Minecraft player school meet the new students monster

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minecraft player school meet the new students monster

See more ideas about Minecraft school, Monster school and Minecraft videos. Monster School Meet the New Students Minecraft School, All Minecraft, Monster. If your kid spends as much time watching Minecraft videos as playing the game, here's a guide to the best YouTube Minecraft channels for kids. Monster School: Meet the Students - Minecraft Animation. My Monster School videos has been very appreciated, and therefore I know bring you this short video .

Harper convinces sympathetic Old Builder Otto to help Jesse. Hadrian reveals to Jesse that he kept Olivia and Axel captive using the Atlas, and makes another deal: Otherwise, everyone stays imprisoned.

The next day, on the third task, Jesse eventually convinces the other teams to cooperate and rebel against Hadrian and Mevia by all winning. Otto accepts this victory, but Hadrian and Mevia trap him and most players in obsidian, and kills Jesse. He respawns in the respawn area, where Emily, leader of the green team, Olivia, Axel, Petra, Lukas, Harper, and Ivor have stolen items for Jesse, including the armor of "Tim", a made-up character by Hadrian in order to inspire the others to continue playingto defeat the Old Builders.

The plan is successful, and they eventually receive the Atlas from Otto. Back in the Portal Hallway, Otto plans to work on making the games fun again. Harper and Emily either return home, stay in the games, or leave with the Order Jesse's suggestionand the Order of the Stone return home. There, after Jesse shows Axel and Olivia their new artifacts, Ivor takes the enchanted flint and steel and the Atlas, in which Jesse and the others go after.

Season 2 Hero in Residence Episode 1 One year after the events of Season 1, Lukas narrates a novel about Jesse and their friends' adventures and their popularity. As he finishes, Jesse, Axel, and Olivia provide feedback for the novel. Along with Radar, Jesse's new assistant, they leave the Order's palace to prepare for Founding Day celebrations throughout the world.

The 12 Best Kid-Friendly Minecraft Channels on YouTube

Radar stays with Jesse to help with various tasks in Beacontown, while the others leave for their respective cities. Afterwards, Jesse heads to the mines to meet Petra, who has been sent to find a mysterious creature by Stella, the leader of a rivaling city, "Champion City", who has Petra's golden sword.

In the mines, Jesse and Petra fight off zombies, then race through the mine shaft to find the creature, which turns out to be a "treasure-sniffing" llama named Lluna. They capture the llama, and also find a strange gauntlet on top of a pyramid that whispers Jesse's name. As Jesse reaches for it, the gauntlet clamps to his hand and the pyramid collapses, revealing a bottomless pit.

They close off the pit and escape. Back on the surface, Jesse leaves a warning sign, and they head to Champion City to take Lluna to Stella. The two meet Stella and give Lluna back to her as she informs Petra that the "adventure" was a scam and doesn't return the sword. The two decide to steal the sword back. Once they reach Stella's treasure room, they find that the sword is missing. Stella shows up, and accepts defeat after inadvertently revealing she's a fan of Jesse, and gives the sword back.

As they head back to Beacontown, the bottomless pit blows open and spews out charged creepers, and they fight them off before sealing it again. They head straight to Beacontown to meet Jack, a former treasure hunter. Jack talks to Jesse about the gauntlet, and introduces them to Nurm, Jack's map-maker.

The four get some armor from the Order's palace, and head to an ocean temple. As they travel, Jack informs them how the ocean monument is run by "the Admin", a being of infinite power. They suit up in water helmets, and swim to the ocean monument. Jesse completes a door frame, and frees Vos, Jack's old friend. Jack is surprised to see Vos alive as he had supposedly been killed on their previous visit. The five reach the main part of the temple.

They find the two structure blocks, and pick one.

Monster School : Zombie Girl New Student (mob) - Minecraft Animation - video dailymotion

After fighting off stone guards, including the Admin, a giant colossus statue, the five then escape back to Beacontown. The group close the pit with the structure block, and celebrate Founding Day.

As the celebration starts, the Admin goes after Jesse, vowing to demolish them. While Lukas is at his house finishing his novel, he sees the Admin approaching Beacontown, he suits up and rides off to help Jesse. The Admin uses a giant clock to turn day into night so that monsters would invade the city.

