Mnet meet and greet monsta x im

mnet meet and greet monsta x im

GOT7 Fan Meeting GOT7 Mini Album FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE l MEETGREET MONSTA X 5th Mini Album THE CODE (FULL MONSTA X Fan Meeting Monsta Xs Wonho Gets Up Close and Personal with I.M l MEETGREET. MONSTA X Jooheon at Mwave Meet and Greet” Monsta X Wonho, Shownu, Hyungwon, Kihyun, Jooheon, Fandoms, Im Changkyun. Open. International Fans' Reactions to "MONSTA X - DRAMARAMA" Nov 19, MONSTA X's I.M and Hyunwon Release Sultry Cover of Drak Nov

The EP contains six tracks including the title track "Fighter". First studio album, Japanese debut, and world tours[ edit ] Monsta X at a fan meeting in January The Final Chapter with the title track "Beautiful".

mnet meet and greet monsta x im

Furthermore, the title track "Beautiful" debuted at No. The Final Chapter called "Shine Forever" which features the original songs from the album and two extra songs "Shine Forever" and "Gravity". The music video teaser for "Shine Forever" was released on June The title song, "Shine Forever" includes rap lyrics written by members Jooheon and I.

M, which combines future base and hip-hop. The single album contains the Japanese version of "Beautiful" and "Ready or Not".

mnet meet and greet monsta x im

On December 18, the group released the special single "Lonely Christmas", as a surprise special holiday release for their fans. The song was written, produced and co-composed by Jooheon. On 13 Januarythe group served as torchbearers on the first day of the Seoul leg of the Olympic torch relay in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics torch relay.

mnet meet and greet monsta x im

They showed their teamwork, with each of the seven members taking turns carrying the symbolic Olympic flame. They also opened a collaboration cafe for a limited time from January 19 to February 18 at Shinjuku Box.

mnet meet and greet monsta x im

Dejavu containing seven tracks with the lead title track "Jealousy", including "If Only," co-written by Wonho, and "Special," co-written by Jooheon. They actively participated in the release process with Lens Town to produced their lens as "Monsta X lens" or MnX and the members coordinated their design and detail points. The lens released officially in May.

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This album contains ten tracks, featuring the original songs from their previous Japan single album and four additional songs. Following this, on April 27, they started their first Japan live tour in Nagoya.

The single album was released on September Successivamente il 12 febbraio fu pubblicato un altro singolo, "Interstellar", con Jooheon, Hyungwon e I.

[MEET&GREET] Hyungwon and I.M almost kissed their fan’s THIS?!

M affiancati da Yella Diamond. Debutto con Trespass, The Clan Part.

mnet meet and greet monsta x im

Come parte della promozione fu pubblicata anche una web series, Deokspatch, con tutti i tirocinanti apparsi in No Mercy. Il 4 ottobre hanno pubblicato il quarto mini album The Clan Part. The Clan Part 2.

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Hanno rilasciato tre versioni dell'album: Beautiful Beside e Brilliant. Hanno rilasciato il video musicale della versione Giapponese di Hero dal loro secondo album Rushdebuttando il 14 Aprile Il 19 Giugno pubblicano il video di Shine Forever, singolo dell'omonima repackaged version del primo album The Clan Part 2. Il primo Agosto pubblicano il video musicale della versione giapponese di Beautiful. Il 9 Agosto tengono il loro primo concerto europeo a Parigi in Francia, data del loro tour mondiale.

Formazione[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Shownu Son Hyun-woo; 18 giugno — voce, leader e visual; Inizia come tirocinante alla JYP Entertainment e lavora come ballerino per Lee Hyori prima di unirsi alla Starship Entertainment.

Avrebbe dovuto debuttare con un altro gruppo, i GOT7, ma non essendo ritenuto pronto viene scartato.