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Meet the Blacks is a American horror comedy film directed by Deon [8] The Herald & Review named Meet the Blacks as the fifth worst film Meet the Ukippers is a British documentary that first aired on BBC Two on 22 February Just as even-handed was the BBC's hour of gleeful spite, Meet the Ukippers, UKIP: The First Days, Channel 4, review: a sad, predictable, to take the independence side(OK six weeks to go Sunday Herald did) two. Documentary | TV Movie 23 February · Meet the Ukippers Poster · Add a Plot» User Reviews. Review this title». Getting Started | Contributor Zone».

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The media has gathered too that it is Farage and Farage alone who attracts the voters, and so while he is guaranteed to give good copy, this luxury will be put on hold until all the votes are counted.

The broadcast media has already stuck the boot in, twice, in a way which would be inconceivable with any party to the left of Ukip. There was of course no follow-up — an investigation as to what might happen if the staggeringly witless, almost mentally infirm, Greens won a majority.

Presumably because Channel 4 think that it would be absolutely marvellous if they did so. I look forward to Meet the Labourites — a documentary set in a certain east London constituency — perhaps while they are stuffing the ballot boxes, intimidating voters and carrying out the occasional bit of ad hoc female genital mutilation.

Then there are the debates, the election debates. Again, Ukip has been carved up. There will be one debate between seven party leaders, which nobody will watch because such a format is close to meaningless.

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Nobody south of Gretna Green wants to hear the views of that bizarrely arrogant munchkin Nicola Sturgeon. But the Prime Minister does not have to take part in debates and with the exception of Gordon Brown, all prime ministers previously have refused to take part in any at alland feels himself entitled to call the shots. It is the connivance of the media that grates a little, frankly.

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In other words, it is not the regular Tory voters who Farage has won over, but the distrait floaters. My suspicion is that Ukip has taken just about all that it can from the Tory vote and that its most profitable target now is northern Labour voters.

May I draw your attention in particular to paragraphs 3 and 6. We are not in favour of the EU concept of subsidiarity which presupposes basic authority is centralised at EU level; we are certainly not in favour of the CAP and farming subsidies. I am uneasy about paragraph 8 which implies that sovereignty is negotiable in areas other than fiscal policy. Paragraph 7 is vacuous and its meaning unclear. We should not allow UKIP to be linked with this dubious initiative under any circumstances.

Nor should we become involved in internal elections in other countries. We agreed in the group at the beginning of this Parliament that we would not allow ourselves to be seduced into the free international trips circuit. We should stick to our resolve. Nothing is to be gained by slap up dinners in Bucharest or bus tours round the countryside. There is merit in us being part of a loose grouping, but with minimal policies in view of our unique position as withdrawalists.

Wed, 16 May I have just received a copy of this letter from Roger to the NEC. I agree with its contents. Clark attempted to rid himself and the party of Baker with a Kangaroo Court. He failed miserably, disciplinary rules were ignored and certain witnesses — GLW included - prevented from giving their evidence. The residue from that escapade still lingers for many.

He has been known to fall asleep during meetings and has trouble hearing what is being said by his colleagues.