Step up 2 moose and andie meet the millers

step up 2 moose and andie meet the millers

See more ideas about Dance movies, Step up movies and Dancing. STEP UP 2 THE STREETS-Starring Adam G. Sevani as Moose. .. Director George Miller's reboot of his seminal original; the one that starred--and made--Mel .. Sean ( Ryan Guzman), Andie (Briana Evigan), and Moose (Adam Sevani) in step up:). Step Up 2 The Streets Sexy Dance, Moose Step Up, Step Up 3, . we're the miller's // pinterest: morgangretaaa Funny Movie Lines, Best Movie . kenerwekbysvyken: Chase Collins (Robert James Hoffman) and Andie West ( Briana Evigan). Step Up 2: The Streets is a step-down from its predecessor. are excellent, but as an actress she fails to make Andie West a likeable character. There's something wonderfully nerdy about Moose, who can back up his awkward demeanour with outstanding NEXT REVIEW: We're The Millers ().

While the results are not as disappointing as perhaps you might expect, it still fails to match the standard set by the first film. Part of the reason for this disappointment is the director. This was Jon M. Chu's first commercial hit, which would lead him to direct the sequel to this and produce the following two instalments. His love of dancing is never in doubt, and nor is his ability to give his performers room within the camera to express themselves.

What is in doubt is his ability to tie those dance moves to a story which is both interesting in its own right and told in an interesting way.

In Step Upyou had a series of dance set-pieces which were integrated reasonably well within the dramatic storyline. The end result was hardly The Red Shoesbut is was a film in which the dancing served the plot, rather than the other way around.

Step Up 2 as it shall henceforth be called goes in the exact opposite direction, in which the dancing dominates to such a degree that the plot becomes episodic, almost to the point of being irrelevant.

As with the first film, there is a certain amount of pleasure to be gained from these set-pieces. They are impressively choreographed, and have a marginally more visceral quality than those in the first film.

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This is presumably because there is less of an effort to blend street dance with more classical or elitist forms of dance, something which sets the film apart from the original, albeit not enough to justify itself. Many of the set-pieces are well-lit and reasonably well-directed.

step up 2 moose and andie meet the millers

The final showdown at 'The Streets', with Andie's crew outclassing the in the rain, is visually pleasing. The cuts are fast without suffering from the almost-ADHD attention span that plagues Rob Marshall's films Nine in particularand the sequence uses the bass drops in the music to effectively punctuate the various phases of the dance. Max Malkin's credits as a cinematographer are very thin, but he does a competent job of lighting movement around lots of water, which is not an easy thing to do.

But despite the impressive choreography, the dance sequences are not enough on their own to hold our attention or to make the film worthwhile as a narrative entity.

We're living in an age where five-minute videos of people body-popping are ten-a-penny on YouTube, and with films taking so long to make compared to TV and internet shows, any film which includes such sequences has to offer something else to justify itself.

step up 2 moose and andie meet the millers

As much as we are impressed by the talent of the individual performers, the result is ultimately too thin and too flimsy to be involving. An equally big problem is our leading lady. Briana Evigan's credentials as a dancer are excellent, but as an actress she fails to make Andie West a likeable character.

Having a lead with attitude can be effective, provided that it can be balanced out by some kind of character development or at least an underlying sensitivity. Evigan doesn't bring that balance, being so consistently aggressive that we end up finding her insufferable. Darko suggests that she has limited emotional range. He later got a message from Luke, saying "Where are you? This is making him more worry and confused.

He later then decide to ditch the test and go to the Battle dance. When he come, he accidentally press the tap water, leaving the Dance floor filled with water. And finally win the battle. Moose come to college and try to find where Camille is. Then he ask Camille to the dance at the party and Camille is actually have decided to go with her friend, Kristin.

step up 2 moose and andie meet the millers

Then she finally decide to go with Moose anyway. After that, Moose come to the vault and Luke told him about he get an Invitation party by Julien, where he used Natalie's phone. Then Luke tell Moose to come along, saying that he need a friend. Moose doubt to go cause he had a party to come to, but then he come along with Luke.

When they have finally arrived, the can't come in and the decided to get some clothes they saw through the kitchen.

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Moose and Luke got to the Dance party there, and Luke finally manage to get Natalie. When Luke and Natalie go, Moose send a message to Camille, telling her that he late and will be there as soon as possible.

Though he was actually late and found Camille is sleeping. Camille got disappointed in Moose and decided to go. The next day, Moose comes to Camille and apologizes, telling her while he missed dancing, he misses her more. Then he hears a radio song from an Ice Cream truck and asks if the seller can turn it louder by giving him 5 Dollars. He and Camille go dancing.

step up 2 moose and andie meet the millers

When finished, Moose goes to the Cafe where Luke is working after the Pirates had separated because their house has been taken away.

He tells Luke to sit down and listen to Moose for a moment why he is dancing. He encourages Luke to go for the World Jam once again and Luke finally decides to go along and try again with the other crew mates that are waiting outside.

step up 2 moose and andie meet the millers

Moose then tells him that he has a place for the crew to rehearse. When they come to the place for them to rehearse, they heard the bell is ringing and the rest MSA crew arrive, along with Camille.

Moose says that he thought the crew might need some extra dancers. Then the group practices together to prepare themselves for the World Jam. At the train station after the battle, the crew comes to say goodbye to Natalie and Luke while the two share a kiss and at the same time Moose and Camille share a kiss as well.

Step Up Revolution Main article: Step Up 4 Revolution Moose is in "The Mob" but is only featured in one scene where he gets a solo but earlier before that scene he recieves a call from Jason friend and former Pirate. Jason invites Moose to come to Miami and help him with his new crew, then joins "The Mob" and brings along Kido and Vladd who also join. After he gets his dance, he greets Emily's father, saying, "I'm Robert Alexander lll, but you can call me Moose.

And i'm here to help them stop you". All In Main article: All In It is revealed that Mosse and Camille are still in a relationship since their kiss in the third instalment.

They are now living together in an apartment in L. He does a dance in the bar where he steals a guys hat and dances with a blonde girl, who misreads the situation and kisses him. Camille witnesses this as she came to Las Vegas to surprise him. She runs off back to L.