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patrick dempsey in meet the parents

A list of movies featuring Patrick Dempsey. most eligible bachelor being brought home to meet the parents of his fiancé in good ol' Alabama. Patrick Dempsey and his wife Jillian reportedly have called off their divorce. . estranged wife Jillian 'call off their divorce' after parents of three split . in plunging pink dress at Gold Meets Golden Party The pro-dancer, Patrick Galen Dempsey (born January 13, ) is an American actor and racing driver, best .. calling the 15 percent interest rate on the loan "exorbitant" and sued for Avenatti to fund Tully's operations and meet its working capital needs, as .

He also appeared in two episodes of the later Grey's spinoff Private Practiceplaying the same character of Dr. His success on the show has led to his becoming a spokesman for Mazda and State Farm Insurance. I would like to be a producer.

Patrick Dempsey

I would commit to a show that is 10 to 12 episodes. It's a very hard life. It's financially rewarding but there comes a point where how much is enough, really? In Novemberhe launched an Avon fragrance named Unscripted. Due to its success, a second fragrance named Patrick Dempsey 2 was launched in October Dempsey waves to the crowd at the Indianapolis where he served as the Honorary Starter InDempsey told Reuters in the Hockenheimring support paddock at the German Grand Prix that motor racing was not just a hobby, and had become as much a part of who he is as acting.

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He said, "It's all-consuming in many ways. I couldn't imagine not racing right now. It really keeps me motivated.

patrick dempsey in meet the parents

It's all I think about on a daily basis. Before the 24 Hours of Le Mans inhe said that he would like to compete full-time, telling Eurosport: I would like to make that [motorsports] a complete priority and just focus on this full-time. If I could just walk away from acting, I think I could do that very easily, and just focus on the driving, I would love that more than anything else.

He participated in this series as often as his schedule allowed, although insurance restrictions kept him from driving competitively while also filming a motion picture. Dempsey and his co-drivers finished 29th overall and fourth in-class.

A Fighting Choice in which he played an epileptic teen who sues his parents Beau Bridges and Karen Valentine in order to have risky brain surgery. Around the same time, he found himself in a television series entitled Fast Timesbased on the ultimate school-age film Fast Times at Ridgemont Highwhich made a star out of Sean Penn.

Inheriting the Robert Romanus cool guy role of con artist Mike Damone, expectations were far too big and the television series died a quick death.

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However, his movie career got on a faster track and he scored well co-starring with the worldly Beverly D'Angelo in the movie In the Moodas a young man who makes headlines pursuing older women. Life resembled art that same year when Patrick married actress and drama coach Rocky Parkerwho played a bit part in the film.

patrick dempsey in meet the parents

He was 21 and she was By this time, his trademark cuteness and appeal started taking shape. The youthful year old Patrick played a nerd role next in the very funny high school comedy Can't Buy Me Love with Amanda Peterson. A movie favorite for many, Patrick had reached the peak of his early career popularity.

Patrick Dempsey on Saving His Marriage with Jillian: 'I Wasn't Prepared to Give up on Her'

He showed a more serious side in the World War II-era drama In a Shallow Gravewhich presented a Cyrano de Bergerac-like storyline with Patrick as the Christian de Neuvillette counterpart, but then he went straight back to familiar territory with the college-themed comedies Some Girls with Jennifer ConnellyLoverboyand Happy Together However, the couple divorced that same year.

Reckless YouthPierre Arronax in the television remake of 20, Leagues Under the Seaand Raskolnikov in a small screen version of Crime and Punishment The rest of the decade on film was less newsworthy with co-starring or featured movie roles in Hugo PoolDenialLife in the Fast Lane and Me and Will It was television that gave Patrick a shot in the arm as he progressed into the new millennium.

Another recurring role in Once and Again earned him a dramatic Emmy nomination in as Outstanding Guest Actor, and a third on The Practice was also extremely well-received. While the romantic comedy film Sweet Home Alabama opposite Reese Witherspoon really nailed the direction Dempsey was headed, the medical series Grey's Anatomyas neurosurgeon Dr.

Derek Shepherd aka "Dr. McDreamy"gave distaff audiences the whole heartthrob package. The perfect vehicle to showcase his undeniable charisma and sharp talent for offbeat comedy, he is a two-time Golden Globe nominee and his popularity has absolutely skyrocketed.