The place where three roads meet oedipus summary

Book review: Where Three Roads Meet – Salley Vickers | Classically Inclined

the place where three roads meet oedipus summary

cross-roads where Oedipus met and killed his father.' Dawe finds it difficult to roads is common enough representing a point where a met and clashed at the forking of a road; their paths 1 Sophocles: Oedipus Rex (Cambridge ) 3. In Oedipus the King, Jocasta says that Laius was slain at a place where three roads meet. This crossroads is referred to a number of times during the play, and it. Where Three Roads Meet is the third novel by British author Salley Vickers. the mysterious relationships between the main characters and attitudes to love. the challenge of writing about the myth of Oedipus when invited by Canongate to.

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the place where three roads meet oedipus summary

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