Naruto vs kiba and akamaru meet

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naruto vs kiba and akamaru meet

"Uzumaki Naruto vs Inuzuka Kiba" Kiba pointed a finger accusingly at Naruto, " Y-you! . Then after an hour, meet me at the hotsprings. Kiba and Akamaru vs Naruto. . Main article: Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission When Naruto met Kiba while looking for team-mates, he noticed that. One day, whilst playing with Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi, Naruto met three genin from . The fourth match, Sakura versus Ino of Konohagakure's Team 10, was into Akamaru and then Kiba, so that, when Kiba attacked Naruto, the second.

Meanwhile, disappointed in his attempts to rally the villagers support for the bridge, Inari sets out alone but finds a crowd waiting for him outside. Though Zabuza sees Haku as nothing more than a tool, he is moved by Naruto's words as he tearfully acknowledges Haku's sacrifice.

With Kakashi telling Naruto not to interfere out of respect, Zabuza redeems himself as a ninja by enduring multiple stabs and beatings to reach Gato and killing him with the kunai he placed in his mouth. Zabuza collapses as Gato's men retreat when the villagers arrive, Team 7 are relieved to discover that Sasuke is still alive, having been spared any lethal injuries.

Honouring Zabuza's dying wish to place him beside Haku, Kakashi assures his former enemy that he and Haku will go to the same place. As Team 7 leave for the Hidden Leaf, Tazuna proclaims to the village that the bridge will be called the Great Naruto Bridge to signify the strength that Naruto gave Inari, who in turn gave it to the whole town. As antics ensue with him making Sakura mad, Konohamaru accidentally bumps into two foreign ninja.

Despite advice from his older sister Temari one of the two mystery ninjaKankuro the other threatens to kill Konohamaru. After somehow tripping Naruto, Kankuro was about to hit Konohamaru when Sasuke hits the ninja with a stone.

Just as Kankuro is about to attack Sasuke, he is stopped by his younger brother Gaara as Temari explains that they are ninja from the Hidden Sand Village in the Land of Wind who have arrived for the Chunin Exams. Powerful New Rivals" "Nanore! Iruka challenges their decision as he believes Naruto and the others are not ready for the exam, but Kakashi explains to Iruka that they are no longer his students.

The next morning, Kakashi gives Team 7 the application forms for the Chunin Exams with Sasuke and Naruto more than willing, while Sakura is uncertain. Later, each member of Team 7 is attacked by a mysterious ninja that they defeated in a one-on-one fight.

The figure is revealed to be Iruka, who reports to Kakashi of approving his choice.

naruto vs kiba and akamaru meet

Though they leave to make their way to where the exams are, Team 7 is followed by Lee who intends to issue a challenge to Sasuke. Feeling neglected in his teammates' shadows, Naruto's attempt to fight Lee himself only ended with him being quickly knocked out. Now interested to face an opponent calling himself the strongest Genin, Sasuke accepts his challenge but finds himself powerless against an opponent who uses taijutsu.

Lee was about to finish the fight with his Dancing Leaf Shadow attack when a large turtle named Ningame appears. Soon after, as Naruto thinks Ningame is his mentor, Lee's actual mentor Might Guy appears on top of Ningame with Team 7 a bit taken back by Guy's tough love and motivational speech for Lee. Upon noticing them, Guy reveals himself to be a rival of Kakashi's before taking his leave after giving Lee a punishment task to complete.

Before leaving, Lee confesses that he is not actually the strongest Genin, who is in fact someone else on his team, and that he only fought Sasuke to train himself. After Naruto pressures Sasuke over this turn of events, Team 7 reaches the room where the Exams are to take place.

All Nine Rookies Face Off! Once inside, Team 7 meet up with their classmates: The Rookie Nine have a spirited discussion before they meet an exam veteran named Kabuto Yakushi who informs them about each of the villages represented while also giving Sasuke information on Gaara and Lee. It's not like I haven't been through worst. Naruto held his hands in a seal and 'magically' appeared in the middle. All of the jonin's eyes were wide open. Kiba pointed a finger accusingly at Naruto, "Y-you!

