The lion king 1994 ending a relationship

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the lion king 1994 ending a relationship

THE LION KING, Banzai, Ed, Shenzi, Scar, Pumbaa, Mufasa, The sleuths over at HelloGiggles found this out after interviewing the film's director (Rob "I' m from the shallow end of the gene pool," he says at one point. Since the release of the film in , The Lion King has been one of the top . a thrilling and dramatic end to the film as well as to reinforce media's . religious meanings and teaches the significance of “relationships as part. and the classic childhood cartoon The Lion King, which turns 20 this week, and Nala are young, Zazu already knows they're going to end up together. before, friendship can sometimes spark the greatest relationships.

Scar pretty much tosses himself to the hyenas, the formerly desolate land becomes green and lush and full of fresh living meat, and Simba and Nala find out the result of their erotic tussle in the bushes — the Circle of Life continues once more.

So this is basically the story of a power struggle, the importance of family ties and fighting for what is right. Do real lions have these kinds of dilemma?

What They Got Right Pride Structure Image by Scotch Macaskill Prides are usually made up of one or more male lions who have the task of eating, sleeping, getting food delivered to them and servicing the many lionesses in the group. This might sound awesome to some of you, but male lions have to be at the top of their game to stop others from taking over their pride and murdering their cubs, so brothers often form coalitions — like Mufasa and Scar.

Note also that the only cub you see once Simba has assumed the throne is his own heir at the end of the film, as would be the case if he conquered a pride. And there are no sequels to suggest otherwise.

Equally non-existent is the feline feminist movement. It really, really sucks to be a lioness The abused always kick downwards, which is probably why the lionesses do the hunting. Even with this, the only time a lioness will ever leave her pride is if pickings are slim, hence Nala dashing off into the wilderness when Scar somehow causes a famine.

Fortunately, hormones can give lionesses a reprieve and blot out all the horrible things that their partners might have done in order to meet them. Follow each other around 2. Make baby lions This is pretty much what happens in the wild, except Simba would have to repeat this for the eight other lionesses in the pride. Again, we can assume from the severe lack of sequels that this happened after the end credits. Roar Ambition Not only do lions roar to communicate or co-ordinate each other, but they use it to periodically tell other lions to stay away from their pride and their home.

Nala finds another reason for a lioness to be depressed. Women on Top In complete contrast to lions, female hyenas rule the roost and are the larger and more aggressive of the two sexes. Their genitalia is also very similar, which must take the thrill out of cross-dressing. In The Lion King, Shenzi is the leader of the hyena clan as she is the one who instigates any plan, discussion or fight, and from her entrance from the elephant skull, she is always shown in the middle between Banzai and Ed.

The hyenas living in the elephant graveyard also makes sense up to a point. They then run off, Nala showing off her skills as an expert pinner, before finding themselves in the elephant graveyard.

Suddenly, Zazu reappears and demands that they leave. Simba shows off his bravery by laughing in front of a large skull. Laughter echoes from within and three hyenas emerge, surrounding the cubs. The cubs and Zazu escape for a moment, but Zazu is pulled back and stuffed into a boiler which shoots him into the air. The hyenas eventually corner the cubs in an alcove and Simba tries to roar. The hyenas laugh and tell him to try again.

A real roar is let out as Mufasa appears and attacks the hyenas before they run off. Zazu reappears by Mufasa's side and Simba tries to say something but Mufasa furiously reprimands him for being deliberately disobedient and leads them towards home. Fearful and meek, Simba walks up to his father, noticing that his father's paw print is much bigger than his own.

He apologizes for disobeying but says he only wanted to be brave like Mufasa. Mufasa tells Simba he's only brave when he has to be. As they reconcile, Mufasa tells Simba that all the stars in the night sky are the spirits of kings past and that they will always be there to guide him, as will he. Back in the graveyard, the hyenas lick their wounds and quarrel with each other. Their fights are broken up by Scar who is greeted as a friend. Irritated that the hyenas couldn't dispose of the cubs, he proposes a plan that would eliminate both Simba and Mufasa from the throne.

The next day, Scar escorts Simba through a gorge and puts him near a rock shaded by a sapling, telling him that Mufasa is planning a surprise for him. Scar instructs Simba to stay put while he fetches Mufasa and suggests that he practice his roar while he's away. Just above the gorge, the three hyenas lie in wait in front of a massive herd of wildebeest.

the lion king 1994 ending a relationship

Scar appears above them, signaling them. As Simba waits, scowling over his little roar, a chameleon climbs down from the tree. Simba practices roaring at it, finally letting off one loud enough to scare the chameleon and echo off all sides of the gorge. But the ground starts shaking and Simba looks up to see the herd of wildebeest charging down the gorge straight for him.

He runs away, the wildebeest gaining, while Scar warns Mufasa nearby that there is a stampede in the gorge and Simba is down there. Simba manages to grab hold of a broken tree, elevating himself above the wildebeests' horns while Mufasa climbs down and runs alongside the animals.

20 Life Lessons We Learned From the 'Lion King' On Its 20th Birthday

He manages to grab Simba in his mouth and carries him to safety, but is pulled back by the charging animals. After a tense moment, Simba watches his father leap onto the side of the gorge, digging his claws into the dirt and struggling up the hillside. As Mufasa nears the top, he sees Scar standing over him. He pleads for help, but Scar digs his claws into his paws and mocks him before pushing him off. Simba watches helplessly as Mufasa falls onto the stampeding herd.

