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The Lying Game Season 1 Episode "Pleased to Meet Me" Music Come Back To Me, Preston Leatherman, iTunes. Dave anderson write. Connections · Soundtracks · The Lying Game (–) Pleased to Meet Me Poster. As Emma, Ethan and Episode credited cast: Alexandra Chando. Cast. Alexandra Chando as Emma Becker/Sutton Mercer. Andy Buckley (II) as Ted Mercer. Helen Slater Pleased to Meet Me Photos. View All Photos (1).

Emma has to be Sutton because Sutton has a big cut on her head. While at the hotel Sutton tries to get closer to Ethan, telling him she has changed. She says that having a near death experience has made her a better person.

Pleased to Meet Me

Ethan is not buying it. Dan is away on a fishing trip.

pleased to meet me the lying game cast

Kristin and Rebecca work together on the Junior ballet benefit. We find out that Rebecca worked in the music industry in LA and can get an act to perform at the benefit.

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Emma goes to school and talks with Mads. They bump into Ryan Harwell, a rich and entitled brat that used to live in the neighborhood but was transferred to a fancy boarding school. He hits on Mads but she turns him down. Although Sutton hated Ryan, Emma tells Mads to give him a chance. Sutton sneaks into her bedroom for a pamper session but gets caught by her mom. Kristin wonders why Sutton is back from school so early and Sutton screams at her telling her to leave her alone.

Emma almost walks into the room but narrowly misses Kristin leaving the room. Sutton tells Emma that when she finally takes her life back she wants Emma to stick around too.

Sutton Mercer

Emma gets dressed for the benefit and Sutton stays alone in the Mercer house. Laurel is asked to perform with the band after Rebecca overhears her singing at the Mercer house.

Ryan outbids Mads on some ballet tickets. Mads gets very upset that Ryan throws his father's money around to try and get girls. When Mads gets home, Thayer asks her if she ordered a pizza. Mads says no and opens the pizza box sitting on the coffee table, that, according to Thayer, was delivered to Mads and and was already paid for.

The pizza is from Ryan and two ballet tickets are on top.

pleased to meet me the lying game cast

At that moment, Ryan calls Mads and asks her if she liked her pizza. Mads says yes and because Char is out of town, she has no one to go with to the ballet. She asks Ryan if he would like to go with her. He says yes and he would take care of everything and would take her to any place for dinner she wants to go.

pleased to meet me the lying game cast

Mads says okay and hangs up. Ryan does a little happy dance. Justin finally comes clean about why he is in town. Kristin finds out about the affair, with neither Rebecca nor Ted denying it. She leaves the dinner with Emma as Sutton and Laurel by her side.

pleased to meet me the lying game cast

Ethan and Sutton break into Rebecca's house during the dinner, looking for clues. They stumble upon the photo of Alec at the crime scene on her computer. Ted and Alec have a fall-out, with Ted angrily telling Alec that he never had his back - Alec reminds him that Kristin doesn't know "half the secret. Laurel shuts the door on a guilty Ted when he decides to come home.

Emma as Sutton confronts Rebecca right before the wedding, but she insists that Alec was with her the entire night of Derek's murder. Dan and his police crew do a thorough search of Alec's house while the Rybaks are gone and find the murder weapon, a bloody tire iron, in his golf club bag. Alec gets arrested right after he is officially married.

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Ethan decides to go to the wedding to find Emma, but instead, sees her hugging Thayer. Sutton is shown overlooking the entire event and Rebecca walks in, with Sutton addressing her as "Mom". It is later revealed that Sutton and Rebecca had known about each other for some time and had planned for the events to occur. TV by the Numbers.

pleased to meet me the lying game cast

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