Team fortress 2 meet the heavy russian women

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team fortress 2 meet the heavy russian women

In the Russian version, when the RED Spy destroys the BLU alerts "Is a Man" and "Is a Woman" are on the board below the RED Pyro sign. He also says he likes "woman" with red hair. . The Heavy has a Ph.D. in Russian Literature, which he uses "more than you may think" in his. The Heavy is the face of Team Fortress 2, and the character many players often think of when they hear He starred in the very first Meet the Team video, and he has appeared in all further videos to date. .. Soviet Stitch-Up.

I think it would fit well in the trivia section, but seeing how this is a Featured Article, I'm having difficulty finding a way to add it without it coming off as uninformative "fanboyism", which would of course detract from such a handsomely written article.

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Considering Valve's involvement with the game, it may be considered canon. If the moderators deem it relevant they will add it. He also says that his favorite movies are The dirty dozen and the first 20 minutes of Rockey IV. The heavy said at school he had the option of beating boys or goats, and that he wasn't to good with goats. He also says he likes "woman" with red hair. The Heavy also tells a story about him killing engineer. It goes as follows "I am reminded of time Engineer kill my entire team.

I search entire base for him. He tries to kill me with turret and mini-turret but i crush his toys like they are made of paper. Then i find him. I take his gun away from him. He tries to hit me with wrench! So i take wrench away from him. I take his wrench and shove it down his throat, all the way down to the handle. Then i rip off all his fingers, one by one! Lets see you build toys NOW! And it sounds like. Is this not funniest thing?! His name is not Ivan.

I find that pretty interesting. I have a reference image at home, which I will add to the wiki when I get back to my house later. I hope this is alright. That said, it's not really interesting trivia; sure, it's a fact, but it's not really appropriate for the trivia section.

The Sniper does stand taller because the Heavy slouches. It's like saying when the heavy dies and falls over he is shorter the engineer and is the shortest class. Well I was just snooping around the ol' wiki and found this http: Then in tf2 Heavy can run around wearing the severed remains of Max's head.

Since the Backpack Icon of the iron curtain has been found, shouldn't it be put in the list of weapons instead of the image we created for the weapons article?

Another question, why are all the backpack icons stretched out in all of the lists?

team fortress 2 meet the heavy russian women

In Poker Night at the Inventory, the Heavy admits that in his youth he had the choice to either learn how to herd goats or learn to box. He chooses the latter because he states he isn't good with goats. Thank you - Geno The lines have been written by Telltale Games and have nothing to do with Valve.

Also please keep your signature next to your comment so it's easier to follow conversations. This page has an obligation to mention it because it's a page dedicated to the Heavy.

Though some might think of the Heavy's appearance is non-cannon, most people will not make any distinction. What better place to clear it up then on this page? The dialogue was not written by Valve.

It's no better than fanfiction. The game contains Gary Schwartz, voicing as the Heavy. If it wasn't for Valve's permission Telltale games could not even include the Heavy in the game, due to copy right issues. However, you're missing the point mate. I'm not resisting the idea that every storyline brought up in the game should be non-canon. I'm saying we should at least bring those storyline up and explain their place in the TF2 universe.

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If not have a factoid stating that all dialogue the Heavy says is non-canon, provided with evidence. Many people will believe it is canon because a vast majority of TF2 players own the game. It is, after all, our obligation as wiki editors to inform the public. As for a factoid mentioning this non-canon Heavy I'd agree with a small note saying so somewhere, if the moderators don't resist that idea.

He refers to the Pyro as a 'he' in the game. Shall we take this as gospel then? There should be a note somewhere about his appearance but nothing more. Various characters in TF2 refer to the pyro as "he" or "she". If the Heavy thinks the pryo is a "he" that doesn't invalidate the entire game.

The various lines in Poker Night add to the Heavy's character by giving his favorite movies, favorite drink, education, early childhood, etc are not only amusing and right up Valve's alley in the humor department but also add depth to the character and should be included at least as trivia. Calling it FanFic when its officially licensed is a gross misrepresentation of the Poker Night.

As you play Poker Night you realize very quickly that Strong Bad and Tycho are written as they are aware they are in a videogame, while Max and the Heavy are not. Fists of Steel The weapon's name is a reference to the Heavy's line "My fists, they are made of steel! Holiday Punch Be the life of the war party with these laugh-inducing punch-mittens. Holiday punch is a drink commonly made during the holiday season. Iron Curtain The term " Iron Curtain " was coined by Winston Churchill and refers to the symbolic, ideological, and physical boundary dividing Europe into two separate areas from the end of World War II until the end of the Cold War, roughly to Tomislav The name "Tomislav" is derived from the Slavic verb tomiti, meaning "to suppress.

