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smashing magazine meet the team

Smashing Magazine's compilation of best practices, theories, and early and often to help insure the business objectives are successfully met. users have communicating with support staff, reading documentation, and. When you first meet a prospective member of your UX team, it's critical to get an understanding of how they approach two things: the concept of. Smashing Magazine is changing: a new design, a new layout, a new Andrew Clarke and the Netlify team on a complete overhaul of this little website, both Meet Smashing Book 6 — our brand new book focused on real.

For Droom's founder Sandeep Aggarwal, formerly the co-founder of Shopclues, the exercise achieved two goals.

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It brought the team closer. And it enabled him to overcome his paranoia about physical contact with people.

smashing magazine meet the team

Even when I am getting out of a plane, if the person behind me is standing close or pushing me, I get very uncomfortable. The cake war comprised 20 teams of four people each. It cost Rs 20, with the expense for each member coming to Rs Aggarwal recalls that when he first discussed the idea with his co-founder Rishab Malik and HR head Babita Viashnawa, they treated it as a joke.

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Once we announced the cross-functional teams, it was fascinating see ing how they strategised. For instance, one team made gowns and head covers out of garbage bags to protect themselves.

After one-and-a-half hours of flinging cake, it was time to clean up. According to Aggarwal, people were in office till 11 pm. Some of my team members got emotional and said this was one of the top 10 unique experiences of their professional lives so far.

He recounts two that left an imprint on him. It allowed us to know each other in a way we would not have in a normal course.

So, my department of people, we rented a big yacht and spent a day whale watching. We also had lunch at a private island.

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The other activity was cooking up a dish as a team along with a chef at a culinary institute. But retaining talent has never been more difficult," he reasons. Importantly, Aggarwal says, Droom's investor, Lightbox, was happy about the cake smashing plan and has encouraged other companies in its portfolio to do something similar.

Working with Vitaly was a great experience that all started with a few email exchanges and a Skype meeting, where he shared his vision for the book and the general content.

smashing magazine meet the team

I had a lot of freedom, which is always equally exciting and scary. The only certainty was that the S of Smashing Magazine should be the main protagonist of the front cover, as it was on other Smashing Books.

smashing magazine meet the team

I was free to creatively present the S as I saw fit. I concentrated on a few of the keywords Vitaly was using to describe the book, and developed an idea around classical adventure novels where the main hero leaves home, encounters great hazards, has to take risks and eventually returns wiser and richer than before.

smashing magazine meet the team

I thought of Smashing Book 6 as a way to examine this basic and mythic structure through a new lens. Through the articles contained in this book, the modern web designer will be experiencing true and deep adventure. I imagined the S as an engine, the starting point where different worlds were created before then expanding outwards.

The cover became the map of these uncharted territories explored within the book.

A cake-smashing session to create team bonding? Meet Droom's founder Sandeep Aggarwal

Personally, I judge a book by its cover. Knowing some of the contributors, and having read some of the chapters, I wanted to honour their hard work that had gone into creating the content by creating a gorgeous cover and elegant chapter illustrations. For this edition of Smashing Book, I imagined a deep blue textile cover with the graphic printed using the very old technique of hot gold foil stamping. We worked closely with Markus, who is part of the Smashing Magazine team and responsible for the publishing of all the Smashing Books, to choose the final details of the binding and guarantee an elegant and sophisticated result, adding a touch of glam to the book.