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test pilot significado, definición, diccionario de inglés, sinónimos, consulte Out of a total of 2, pupils only passed the test, She had sold her bike, taken a It is a commonplace fact that holidays are a major test of any relationship. into a piece of equipment to show how much alcohol he or she has drunk. n- count. Diccionario colaborativo Inglés-Español: todas las palabras y expresiones to give me a second chance ] [they decided to go public about their relationship. term Significado term: 1. the fixed period of time that something lasts for: 2. one of the periods He served a short term for drunk driving. a full-term pregnancy.

Any items for the sale can be taken to the club or the Wiltshire Times offices in Duke Street. On the way home, he argued with the taxi driver about the route he was taking and the price of the fare. Knowing what the trains are like I deliberately took an earlier train, only to have it run perfectly on time. Unlike the meandering trip into the desert, the return journey takes the most direct route home.

We decided on a walk, and thought why not do a real walk, and decided on the route we are taking. It had taken them just about two days to get there taking the most direct route possible. She wanted to approach Genevieve's by the route she had always taken in the past.

If you only want to get there, you take the quickest route and worry about nothing else.

Schoolchildren were instead taking a longer route via Leigh Road and Chestnut Avenue. They took my route to the pub, I beat them with my new one, and we had a nice drink in the sunshine. So we're taking a rather circuitous route to Waterloo so I can pick them up.

If not we can expect even more commercial vehicles taking the shortest route through. They take the shortest possible route but do not know the height of their vehicle. The youth had been out for the evening in Kingston with friends and had taken the N night bus home. Without a doubt, this was the most luxurious form of transport I have ever taken. Each and every minute detail was worked out as to which car would enter first and which escape routes we should be taking.

We've now worked out the route they took - one went over his fence, and let the other in by the gate. The bruising is almost completely gone and she's putting more weight on it every day. Frases de ejemplo inglesas Most of the money goes in salaries and allowances for teachers, or educators as they are now officially known. The money had gone in excessive compensation and unapproved bonuses, fees and loans.

Far too many British buyers make no effort to find out how much of their cash is going on commissions. It's easy to spend money and it went quickly on drinking and festivals. Wouldn't it be better to work out where your money is going and cut your expenses to fit your income?

A budget checks frivolous spending, helps you see where your money goes and frees up cash for retirement savings. Fixed payments allow you to plan where your money goes, preventing unpleasant surprises from interest rate rise - and probably help you to sleep better at night. But what if you don't have a say about where your tax money goes? A third of the investment will go on the country's rail system, with another third going on improvements to the road network.

Most people say they don't mind paying a reasonable rate of tax provided they can see where their money is going. Perhaps that is the reason why no one knows where the billion dollars in aid money went. The electricity is gone, and food and water are running out. The house did not suffer any structural damage but when the lightning hit the house there was an enormous bang, the fuses blew and the power went.

After a healthy life, this vigorous, energetic, dynamic man was gone at age He lived life to the full and even though he has gone at a young age he fitted a lifetime of achievements into his life.

No matter what, he always had a smile on his face. I think possibly his death might have been a little easier to handle because I was young and I didn't quite understand but when my grandfather went it hit me like a ton of bricks just because I was that bit older and I know he wasn't coming back.

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Long after I'm gone, some kid can walk into a place and see an image of me and read what I did in the NFL. Jack Daniels lovers will be happy to know that their favourite drink goes for R10 a shot and an extra R5,50 with a dash of soda water.

But when I'm gone it will be taken from my estate. The excellent weather meant the event went without a hitch and the streets were lined with supporters waving on the colourful procession of floats. But everything went off without a hitch and it was quite a festive occasion. All proceeds will go to the Trust, with ticket sales said to be going extremely well. Anyway, I have to go back tomorrow so we'll see how that goes!

Carlo's dinner a deux goes horribly wrong. We have been going out for two and a half years and, if all goes well, we plan to go to Cyprus in two years' time to get married.

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We were disappointed the way things went at the end of last season, but this makes up for it. We went out for a quick drive a couple of days after my last lesson and that went all right.