport moved to a safe distance Catherine and Kelly moved toward him.

Kelly spoke first, "Are you alright Alan? Order the Interdictor to begin bombardment, my authority. Largo moved to stand beside the three near the still open ramp.

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The four remaining members of Delta Squad watched as the huge shells impacted the valley, the anti-matter vaporizing acres of ground at a time. Alan hit his comm, "Lambda two five, you still in the area? Wipe this place from the chapter of history. Alan switched his comm, "Pilot, close the ramp and begin decontamination, get us back to the Fafnir. Park Police station sits at the site, and may be relocated within the Presidio. Examiner But the fort itself is worth the effort. One of the treasures is a locked-away set of murals artist Perren Gerber painted in when he was assigned to serve at the Presidio service.

With the help of three other artists, Gerber depicted army life on the walls of training classrooms. The murals have deteriorated a great deal but show enlisted officers in administrative roles, playing baseball by the Golden Gate Bridge, undergoing training in a gas chamber, combatting enemies in a jungle setting, and crouching from a mushroom-like explosion. Another set of black-and-white murals painted solely by Gerber is said to be how servicemembers imagined civilian life as family men, musicians, photographers, and patrons of fancy restaurants.

It was even home to a mutiny of drafted soldiers resisting the Vietnam War, who were charged with desertion. While allegedly trying to escape inyear-old Richard Bunch — who was charged with going AWOL — was shot and killed. His death started a riot among prisoners who made demands for an investigation, better jail conditions, and an end to the racist treatment of Black prisoners. The group — which became known as the Presidio 27 — were formally charged with mutiny and threatened with the death penalty before public outcry led to shorter sentences.

While enlisted men had barracks and recreation centers, officers enjoyed a fancy clubhouse and tennis courts that showed a stark class division at Fort Scott.

Soldiers often played sports like basketball and baseball while officers played sports like racquetball and squash. But not every building at Fort Scott has history to preserve, like the gym, which could function with more open space.