Cosmetic Items All-Father Throughout the history of civilization, the white beard has come to symbolize wisdom and status. Apparatchik's Apparel Toting around a kilogram minigun gives those forearm muscles a nice workout. Show them off with these rolled-sleeve shirts, in your choice of argyle, lumberjack, rugby stripe or vertical pinstripe.

The item's description refers to Meet the Heavyin which the Heavy states that Sasha weighs kilograms. Aqua Flops While the rest of your body's at war, why not treat your feet to a little taste of the tropics? Brock's Locks The first time the sun glints off of this manly mane of teased, tousled trusses, you'll wonder why you didn't get hair implants from your lower back and buttocks years ago.

team fortress 2 meet the heavy russian women

Capo's Capper A Capo is a high ranking member of a Mafia family, who usually serves as a direct aid to the Mob boss. On the other hand, Nic Cage's long flowing hair was pretty great in Con Air. This male pattern baldness wig solves the problem of what if any hair to have, by giving you the best of both worlds.

Comes with free moustache!

Meet the Spy

Champ Stamp Show Chinese organized crime gangs who's boss by wearing their cool tattoos without actually participating in any of their totally illegal criminal conspiracies! The name is a reference to the term " Tramp stamp ", referring to a tattoo which a woman places on her lower back. Chicken Kiev Chicken Kiev is an Eastern European dish of boneless chicken breast pounded and rolled around cold garlic butter with herbs, then breaded and either fried or baked, similar to Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Dread Knot Crybabies cower; At the approach of fat man; With terrible hair. The name is a reference to the dreadnoughta type of 20th Century battleship with tremendous firepower. The word itself literally means "fear nothing". The name also refers to the top-knota traditional hairstyle worn by samurai and sumo wrestlers.

The description is written in traditional Japanese haiku form of three lines in a syllable pattern. FrankenHeavy Set The name of this set refers to Frankensteina horror novel about a scientist who creates a monstrous creature out of body parts. The items in the set give the Heavy a likeness to Frankenstein's monster. Gym Rat A gym rat is a person who spends a disproportionate amount of time working out.

The hat's description is a reference to the song Physical by Olivia Newton-John. The description of this hat is based on "It costs four hundred thousand dollars to fire this weapon The name is a portmanteau of "heavy duty" and Do-Raga name for a piece of cloth used to cover the head.

Hound Dog Your opponents will be all shook up when they see these sweet shades and coif. This hairstyle was popularised by Elvis Presleywho also wrote the song Hound Dogafter which the hat is named.

The description refers to the lyrics of another of Elvis's songs, All Shook Up. Hunger Force Let your enemies know you're a loose cannon by showing them how little you care about your own appearance. You've let yourself go, and have absolutely nothing to lose.

Officer's Ushanka This hat was made of bear hands. That bear was killed with bare hands. The description of this hat is a reference to one of the Heavy's responses. This hat, alongside the Gentleman's Ushankaare references to the romantic drama film An Officer and a Gentleman.

One-Man Army You send that many men against a bandanna like this, don't forget one thing: A good supply of body bags. This hat gives the Heavy a striking resemblance to Rambo. The description is a reference to a quote from Rambo: First Bloodwhich is spoken by Rambo's commanding officer to the chief of police, with the word "man" replaced with "bandanna". Toss-Proof Towel Make sure you never throw in the towel, even accidentally, by keeping it nice and close, where it can't run off and surrender like a coward when you're not looking.

The phrase "throw in the towel" is an idiom that means to admit defeat. The whole war was started just to prevent this fact from getting out. Trolling Creator fashion, the headlines from the official update page: The blog has a picture of the Heavy kissing the Scout's mom. The Mac Update Aborted Arc: The comic promises a continuation We also never see the face of Saxton Hale's mysterious business rival The Mac Update gives out iPod earbuds to mercenaries from the mid-twentieth century.

The supplementary comic goes even further; the RED team finds an Apple store that includes flatscreen televisions, iMacs, and miniguns that set up blogs and post blog entries when they are fired. When the comic Loose Canon was released, the blog announced that the Mac comic is officially not canon. However, the earbuds still exist to wear, so it isn't completely averted.


The release of the Loose Canon comic confirmed that the Mac comic is not considered canon. The Scout tries to impress Jessica, the female employee. He has to really push it to show any muscle at all. The Soldier is cut off twice, once when his beloved shovel bursts into flame, and once when Jessica shows him the Firewire Pig.

You'll like this, sir. The Apple employees are quick to apply a certain incident in which the moon gets blown up to Saxton Hale after it gets announced on a newscast.