When did you learn that! I want to finish this match once and for all, mutt. Thank god he stopped Kiba from yelling. I can't let him die. Both heads nodded while one glared at the other who was rolling his eyes.

Kiba jumped back and readied Akamaru.

'Boruto' Has 'Naruto' Fans Worried About Akamaru

Strange enough, he wasn't moving at all. Not a single inch. Akamaru jumped and attempted to bite him. Instead, Naruto side-stepped, letting the dog fall on it's face. He launched himself behind Naruto, hoping to knock him over. Sadly, he had the worst luck ever, he punched, and missed causing himself to fall forward. He then landed beside his dog. He eyed the shorter boy cautiously. Things are getting suspicious. She remembered in the forest, he had preformed many high-level acts, such as taking on a sannin.

naruto vs kiba and akamaru meet

But they had mentioned Anbu. So who is this 'new' Naruto? Is it really the Naruto she knew?

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Xxxxx Sasuke on the other hand watched with little confusion and much interest. Though, it was unusual for him to actually look beneath a match, unless it was his own.

Back in the forest of death, Naruto had saved him from that 'Orochimaru sannin'. For once he would thank him.

naruto vs kiba and akamaru meet

But this time was different. Naruto was not as he was before. Now he was like a cold, heartless container. What did that snake idiot mean by Anbu?

A huge gust of wind passed thought the entire stadium. Konoha Crush Main article: Sasuke Recovery Mission Main article: Sasuke Recovery Mission Akamaru and Kiba's combined transformation. In the mission to retrieve SasukeKiba and Akamaru remained with the group until they retrieved the container, but an explosive tag blew them and Sakon and Ukon into a canyon.

Kiba and Akamaru initially struggled against the brothers, and Akamaru realised that they must use Double Wolf Fang. Kiba was hesitant, given the large amount of chakra needed, which would render them vulnerable if they missed.

naruto vs kiba and akamaru meet

Akamaru bit him on the hand, and Kiba, realising that Akamaru saw him as pathetic, decided to take the risk. When Ukon began taking over Kiba's body, he stabbed himself in the stomach in an attempt to kill Sakon to prevent himself from being taken over and harming Akamaru. Kiba and Akamaru's injuries took some time to heal.

naruto vs kiba and akamaru meet

Kiba, not wanting Akamaru to suffer that much again, vowed to improve himself. The mission ultimately failed. Buried Gold Excavation Mission Main article: Buried Gold Excavation Mission In the anime, his presence was used as Kiba's proof of being the real Kiba, as, while his impostor could imitate his face, he could not replace Akamaru.

Akamaru Monitoring Mission Main article: Akamaru Monitoring Mission Akamaru infected with a toxin. In the anime, Akamaru was infected with a toxin that caused him to go berserk. When he attacked some Anbu members who were training, the order was given to have him taken into custody.

As Hana attempted to make a cure for Akamaru, Kiba smuggled his dog out of the village and escaped, having heard that Akamaru might need to be put to sleep, but Akamaru continued to lose control of himself.

By the time Naruto and Hana caught up with Kiba, Akamaru had turned into a giant version of himself, and attacked anyone near him. Kiba hesitated in the face of the possibility that Akamaru might die, but, after Naruto and Hana's attempt to pin Akamaru down and administer the antidote failed, Kiba apologised to Akamaru while standing still as Akamaru leapt at him. Kiba was severely injured, but managed to inject Akamaru with the antidote, and noted that Akamaru had tried his best to avoid killing him.

Interlude In Naruto's Footsteps: The Friends' Paths Main article: The Friends' Paths In the anime, after Naruto left the village for three years to train with Jiraiya of the SanninKiba's jealousy in Naruto's continued luck of recent made him determined to best his fellow Konoha-nin.

'Boruto' Has 'Naruto' Fans Worried About Akamaru

To this end, Akamaru joined Kiba in new training to increase the power of their Combination Transformation skills. Taking inspiration from Naruto's usage of shadow clones for support in battle, Akamaru and Kiba worked arduously to developed their Three-Headed Wolf Technique. Akamaru joined Kiba as usual to enter the exams. There, the second exam's nature was essentially the same as the one Konoha previously had, requiring everyone to obtain two matching scrolls before three days passed in a survival competition.