Meet the spawn killer clown

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meet the spawn killer clown

If clowns scare you, you're not alone. According to psychologists, coulrophobia ( the fear of clowns) is a common phobia that often strikes children, and can. Society don't have to wait too long to see some killer clowns tear up the. Since it's Trash Movie Nite there will be drink specials, a Spawn. from "Spawn" Spawn Clown, Clown Scare, Freaky Clowns, Scary, Spawn Spawn () John Leguizamo as Clown/Violator - great acting and villain work.

With the recent spate of creepy clown sightings across the country, and Halloween just around the corner, here are 20 of the most disturbing movie and TV clowns of all time.

meet the spawn killer clown

As Captain Spaulding, the lovably lascivious owner of a gas station and roadside haunted attraction, cult actor Sid Haig became an instant horror celebrity. In a stroke of luck, Roth saw it on YouTube and agreed to produce the actual movie. Killer Klowns from Outer Space Written, produced and directed by the Chiodo brothers, a team of three siblings known for their special effects and puppeteering work, this horror comedy about clown-shaped aliens managed the impossible task of living up to its outrageous title.

Overflowing with circus-themed sight gags and macabre humour, Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a genuine cult classic. Hidden beneath layers of prosthetic makeup, and drawing on his impressive stand-up comedy skills, Leguizamo steals the show as a cackling circus freak with supernatural powers.

Clownhouse A trio of escaped mental patients murders a group of clowns and steals their costumes in this chilling stalker movie from the director of Jeepers Creepers. In his feature debut, Sam Rockwell plays one of three brothers menaced by the colourful killers.

Playing a disgraced scientist who takes a job as a clown whose act consists of being slapped across the face night after night, Chaney imbues the character with a damaged psyche and a tortured soul. Poltergeist Though not a clown movie per se, this haunted house classic features the scariest clown doll of all time.

In a film filled with incredible special effects and over-the-top horrors, it was the sight of a grinning toy sitting on a chair in the darkness that gave nightmares to a generation of children. The image remains so potent that the remake used a similar doll on its official poster.

meet the spawn killer clown

A hulking serial killer who hides his grotesque face behind an equally frightening mask, Twisty proved so popular that Universal Studios has included him in their current Halloween Horror Nights attraction. Stitches British stand-up comic Ross Noble made his film debut in this international co-production about an unlucky birthday clown named Stitches who returns from the grave to take revenge on the teenagers who accidentally killed him.

He gives her a reason to fear him as he contorts his Clown face into that of the Violator. She says she is unafraid, to which he replies, "There are worse things than death, especially for an Angel"; he then tears the wings from the helpless Angel's back. After Jim and the Freak arrive on the scene, the Violator reveals himself. Though the Violator tells Jim he has the answers he seeks, it is made clear by the Freak that the Violator is not on his side.

When confronted by the truth, the Violator threatens Jim and the Freak. Before Jim can get any information from Violator, he retreats deeper into the alleys. The Violator goes to "slaughter someone who could endanger my plans".

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In the next scene, the Violator is switching between his two forms in order to trick Jim, pretending the Violator is fighting Clown. Clown emerges and claims that he has dispatched the Violator.

The Freak curses Clown and then retreats in fear. Clown and Jim are left alone. Clown explains a little about Jim's newfound power; that his costume is alive and that there are ways of controlling it. He then laments over the Angel's current insanity.

The 20 Creepiest Clowns in Movies and TV

He makes Jim believe that someone else had been behind this vile act and not he. Clown explains that he is Jim's ally and that Jim should trust him in order to find the answers he seeks. Before the two can converse any longer, Clown dashes away, telling Jim that he has an appointment and he will see Jim around.

Clown is nearly run down by Sam and Twitch's car, after running in front of it. Clown is then pursued by the two detectives after he urinates on their car. After being stopped by Twitch, and tackled by Sam, Clown is taken to the pair's precinct although this was obviously Clown's plan. Clown is put into a cell with three other men. Clown sits beside and talks to the one he identifies as Claudio.

He tells Claudio that he wishes to have a conference with Claudio's boss. Claudio becomes defensive and asks why Clown thinks the boss would want to see him.

Clown explains to Claudio that he is going to make his boss an offer he cannot refuse. He proclaims that now that he has found a Spawn, he plans to combine his power, Spawn's power, and Claudio's boss' power in order to make the New Unholy Trinity. Other versions[ edit ] Violator and his siblings are New York's ad-hoc police force in the dystopia-Spawn-ruled future of It is also stated that he is incapable of experiencing pain.

The Violator in his human form was voiced by Michael Nicolosiand in his demonic form by James Hanes.

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Violator's true form is only shown briefly in three episodes while his human form appears in most of the episodes of the series. Film[ edit ] The character appears as the main antagonist in the live-action Spawn film portrayed by John Leguizamo in Clown form.

His true demonic form was achieved through a combination of animatronic puppetry and CGI. He is responsible for an elaborate scheme to train Al Simmons into an assassin for a military program, and had Simmons' superior Jason Wynn betray and kill him. This leads a vengeful Simmons into agreeing to become the leader of Hell's army.

Clown is frustrated that Malebolgia chose Spawn to be his general instead of him. Spawn and Violator had some kind of a rivalry. He is a constant presence in the movie, attempting to get Simmons into the path of evil.

7 Clowns Who Are More Terrifying Than Pennywise

In an effort to spread chaos and destruction, he convinces Wynn to attach a device in his body that would cause an apocalyptic disaster in the event of his death. This was part of the scheme to get Simmons to destroy the world. Simmons later confronts the Violator, who turns into his true form and attacks him. The Violator fails to kill him due to the intervention of Cogliostro. Simmons later confronts Wynn and extracts the device before the Violator attacks again, dragging Spawn into a showdown in Hell.

Simmons rejects his role as the leader of Hell's army, and alongside Cogliostro, fights off the Violator back on Earth, decapitating him in the end.

His head, still conscious, retreats back to Hell.