The five people you meet in heaven analysis

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the five people you meet in heaven analysis

Teach The Five People You Meet in Heaven with fun activities. Free lesson plans include summary plot diagram, character evolution analysis, and vocabulary. The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom: Themes and Analysis. The novel begins with a countdown to the death of Eddie, a crippled, elderly man who works in maintenance at Ruby Pier, a seaside amusement park. Eddie goes to heaven, where he travels through many shifting colors until he meets the Blue Man, who was one of the “circus freaks.

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He also reveals that he died during the escape while trying to get his men out. Before leaving him, the Captain teaches Eddie that sacrifice is vital to life, and should be sought after rather than lamented. Eddie travels again, and lands outside of a diner in the mountains, where he sees his father in the window. In heaven, a woman named Ruby appears, and tells Eddie that her husband, Emile, built Ruby Pier in her honor long ago.

Ruby teaches Eddie the lesson of forgiveness, and Eddie lets go of his anger toward his father.

Next, Eddie finds himself in a world of weddings, where he finds his wife, Marguerite. Eddie ruined their chances of adopting a child, after Marguerite got into a devastating car accident while trying to stop Eddie from gambling away all their money on his birthday.

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Margeurite eventually forgave him, but soon afterward she died from a brain tumor. Eddie is left feeling empty, as Marguerite had always been the primary source of his happiness in life, and she had given him the strength to fight through the darkness that consumed him after the war. In heaven, Marguerite spends a long time with Eddie. She teaches him that love transcends death. Eddie spends his last years missing Marguerite and regretting that he never left Ruby Pier to make a life for himself elsewhere.

the five people you meet in heaven analysis

He believes that his life was meaningless. In heaven, the last person Eddie meets is a little girl named Tala.

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Eddie falls into a deep despair, now believing that he deserved the darkness he felt all of his life. Tala then explains to Eddie that he redeemed himself, by keeping children safe through his maintenance job at Ruby Pier. Eddie finds peace, and travels through heaven until he reaches a Ferris wheel in the sky, where Marguerite awaits him.

the five people you meet in heaven analysis

As the cart is falling, Eddie drops his cane and lunges toward a little girl, to get her out of the way of the falling cart. During his journey through heaven, he wonders if he was successful in saving the little girl.

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At the end of the novel Tala tells Eddie that he did end up saving her life; Eddie sacrificed his life to save the life of the young girl. During WWII Eddie harbored a lot of anger and frustration, especially since he was taken captive as a prisoner of war. He despised his captors and ended up killing them, along with the other soldiers, to escape the camp. When Eddie and the other soldiers were leaving, they decided to set fire to the camp as a way of revenge to their captors.

When Eddie thought he saw a small child crawling in the fire, he could not stand the thought of another innocent life being taken as a consequence of war.

the five people you meet in heaven analysis

Whatever love and compassion Eddie had left inside him drove him into the burning hut after the child. Because of the power of love, Eddie suddenly let go of all the anger and hatred he held toward his captors and ran into the burning hut after the innocent child. He voluntarily searched the hut he had once risked his life to escape, now risking his own life to try and save another.