As the dust settles, Simba runs down to look for his father. He discovers him beneath a broken tree, dead. As he mourns his loss, Scar appears and blames Simba for what happened. Simba, thinking he had started the stampede that killed his father, follows his uncles advice when Scar tells him to run away and never return. Simba runs off as Scar instructs his hyenas to kill him.

The three hyenas chase Simba to the edge of an incline where he tumbles into a sea of brambles. Small enough to avoid the sharp spikes, Simba runs through them as the hyenas barely manage to stop near the base. Unlucky Banzai is shoved into the brambles and emerges howling, stuck with thorns.

The hyenas watch as Simba runs into the distant desert and decide that he will most likely die, shouting to him that if he ever comes back they will kill him. Scar returns to Pride Rock to announce that both Simba and Mufasa have perished in the stampede and assumes the role as king.

The lionesses look on in fear as a horde of hyenas arrives to live alongside Scar at Pride Rock. Rafiki watches sullenly from a distance and smears the image he had once created of Simba. In the desert, Simba has collapsed under the heat and a group of vultures descends on him. Suddenly, a meerkat and a warthog charge into them, bucking and kicking them away as part of their favorite game; bowling for buzzards. Timon is initially afraid of the young lion but Pumbaa asserts that he's still little and will grow up to be on their side instead of eating them.

Timon scoffs at the idea, before suggesting the very same thing as his own. Pumbaa picks Simba up and carries him into the shade where he's revived.

Simba thanks them for their help before walking away. Timon and Pumbaa take pity on him and tell him that, whatever happened to him, he has to put his past behind him, citing their motto Hakuna Matata; no worries. They then invite Simba to stay with them as a fellow outcast in their jungle paradise and teach him to eat bugs rather than meat.

Simba begins to cheer up and eventually grows into a healthy, carefree adult Matthew Broderick. Meanwhile, the Pride Lands have been reduced to a wasteland under Scars rule. Zazu is confined to a bone cage singing while Scar lazily lies about chewing on bones.

the lion king 1994 ending a relationship

Zazu mutters under his breath that he never had to do this under Mufasa. Scar reels on the name, citing that the law is to never mention Mufasas name. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed appear, complaining that food and water have become scarce and that the lionesses refuse to hunt. Scar suggests they eat Zazu as Banzai lets slip Mufasas name before he corrects himself under Scars glare.

The Lion King and Shakespeare's Hamlet: Similarities and Differences

Scar then dismisses them. Back in the jungle, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa lie down together after a meal of bugs to look up at the night sky. Pumbaa asks what the sparkling lights in the sky are to which Timon replies that they're fireflies that got stuck in the big, bluish-black thing. Pumbaa says he'd always thought they were burning balls of gas billions of miles away, a theory which Timon debunks due to Pumbaa's flatulent nature.

Disney vs. Nature #3: The Lion King – Disneyfied, or Disney tried?

They ask Simba what he thinks. Answering only to their begging, he says he was once told that the lights are great kings of the past watching over them. Timon starts cracking up over the thought of royal dead guys watching them, but Simba wanders off, saddened over the memory of his father. He sighs and collapses onto a bunch of wild flowers, spreading their petals and leaves to the wind. The wind carries them back to the Pride Lands where Rafiki, sitting atop his tree, grabs them. He takes them back into the tree where he sniffs them and contemplates the apparent familiar smell.

Suddenly it strikes him; Simba must be alive. Crazed with happiness, he quickly smears a mane around the head of his Simba drawing, stating that it is time. Timon and Pumbaa are walking through the jungle together when Pumbaa becomes distracted by a large rhino beetle.

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Hungry, he follows it to the edge of the jungle and sneaks up on it as its perched on a log facing some grassland. His eye then catches something in the tall grass as the beetle flies away. Pumbaa screams as a lioness emerges from the grasses and gives chase. Hearing Pumbaa, Timon comes running and finds him stuck in the roots of a tree. He tries to free Pumbaa as the lioness draws closer.

the lion king 1994 ending a relationship

She leaps forward but Simba jumps in and begins to fight with her while Timon cheers him on. He tries to knock her down but she flips him over and pins him to the ground. Simba recognizes this move and his old friend, Nala Moira Kelly. When he reveals himself, Nala is shocked and happy to see him again. Simba introduces her to Pumbaa and Timon, who is less than happy about the reunion since Nala had tried to eat Pumbaa.

Nala tells Simba that everyone in the Pride Lands thought he was dead after Scar told them about the stampede. Nervous, Simba asks what else Scar told them, but Nala says that it doesn't matter now that he's alive and the rightful king. Simba excuses Timon and Pumbaa to speak to Nala alone. As they walk through the jungle together the romantic settings encourage their feelings for each other, though Simba is hesitant to talk to Nala about his past.

She tries to get Simba to go back to the Pride Lands with her, telling him that everything has fallen into disarray since Scar took the throne.

the lion king 1994 ending a relationship

He refuses, explaining that he shouldn't worry about things that happened in the past, which angers Nala. She tells Simba that returning to the throne is his responsibility but he storms off and walks out of the jungle to an open field. He tries to justify his decision before yelling at the night sky that Mufasa wasn't there for him and feeling solemn that it was his fault.