Skylanders swap force meet the grim creeper

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skylanders swap force meet the grim creeper

Includes: Skylanders SWAP Force Lightcore Grim Creeper Character, Trading Card, and Sticker Sheet; This Skylanders SWAP Force character requires the. Grim Creeper was first released as part of the wave 3 of the Skylanders: Swap Force video game. It was first seen in stores in late December to early. Skylanders Swap Force: Which character elements suit which game chapters? Scorp, then Water like Punk Shock and end with an Undead like Grim Creeper.

Don't worry, you won't take any damage so long as you don't land in the yellow liquid and it's a lot quicker than going back the way you came.

skylanders swap force meet the grim creeper

Secret Testing Grounds Air [ edit ] Head left from the second churner to find this area. Elemental Gate Earth [ edit ] advertisement Sludge Security Tech [ edit ] Sneak past the searchlight robots to reach Softpaw on the other side. He'll give you another sheep costume so you can get past the robots to the sheep cannon.

Flooded Containments Tech [ edit ] Run up the stairs to avoid the rising yellow liquid. Once you're safely at the top, follow the liquid back down, collecting treasure as you go.

skylanders swap force meet the grim creeper

Continue forward and you'll come across another explosive hooked up to a mini-game. Here's how to beat it: Send Green down the far right side. Once it reaches the bottom, move over one space and send it back up to collect the green bolt Have Blue move up to hit the purple button Send Green down. It will be pushed left by the purple fan.

Have him hit the blue button, move down two spaces and then right so he can wait in the center of the area Send Blue down. He'll end up on the right side. Send him back left Move him up to the blue button and then right. He'll pick up the blue bolt Have him join Green in the center Jump on Softpaw's rocket surfboard to escape to the next area. Run down the catwalks as the yellow liquid drains. Leave quickly because the liquid will quickly rise again. Softpaw is beyond it with another sheep costume.

After talking with Zecora, the group continued their journey to the old castle. Star Strike saw Applebloom lagging behind, so she went to the filly and asked, "Is everything all right?

That's what a Skylander does.

Legendary Grim Creeper

Unfortunately, its being held by a very familiar pirate that Thumpback recognizes. Frightbeard had a feeling that we would see you again. I was adventurous, not in the mood for piracy. As a traitor, you shall pay with ye life. Squidbeard was mad as he said, "Lets get them, me hardies. We bring the deserter to Frightbeard as soon as this is done!

He even gave Thumpback a turn at facing Squidbeard himself. Back in the Everfree Forest, the group finally arrived at their destination.

The Ancient Castle of the Sisters was where Nightmare Moon was defeated, the Elements of Harmony have their bearers and it was when they came into first contact with a Skylander who was guarding the castle. Star Strike placed her hand on the castle ground as she closed her eyes, "There was the essence of an Air Skylander guarding the castle awaiting the arrival of the element bearers.

The Skylander became guardian of this castle until. He was knocked unconscious by the alicorn and six mares became the new bearers of the Elements of Harmony ultimately defeating the alicorn and freeing a Princess possessed by the dark alicorn.

He is the first Skylander ever encountered.

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The Mane-6 returned to this castle along with the Purple Dragon. We have to find the rest of the Swap Force. They searched the throne where Nightmare Moon stood in her final stand, until Sweetie Belle came across the tornado half of a Swap Force Skylander, while Applebloom came across the top half of a chicken.

Scootaloo came across a bottom half of a snake creature near the Element pedestals while Star Strike came across the top half of a snake creature that she recognizes. They also discovered two core Skylanders both of which Star Strike recognizes as she said their names, "Pop Thorn, Riptide, it will be glad to see you again.

Frightbeard became really angry of your interference.

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Thumpback said, "You will not take me to Frightbeard because I would rather have Frightbeard show himself. But you must fight Rustbeard's bad breath and defeat him. He used his anchor and his water abilities to defeat them until Rustbeard jumped from the platform. Whirlwind was a lot faster than Rustbeard anticipated and a lot stronger.