The Admin also swallows the structure block. Just as the Admin is about to swallow Jesse, Lukas distracts him with an arrow to the face, and saves Jesse. Jesse notices the symbol on the Admin's head was the same symbol shown on the back of the Prismarine Golems at the ocean temple, and Jesse realizes that destroying the symbol is the only way of destroying the Admin.

Jesse takes Lukas' horse, climbs up the Admin, and kills him, dropping the clock, which Jesse uses to raise the sun. In the aftermath, Jesse and others begin rebuilding Beacontown, Jesse can give either Lukas or Radar the title of "Clockmaster", which basically involves watching a giant clock all day.

Jesse then meets up with Jack and Vos, who unintentionally spill that they are about to go on a new adventure with Nurm and Petra. Suddenly, Jesse and Petra see snowflakes falling in Beacontown and one of them ends up melting inside the gauntlet, revealing the Admin to be a snowman. The Admin gives Jesse a challenge: Beacontown will remain dark and surrounded by hostile mobs until Jesse reclaims the giant clock, which the Admin says is "at the tippy top of my awesome, fantastic, super-deadly icy palace of despair".

Jesse and the others fight off numerous monsters and zombies, and the group consisting of Jesse, Petra, Lukas, Radar, Jack, Nurm and Vos head toward the ice palace. On the way to the ice palace, the group encounter Lluna and Stella, who eventually tags along with them in order to "keep an eye on them".

At the ice palace, the snowman drops the group into the pit. The group eventually end up in a roller-coaster-like maze, and meet the Admin once more, giving the group several challenges. The group then mine their way out with a diamond pickaxe and face numerous Snow "Endercreepers".

Jesse can then choose whether Petra or Jack should get the clock. Lukas leaves immediately, but Jack insists on finding Vos, and the rest help Jack to try and find him. Soon, it is revealed that Vos was actually the Admin the entire time as the real Vos died years ago, and he is convinced on partnering up by Stella. The Admin then transports the gauntlet to whoever destroyed the clock and proceeds to teleport Jesse and friends, minus Lukas, to a jailhouse. Jailhouse Block Episode 3 Jesse arrives at the "Sunshine Institute", an underground prison where the Admin likes to keep people that he detests and their loved ones as prisoners, as well as people meant to act as guards.

They are immediately apprehended and sent back to the prison. Jesse meets the Warden, a former "Guest" prisoner that was promoted, who proceeds to torture Radar in order to coerce Jesse into becoming an "Associate" Guardwhich Jesse can either accept this new role or refuse it. If he accepts the role he will be an Associate, but if not the Warden will break Radar's glasses and give him a black-eye.

They also discover that Stella is also an Associate of the deeper floor. After hearing of an attempted escape from Prisoner X, they discover that they need her help in order for them to get out of there. Once the Warden finds out, he will ask Jesse to shear the mushrooms from the Mooshroom to change it back to a regular cow promising a promotion to the lower depths if he obeys.

Monster School: Meet the Students - Minecraft Animation

Once in the lower levels, Jesse asks assistance from Stella to make a lever to open Prisoner X's cell. You can either promise to help her escape as well or not. Annoyed by this he abandons the Sunshine Institute. Before leaving, however, the Admin comes up with a new plan to impersonate Jesse and take over his life in Beacontown and takes Stella with him. The group proceed to Prisoner X's isolated cell, which is rigged to explode if no one is standing on at least one stone pressure plate, which means that either Nurm or Lluna need to be left behind so that they can escape.

After their escape, they learn that Prisoner X, whose real name is Xara, is a former Admin. They were told that Xara and another Admin named Fred fought "Romeo" the Admin's real name for control of the world, but Fred was killed and Xara's powers were taken away. After fighting through the monster-filled labyrinth, Jesse can either choose to help Xara when she ditches them, or to leave her to fend for herself. Whatever the player choose they will meet up with her at the base of a Diamond Tower.

Xara explains that there is a passageway beneath the tower and they need to dig into the bedrock to escape, she also explains that the secret to rid Romeo of his abilities also lies there as well.

They enter the passageway, with a Giant Enderman in the approaching. Romeo, in Jesse's form, proceeds to give the Order of the Stone's Amulet to an armored assailant to try and hunt down Jesse and his friends. Xara explains that this place was sealed by Romeo a long time ago after killing Fred and imprisoning Xara. After arriving at Xara's ruined city "The Oasis", Xara points them to a destroyed portal that could bring them to the surface.

