The shadow club rising ending a relationship

The Shadow Club (Shadow Club, #1) by Neal Shusterman

the shadow club rising ending a relationship

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And he knows it. And he's a big jerkface. It doesn't take long for pranks to start happening to Alec. The suspicions immediately fall back on Jared, who took most of the blame for the previous books events. Turns out the Shadow Club didn't die, but secretly grew and became something much more sinister.

This book takes a much darker turn than it's predecessor which I think for a young adult book says a lot. Like it's predecessor Rising is over-the-top, but then again in days like today when we are flooded by the news with stories of unimaginable acts committed by teens to other teens, maybe it's spot on. And the first was written in It's a very interesting look into the impact of what sociologists call "mob mentality. Maybe that's why my teacher had us read that book.

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Maybe she was trying to show us that it's ok to not be the best and that you can have a voice and go against the crowd rather than be swept away. I don't remember any of the classroom discussions that I'm sure we had while reading this book, so I can't say if we talked about bullying or anything like that to say that we read this book as a prophylactic. I also can't say if it would really work.

I really only read deeper into the social aspects of this book today when I read Rising from start to finish.

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It's a very quick page read. I just liked this book. No real rhyme or reason to why. Made me want to read the first over again and I think I will since I have nothing else to do before a big night of Canasta tonight.

I give The Shadow Club Rising three sticky gold stars.

the shadow club rising ending a relationship

When one works obsessively at something to become the very best, practicing while the "enemy" sleeps and dreaming of all the good that is sure to someday come as a result of so much hard work, yet falls short enough of that lofty goal so as not to be even the best in one's own social group, the negative emotions that build up inside can become totally overwhelming. It's not an easy thing to put in the kind of dedication necessary to be the best, so when not even the most diligent pursuit of greatness ends up delivering on the promises of glory, the collapse of one's plans can be utterly spirit-breaking.

And that, of course, is where The Shadow Club begins.

The Shadow Club

Jared has lived in the shadow of Austin Pace for most of his life. Himself an excellent runner—second at his school only to Austin, in fact—Jared has never really been able to even get close to Austin's skill level when it comes to track, and Austin passive-aggressively derides Jared about this fact on a continual basis.

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Taking the subtly mean-spirited teasing in stride has long been a challenge for Jared, but when he begins to open up and converse with his friend Cheryl about it more frequently, it dawns on him that he has grown to truly hate Austin. The things that Austin says to him go well beyond the parameters of friendly ribbing, intended to hurt Jared beneath a cleverly stitched veil of jocularity.

As Austin continues to step up the low-key harassment, the seeds of the Shadow Club are planted in the rich soil of Jared's darker thoughts.

The Shadow Club Rising (Shadow Club, #2) by Neal Shusterman

All it takes is the right person to suggest the idea to him, in just the right way. When Cheryl steps in to be the one to make that perfect suggestion, just like that the club is born.

Jared isn't the only kid at the school who has been dogged by more successful peers who refuse to lay off teasing their own "second-bests" about it; his friend Cheryl is in the same boat when it comes to her younger cousin Rebecca, and several other students have their own axes to grind against those whose life mission seems to be to surpass them in what they do best and then lord it over them.

This cross-section of second-best students, who if not for their connection as relative underlings would have virtually nothing in common, is brought into synergy by the powerful nature of their shared bitterness and resentment. As they coalesce to become a group bound closely to one another by the ties of growing trust and friendship, the question arises as to what can be done about the kids who make their lives miserable by always beating them. Is there some way to stop the dominance of their arch-rivals, or at least cause them to ease up in how they treat the second-bests?

the shadow club rising ending a relationship

What good is the Shadow Club, really, if it's not going to do anything about the problems of its members?

With the dissatisfaction of his new friends ringing in his ears, a desperate Jared comes up with the notion that they, themselves, could mete out retribution on the ones who have become the bane of their existences. A few harmless, anonymous pranks might be able to keep their "enemies" in line, right? At least it would allow them to deal with these other students without blowing up at them, since they could have their moments of sweet revenge whenever they needed it.

The plan seems simple enough.