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And Too Much Junk Food My 8-year-old really liked this book but his school focuses on healthy eating so he's okay with giving up junk food. My favorite part was when Papa Bear wanted to know what he could drink if he couldn't drink his Sweetsie-Cola. Mama Bear replied, "Try this. It emphasized healthy eating and exercise. Don't Pollute Anymore This book has an important message about how we all need to try and help stop pollution to keep the world in good condition.

So it was particularly delightful to watch his expression change from sullen to gleeful laughter as he read through this easy book about bears and wheels in increasingly absurd configurations. There were only two words he was unsure of, and one he figured out on his own, meaning it was exactly the right difficulty level, too.

These books are a must for teaching children about life and behaviour, as well as having humour there to entertain. And of course the bears are really cute AND you get dinosaurs!

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This is a great book to teach children a lesson on cheating and earning good grades. Primary children will learn the consequences of cheating and what will happen when your grades start to fall. This is a great story for Primary children to read because at some point in time a child is going to want to cheat on a test or either on homework and this story will hopefully make them think twice about cheating. I love all the details the illustrations depict; they make you feel as you are a character in the story.

These are great learning tools to use in my classroom to teach children all kind of life lessons. All children should be required to read this series as a child to help them gain valuable life lessons in their future to come. And Too Much Junk Food I think it's a good book and it talks about not eating so much junk and they're growing and it talks about eating healthy and doing exercise.

And it's a good book. And The Galloping Ghost Snoresville. I started reading this to Isaac, but after 50 pages we were both so bored that we decided to give it up.

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Perhaps Stan and Jan should stick to picture books. After that is becomes a bit redundant. I tired using this as a math book for some preschoolers and they were quickly bored. Too easy and repetitive for them. I love Berenstain Bears books and the art is still fun but the story is bland overall. Great for the kids just learn numbers though. They are in the house because they are looking for their cat, Gracie.

Is she hiding somewhere in the house? Brother and Sister Bear look through doors, windows, behind curtains and all around to see if Gracie is there.

The Berenstain Bear Scouts Meet Bigpaw

A sad early warning of the demise of Cookie Monster. It was so simple, but so fun. The counts of bears and wheels changed page by page. It was pretty much non-sense, but it was enjoyable. I liked the mathematical element of the counting. It was more advanced because it wasn't just the typical sequential counting.

And The Haunted House Why is no one in bear country concerned that an elderly lady is living in a home that should be condemned?!? Broken windows, shutters falling off and it's infested with vermin. Otherwise, a cute Halloween story. And The Missing Dinosaur Bone Good book for early readers to read on their own or share with a friend. Also a fun read aloud to share with young kiddos.

Time is mentioned quiet a bit with this book, since the Bear Detectives are on a schedule to complete a case. A telling time project can easily be worked around this book. Trouble At School This cute story follows Brother as he catches cold and misses school, then doesn't study and fails a quiz.

From here there is more trouble for Brother. The lesson at the end is a good one and young readers are sure to love the bears. And The Galloping Ghost the people that were learning how to ride thought the riding academy was hauntedbut it was just a bear with a ghost costume Amy GoodReads Bears On Wheels This book involves counting and is repetitive at points. It is cumulative in the way it builds as you keep going. The only problem is that it is not consistent in the counting so I wouldn't use t when first teaching counting.

We only read it once since it was so long. Fun for older kids who can follow the story enough to enjoy the flaps more. Thanksgiving While the rhythm is a a bit off, my kids still liked this story. I think the success is all in the telling and how you read it.

On my first attempt at a read through it was dry because I was just reading it. I invested myself in a theatrical telling to read it to the kids and that made all the difference. I encourage any parent reading this to your children to pay attention to rhythm, but read it with real flair. The story will come to life if you go big and over the top with it.

The book's story While the rhythm is a a bit off, my kids still liked this story. The book's story reminds me of a lot of other stories I've read. It all starts with a little fortune telling trick. It foretold that something terribly bad was coming, Bigpaw! Bigpaw comes to town and isn't what anyone expects, but no one can see that because they're too worked up about how they're going to deal with this monster that will terrorize them all. Somewhere in here I kept seeing flashes of mirror and that song, "Kill the Beast" all Disney style here.

The moral of the story is to be kind to strangers. In their fear of Bigpaw, they almost brought upon them the very monster they feared, which was nothing more than a monster of their own making. It's a good thing the Berenstain cubs were around to save the day! The thing with this book is that the back half is actually good; the family goes to the doctor and learns about the various systems in the body like the nervous system, bone structure, digestive tracts, etc.

And the recognition that exercise is important and can be a family activity is great. Even the fact that alternative snacks are spelled out so that it's not just "eat better" but " Arg with the body shaming in kids' junk food books! Even the fact that alternative snacks are spelled out so that it's not just "eat better" but "here's what eating better can look like" and the acknowledgement that the transition is hard the cubs really want their sweet stuff as they're getting used to the new foods are really strong parts of this book.

But the whole of it kicks off with Mama Bear looking at her family and thinking them fat, an observation reinforced by the local doctor at the freaking grocery store. Don't make kids self-conscious in public spaces like that, Berenstains. I loved the Bears when I was a kid, but coming across this one was a sad realization that not all of them hold up to the requirements of my adult self.

Use the back half of this book to teach your kids about nutrition, but skip the first half. Spooky, mysterious things are happening at the Riding Academy.

Brother and Fred get to work trying to solve the mystery. Some of the bears are quite menacing looking!

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And The Haunted House Sister and Brother are searching for a missing pet inside a scary old house, a lift the flap adventure. And The Missing Dinosaur Bone A fun, rhyming trip through a museum in search of a missing dinosaur bone Will the bears and their pup find the bone in time? The series was produced by the Canadian company Nelvana and consisted of 80 minute episodes adapted from the books and also a few new stories as well, similar to the production.

Even though the series is not a remake but a continuation of the episodes, some characters personalities changed while other characters no longer appeared.

However, new characters appeared. The original specials and TV series have a rustic design and interaction with other forest animals while the Nelvana series completely embraced rural life with slower timing. Additionally, as a Canadian production, due to Canadian laws requiring Nelvana to employ only Canadian writers and artists, the Berenstains' involvement in the program was limited; They sought to exert their influence on some details, according to Stan. And we try to keep complete, total banality out of the stories.

This issue also occurred in previous animated series and specials. Only a limited amount of polka dots was allowed in the five specials. The translated series was a collaboration of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and the nonprofit Lakota Language Consortium, with Mike Berenstain and Nelvana waiving all licensing fees for the venture. The Berenstain Bears is the first animated series to be translated into a Native American language in the United States. Berenstain Bears, by Coleco for the Atari gaming system.

A rare and collectible cartridge that was playable only with the KidVid controller accessory. Berenstain Bears On Their Own: Noted for requiring "a whopping 20 megabytes of hard-disk space. Reviewed by the New York Times as "mediocre. A School Day video game for the Sega Pico.

An animated point-and-click adaptation of the book of the same name, featuring a brief video interview with the Berenstains. The Milwaukee Journal said, "The quality of the disc's illustrations and the bluegrass banjo soundtrack by Tony Furtado are first-rate. Berenstain Bears in the Dark, Microsoft Windows game.