Jesse asks Xara to rebuild the portal while Xara tells them that they need an object from Romeo or the Surface to help power the portal. She tells them to head to "Fred's Keep" to find the weapon that can stop Romeo, and to look out for anything that can be used to power the portal.

minecraft player school meet the new students monster

While travelling via minecart to Fred's Keep, the group are assaulted by the Giant Enderman, which leaves Jesse and Jack precariously on the edge of a giant cliff.

They are met by scavengers who demand their weapons for safe passage. If Jesse refuses, Jack will seemingly fall to his death. Jesse and company find themselves in Fred's Keep where they discover a group of people who venerate Fred as their former protector and the creator of their safe village.

minecraft player school meet the new students monster

Jesse asks to enter his house to look for the weapon, but only the winner of the annual Fred Trivia Contest may enter. After winning the trivia contest or sneaking inside, they discover that the weapon is found in the original house, a cabin, Fred, Xara and Romeo used to live in. If Jack and Nurm are still in the party, they will stay behind to convince more people to join; if not, Nurm will stay to wait for Jack. While travelling to the Admins' First Home, they are assaulted by an Armored Assailant, or ninja, who is revealed to be Ivor.

Ivor informs the group of the admin's misdeeds and proceeds to fake a report to buy them time to look for the weapon. Before Ivor leaves, Jesse asks for the Amulet of the Order of the Stone to use as a part of the portal. The trio discover that the Admins' First Home is in Romeoburg and they needed to complete his challenges to proceed. Inside the cabin they find Fred's Journal, containing a keyword potato and a set of instructions on how to defeat the Admin.

She also confesses to Jesse that her place is not in Beacontown, but she wouldn't leave if it means she would lose Jesse.

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Jesse could either promise Petra to leave with her or wait for her as long as it takes. Upon returning to Oasis, Jesse and company activates the firework to signal Fred's people that they are ready to leave. He also gives Xara the diary, and she swears vengeance on Romeo. The fireworks attract the Giant Enderman as well as several mobs of monsters. Depending on previous actions Xara either stays to help fight off the mob or abandons the group.

The people of Fred's Keep will arrive to help; Jack will also reemerge here if he fell down in the first act. Radar discovers that the Giant Enderman is angry at him after he attacked it earlier and asks Jesse if he can use himself as bait to save Fred's people.

Jesse is then given the choice to either leave Radar behind or to abandon Fred's people. Upon entering the portal they find themselves on the outskirts of the Temple of the Order of the Stone, and are horrified of the new Beacontown.

After the credits we see Lukas just getting back from the Ice Palace greeting Jesse Romeo asking where everyone is. The Admin's eyes glow red as the scene cuts to black. A British cartoon cat voiced by Joseph Garrett from Portsmouth, England hosts the lively videos on this lighthearted channel. Stampy offers Let's Plays and tutorials on a range of Minecraft topics and other games, all family-friendlyand his game worlds are distinctly colorful.

Stampy feels like a cross between Pee-wee Herman and Mr.

minecraft player school meet the new students monster

His How To Minecraft series is excellent for noobs. Stampy's best friend is a squid -- remember, anything is possible in Minecraft! His Pixelmon Learning the Basics is a great introduction to a cool mod. This self-described husband, father, entrepreneur, and gamer offers family-friendly Let's Plays and tutorials in a kindly, straightforward style.

Younger kids, new players, and families. Soares mixes in a lot of how-to information while he's playing. Soares' How to Survive and Thrive tutorials are newbie nirvana.

Also, note the ratings on his videos; he's the rare YouTuber who has bothered to have his content rated for families so you know it doesn't contain mature content. Minecraft Pixelman Moda funny mash-up of Pokemon and Minecraft. Preston's " Draw My Life " video explains his unique background and the source of his motivation.

Monster School: Meet the Students - Minecraft Animation - video dailymotion

Hard-core gamers Cody theCodyMaverick and Joe JoeBuzz manage to make their Let's Plays, mods, mini-games, and more both kid-friendly and technically advanced. The two have a fun rapport as they battle and explore very sophisticated worlds.

Language on this channel can get heated. The guys also host servers and offer downloads on their website. Although it's known for epic battles and massive explosions, Popular MMOs' host is a friendly, folksy guy named Pat, whose knowledge of and enthusiasm for the game plus killer mods draw big audiences. Language is an issue on this channel. Older kids with a taste for excitement.