Meet the team ken kessler

meet the team ken kessler

Meet the team who bring you The Jewellery Editor across all our channels, from Ken Kessler has been involved with watches for over 35 years, initially as a. Details: Written by Ken Kessler Ken Kessler: Category: SoundStage! . Equally as important to me are the “civilian” friends I meet with for coffee. Ken Kessler has been involved with watches for over 35 years, initially as a collector, then as a dealer in vintage pieces. He has been writing about watches .

Let me repeat that: Instead, they sell you something you want. Worse, I now hear people waxing orgasmically about hi-fi shows with or visitors. And yet those same people can recall that, not so long ago, attendance of 10, was considered a fiasco.

How can they lie to themselves like that? Anything else is a waste of a plane ticket or train fare. Ken in Warsaw, November So what has replaced the formal industry-related events in my life, in the absence of any willingness on my part to join, say, a hi-fi society?

The two most fruitful events of the year, especially for seeing old faces and experiencing the vibe at street level, are the February and October Audiojumbles in Tonbridge, Kent, in the UK.

meet the team ken kessler

Vinyl is just so What do our meetings yield? The watchmaker advises us on the best way to lubricate the bearings in turntables and tape decks.

Meet the Team; Ken Kessler - Meet the Team

The audiophile helps me with second opinions, to confirm or confront my findings with borderline components. If Aladdin had been an audiophile, his cave would have looked like this. Ken has been writing for Hi-Fi News sincebut of course, his passion for audio goes way back before his professional involvement. Back in the s, my dad was an amateur tape recordist, and he used to swap tapes with people around the world, Glenn Miller bootlegs and other big-band stuff.

He spent all his money on a decent tape-recorder, it was a big-ass Concord open-reel. He made his own mixer, and next to it he just had an RCA record player. He had an all-Fisher system, but with a Dual turntable. And I immediately fell in love with the Dual turntable.

meet the team ken kessler

When I hit 16, inand started working and had a little bit of money, I bought a Scott C receiver, a Dual deck with a Pickering cartridge, and a pair of small Scott two-way bookshelf loudspeakers, which would have been around the size of a KEF Coda. It was certainly a serious investment for a year-old kid. The third year I was in England, but when I went back to the US, I had an apartment with the friend whose father owned the Fisher system.

And I actually met Paul Messenger before I started writing about hi-fi.

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The Magazine in and Long before there was a T3 and a Stuff, Stereo was trying to do the lifestyle gadget thing. I had a huge collection of my own vintage gear anyway.

When I started out in the UK, I just had a tiny 12 by 12ft front room. This was before hi-fi writing, before hi-fi retail, when I was working in a bookshop. When I was in hi-fi retail, we bought our first house, which was a terrace.

But I was subletting it from Sound Ideas, and they grew so quickly that they needed the space. There are 42 AC mains sockets on the four rings, which are connected into their own consumer unit, isolated completely from the house, even with separate billing. He could amaze visitors by sitting them down to hear the differences when the CD player, for example, was fed from the consumer unit via Siltech, or Transparent, or ordinary copper. LP spines break up reflections. But there have been many others.

And I had an Oracle turntable for the longest time. Since the demise of Apogee, I have always used, with very few breaks, Wilson speakers. But people know that I always use a second player with it.

Meet the Team; Ken Kessler

No-one else had ever been able to do it, or could have done it. So to me, that was a really special moment. That was just a phenomenal piece.